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  1. Sadeas needs a new highprince, might be a modified version or what amaram made the glyph ? Spears pointing inward could be indicitive of future torture on braize mayhaps ?
  2. Thanks for clarifying, and ya i agree with you. Nergaoul amplifies the lust for battle and puts one into a berserker like mode but wouldnt say was was toxic masculinity
  3. What second point ?
  4. I agree there is similarities. Be interesting to see what Shallan's true past is, assuming will be revealed in book 5, if drags on into back 5 after the 10yr/15yr gap id be disappointed.
  5. Making excuses for how Dalinar committed mass murder at the rift, by claiming Sadeas goaded him, yet don't cut Adolin way less sack by realising He was goaded as well?
  6. I think this is a distinct possibility. Mainly because alot of what we see is Shallans past is contradictory, in one scene she is watching actors on stage and remarks how her parents used bring her to see plays and how is a bright spot, then shuts down the memory, yet why would a bright shot be painful ? Also remarks how her parents used read her stories etc, doesn't sound like unloving parents. Even when she kills her mother her father holds her tight comforting her and sings a lullaby. I think its entirely possiblenwit will turn out that how we saw her kill her mother isn't what happened at all, and that she killed her in "cold blood" or something like that. The reveal of testament actually added 0 to Shallans past, the same questions remain from when the thought it was pattern all along as there is now, with regard to Shallans past.
  7. 1. Rock 2. Taravangian 3. Bridge 4 4. Szeth 5. Lopen 6. Shallan/Dalinar 7. Rock 8. Szeth/Lift 9. No one 10. Rock
  8. I don't love Adolin, i just think his entire character suffered from OB on because was relegated to a plot device for Shallan. Chances to show more of him, came and were ignored by BS with the fallout from the Sadeas murder and the revalation about Evi's death. Both of which are disappointing imo
  9. Adiolin was fine in tWoK and WoR, its since OB hes character has suffered from being made a plot device for Shallan
  10. Well its never said the other highprinces even know Adolin killed Sadeas, never revealed if they pinned the murder on someone else or just decided to close the case ((Adolin and Hatham(i think) were investigating the murder)). And said they couldn't find who did it, etc The fact Adolin investigated a murder he in fact commited for how long saying nothing etc ? The implication to the other monarchs Dalinar is trying to build a coalotion with would probably have an opinion on his son killing a rival highprince who wasnt playing ball and how that could be what happened them if they didnt play ball etc etc Also isnt the punishment for killing a highprince death ? So would imagine should of been a trial or some such at a minimum, How it effects Dalinars and Adolins relationship wasnt shown/explored, same as Evi's death. Dalinar struggling with what to do given its his son but "honour" would mean turning him in. How not doing the "honourable" thing effected his mindset even his oaths/bond Given all the fall out that could of happened i find it strange you say everything that needed to happen and needed to be said happened and was said
  11. I think the same of OB, very little happened in it as well, these books are mammoth, but last 2 had very little story for there mammoth size, both books could of been told in 400 pages each, with ease. Stormlight Archive could easily be renamed the Kholin Chronicles at this point, All bar one is a radiant, even Elhikar was about to become one, I 100% agree its firdt book syndrome, and i agree magic system is good, magic systems in general are a very strong point with BS works, even if they are over explained at times. I think BS interactionn with fans is great, more authors should do the same, but at times more info comes from WoBs then within the books themselves and this shouldnt be the case. Surprised to find someone on here who has read the obscure MBoTF. Jokes aside im glad you like both series. I do like stormlight but i think the series was let down in OB and RoW by just the story becoming glacial, OB was too bogged down by repetitive politics, and RoW suffered the same with the fabrial science and even the 90s video game like nodes kaladin had to do. Being honest i struggle to see why hoid is popular at all. Ya as you said earlier, wach to there own, i will re read era two and not completly write it off, just found it lacking, hence why i said wasnt that good. I would add to that the the fact the fall out from Adolin killing Sadeas, that was severly lacking, as well as the fall out from the revelation Dalinar killed his wife, and how both Adolin and Renarin reacted/dealt with it all etc Considring the amount of filler in OB and RoW these could easily of been incorporated.
  12. First book in the series is called "Gardens of the Moon" should give it a google, there is 10 books in main series, and 6 in an accompaning set, as well as a 3 book prequel series. There is 2 Authors.
  13. Given the tone of the below, i wouldn't say so no. I would call it a pretty accurate description of how they were being.
  14. Ok firstly, calling someone toxic for posting unpopular opinions in an unpopular opinion thread is just overly dramatic, an pretty offensive. The whole point of an unpoplar opinion thread is for people to express those opinions there not to be insulted for same. And if "your" offended someone doesn't like a book "you" did, or doesnt think the book is as great as "you" do then i think its you who has an issue. Elantris, imo is a bad book. (Id read the sequel just because hes writing is alot better now) Mistborn era 2 isnt that good, mistborn era 1 is alot better imo WoR/woR both 10/10 / 9/10 books, OB/RoW get a 5/10 beacuse the story has become glacial since the end of WoR again imo. If OB/RoW had less filler then would be higher then 5/10, Warbreaker is 8/10 - Wish he would write the sequel,
  15. Ok il address your points numerically instead of in a bunch: 1. No i didn't like Elantris, didnt know that wasnt allowed... 2. Never said i didnt like stormlight archive 3. Again same as point 1 with Wax and Wayne 4. Didn't say i didnt like BS interaction with fans, i said too much info comes from WoB rather then from the books themselves which isnt remotely the same. 5. I don't like a popular character ? So what ? Are you being serious ? 6. Malazan book of the fallen is far from obscure and you insult a series uv never read in an arguement as to why it appears to you that i don't like BS books ? Seriously ? Maybe you shouldnt read unpopular opinions on BS if your gonna be so anal about those opinions.