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  1. Glad I could contribute.
  2. Maybe "Used to the darkness" by Des Rocs
  3. When in your dreams you are imagining how could Kaladin's life be happy.
  4. Thank you Eurovision
  5. Hello. I hope you are well. I did not see a thread for this masterpiece so I decided to make one by myself. For those who are not familiar with the series, Infinity train is a cartoon in which the main theme is discovering and improving yourself. All of this is covered under the veil of mystery, a little bit of horror, and, of course, morality questions. There are 4 seasons and every season has 10 episodes that last 10 minutes. Now let's geek over the show. My favorite seasons/books (wouldn't it be cool if the seasons were called tracks instead of books) are 1 and 2, but my least favorite one is the 3rd one. The passing of the story is very good. The characters are awesome. I fell in love with One-One. The style of the animation is bland. The stories are soo good. I can't describe how much I love them. If you have watched the series, please share your opinion, theories, and bitterness over the cancellation of the show. Thank you for reading my thread #finishinfinitytrain
  6. I binged the whole season in one day and I really like the world. I have not read any of the books, but I really liked Crows and Mal. For me, they carried the show, but the whole Nina and Alina/Darkling plots were boring. In short, the series is very good and it made me add one more book to my TBR.
  7. I would like to meet Syl. I would show her pop culture and I think she would have a blast with our world. She would be fascinated with the internet. I would show her fandoms, which might be a bad idea because she, for sure, would start some kind of shipping war. Furthermore, I would show her dogs and other animals that would be weird to her (like cats, rabbits, fish...). I would have such a fun time with her.
  8. As I once said, welcome to the cult
  9. Hello everyone, I hope that you are well. A little fun fact about me. I want to travel and as a big bookworm, I want to buy books as souvenirs. Therefore what are some classics, must-read authors from your country? I will start first. I come from Croatia. The authors and the books that shaped Croatian literature history are: (I am not sure how is literature divided in other countries, but in Croatia, we have poetry (''songs''), drama (stories written as in ancient Greece), and prose/epic/? (novels, short story, everything with narrator), so am gonna listed as that but feel free to do however you want) (I am very well aware of the language difference, but please do not be bothered by that) POETRY: -Slivije Strahimir Kranjčević ( the all mighty who writes about integrity of the church, country, and our lives) -Tin Ujević -Dragutin Tadijanović -Dobriša Cesarić -Janko Polić Kamov DRAMA: -Marin Držić -Marko Marulić -Ivan Brešan PROSE/EPIC/ STORYS WITH NARRATOR: -basically everything from August Šenoa, especially Zlatarovo zlato, Prijan Lovro -Marija Jurić Zagorka, Republikanci ( THE QUEEN) -Ivana Brlić Mažuranić, Čudnovate zgode šegrta Hlapića - Mate Lovrak -Vjenceslav Novak -Ljudevit Gaj ( the man who made the Croatian language so complicated) If some is also from Croatia please add more. Be aware that this is my opinion, and not some academic view. Thank you in advance for your answers. Have a nice day
  10. I do not know how you felt when you have read Teft's last chapter, but I was not emotionally stable for 2 days and so I want to give my farewell to Teft by opening a topic just for him. Feel free to post any of your opinions about him. Since I opened this topic I will go first: I love how Kaldain and Teft are picturing their relationship as one of sergeant and officer, while I see it as the relationship between two siblings. Teft is an older brother who is idolizing his younger brother. Kaladin is, of course, the younger brother who finds support for everything in his big bro. They will do everything for one another. One last thing is that I adore Teft's arc. At first, he was comping with his trauma whit firemoss, but in the end, he found relief in his friends which led him to love himself.
  11. So, hello! I hope that you are well. I am new here and this is my first theory. YEEEY ( I do apologize if someone has already done this), but is Renarin somehow connected with Gostbloods or Wit or some third party. My speculation for this is based on the cube toy that he had in WOR and OB and I think that that cube toy is the same one that Shallan had when she was contacting Mraize in Shadsmar and therefore is Renarin contacting someone behind the curtain? Is it Wit or could it be Mraize, also? Thanks for reading my theory
  12. Finally, someone who shares the love for Adolin. I am among my people
  13. I would like to be friends with Adolin because he is Adolin I think that I would put here Raboniel I LOVE when there is Jasnah's point of view Renarin is for me the most intriguing character. Ooo and Wit, also Pattern, of course Taravangian, Taravangian, Taravangian Sebarial All of the characters No one Hmmmmm, I think maybe Lift