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  1. Atiums/ruin's investiture cycle uses atium geodes Are gemhearts analogous? Only with probably lifelight to help the crabs grow
  2. Aluminum insulates investiture and silver insulates the realms? Or is aluminum hostile to "kinetic" investiture and silver hostile to "non kinetic" ^not the first time these have been speculated on before
  3. Metals are not really the determinant of color for "respiratory pigments" (or not exclusively determinant), if it has a porphyrin ring or heme group (unlike copper binding Hemocyanin), the side chains of that influence color. It's all about ~conjugation ~ There are a variety of porphyrins and their metabolites that can be orange. Color is widely influenced widely by the side chains of the porphyrin. Chlorocruorin is green, and binds oxygen, but has iron Chlorophyll is green and binds magnesium but doesn't bind oxygen, isn't a respiratory pigment Cobalamin (vitamin B12) binds cobalt, is red
  4. The bands storing mist somehow is another reason why they could have been places outside and why they are completely drained in TLM It's not perfect, because "well how do they draw in mist on their own" but some people have speculated about the bands in a way that could work for that Or maybe that specific location was special for attracting the mists...maybe it was where Sazed ascended, moved around a bit.
  5. Who prosecutes war crimes in the cosmere
  6. If you're able to shove your spren into the spiritual realm theoretically you would no longer be location locked. You wouldn't have access to stormlight but if it was around you should be able to use it, or dor, etc
  7. Can we actually imagine though the room you kill god in Like presumably Brandon has that scene in his head or did at one point. I really wonder what that is going to be like The 16, with the dawnshards in the ---- secret lab/basement/dungeon/roof of massive temple in a thunderstorm/in the cognitive realm so everything is weirdly colored --- very excited to see what he does with this in like 20 years
  8. Random thought but we know that one side effect of the presence of the aethers is A LOT of air production, enough to make the the seas traversable. Could the blimp aether be floating on top of a sea of air? The aethers could be doing something to keep the atmosphere in, or keep it concentrated enough that they stay up. In this idea, the "stilling" would be course corrections. Brandon loves his reversals, and it would be a fun one if the emerald sea actually meant the sea (of air) the emerald aether was floating on.
  9. Regarding the silver on the boats not being replaced. Eventually it probably needs to be, however the spores have very little investiture, unlike say a Shade What i want confirmed is that Twinsoul's creations are more/completely resistant to silver, that resistance to the effects of silver also something to do with identity or connection
  10. Mistborn era 3 is going to involve computer programmers, and Scadrial is supposed to be the most earth like. I think in future cosmere books we should be prepared for words like laptop and programming Mistborn era 4 is going to be a space opera, SP3 world absolutely has vending machines we could assume? Wayne basically invents organized sports in TLM. I don't think Brandon is going to invent new words for basically identifical technology everywhere in the scifi stuff and I don't want him to.
  11. And it wasn't a person with an ability like weaker or stronger detection of investiture, but a device
  12. I would assume it's limited by A] Availability of god metals B] knowledge/intent And I don't know if it would count as "allomantic burn" the same way that Hoid isn't a "lightweaver" in WoK. He does have something analogous. I think the possibility Brandon is trying to keep viable is that if you have shard metal and know what you're doing, you're able to take up that tiny bit, you're able to use that metals investiture
  13. "That it has realized that survival isn't necessarily the most important thing for it" Paleo In May, in Germany, you told me that... or I asked whether Wisdom was a Shard, and you said it was or something like it, and that wisdom was close to an intent of a Shard, and you also told me that it has realized that survival isn't necessarily the most important thing for it. I wanted to ask whether it has realized that over time or was it from the get go? Brandon Sanderson Over time. Paleo Okay, so then naturally, my next question: Is it the survival Shard? Brandon Sanderson RAFO. Paleo And then somebody actually came up with another good probable name. Is Prudence close? Brandon Sanderson Prudence sounds an awful lot like a Shard name. That's some excellent theorizing there. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/398/#e13231
  14. There's also a secret project spoiler for another potential identity of the survival shard
  15. Following this, could Brandon be pulling a fast one on us and the "Survival" shard be Harmony?