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  1. Is that true? In the text I have not seen confirmation nor in WoBs. For speaking what is in character of Lord Ruler, I would say that he is indifferent about other people. I do not see any good reason why he would keep Mare for few weeks and then sent her to the pits. It seems kind of cruel, but in weird manipulating and psychological way, which just does not feel to me like Lord Ruler. He is not a nice fellow, but he seems straightforward. I guess he could be manipulated be Ruin/Preservation to do it. One other argument that speaks about possibility of kandra action is the reference to her body being taken from him. So we do not know where her bones are. I do not think it is a strong argument, but that is something.
  2. So I was wondering why was Mare sent to the pits? It does not make much sence, allomancer like her should be converted to hemalurgic spike in final empire. I think that there is a strong possibility that Mare in the pits is a Kandra, I would guess Paalm. There would be quite few similarities with what happened to Waxillium, espeacialy if the kandra was indeed Paalm. Both Kel and Wax were away from Luthadel \ Elendel and were watched by Paalm and then finally her "death" would make them what they needed to became for Preservation and Ruin \ Harmony. Time between Kelsier's and Mare's arrival at the pits could be because she was tortured, killed in process of creating a spike and then her bones would by taken by kandra. Other possibility would be that, she was taken before, and her bones were used by kandra to lure Kelsier to be caught. This would then make sense with why Lord Ruler thanked her, as she was his loyal kandra. The weakest link in this theory is the reason why kandra would be sent to the pits. Maybe there was some influence of Preservation to make Kelsier to what he needed him to become, as we know that he played some role in his snapping, as was mentioned in secret history. Would love to read what you think about this
  3. I have seen on the forum some speculation about Kaladin's 5th ideal, it was said that if you model 5th ideals by Nale's of becaming the law, then becaming "protection" would fit with becoming herald to protect Roshar by sealing some old spren on Braize. I do not claim that oathpact is a geat idea, but that does not mean that it will not be consider as solution, because it works at sealing fused. Preservation also had to sacrifice much to imprison Ruin, but I guess it was worth to save Scandrial. Ishar wants to reset oathpact: I think this along with Dalinar mission to visit him with Kal and knowing Ishar to be quite verse in manipulating Connection, there will be something interesting happening. Because of strong connection of number 10 to whole Rosharian system, I would guess that you need 10 heralds for it to work good enough. Hence the idea of putting Kal in there. As we miss herald connected to Windrunners. Maybe not full fix, but major improvement to oathpact would be to swap Heralds on Braize before they brake. Not sure how to do that, but we know that not all Heralds are neccesary to keep desolation from occuring, but somehow, when one of them "breaks" then all return... so it seems that change in their number messes things. The obvious solution is to swap then fast enough that the "fuse that counts # of heralds" doesn't notice.
  4. My reasoning is that Ishar said that there is a way to "reset" the Oathpact. So how one does that? I would guess that maybe it requires adding one to remaining 9 heralds so that Lift can count them will all her fingers. So if that is true, then the question shifts to whom could we put in that role? Jezrien could fly and stick things together, so can Kaladin. Jezrien was a patron of Windrunners, and now the closest thing to that is again Kal. Jezrien was suppost to be great leader, Herald of Kings. Kaladin can lead, he can inspire where there is little to none hope, so some could call him a great leader too. So now, if Kal adopts Shalash then he will be prime candidate to burn on Braize for eternity to Protect all the crabs on Roshar.
  5. So how about Ishar or Dalinar figure out that connecting some lucky individual to oathpact would fix some isues, and then they look at Kaladin and see Jezrien 2.0? Any thoughts?