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  1. Well, this is the first time I submit a topic and I've also been here for a very brief period of time, so I'm not really sure if this is something that has been discussed before, but I've always wondered why (when watching podcasts or videos about the Stormlight Archive) nobody seems to coment on something that I find quite obvious. This would be a spoiler for Oathbringer, but I'll be marking it just in case. I'm posting this mainly to know if this is considered as "obvious" as the fandom as it is to me, because as I said, I've never seen it being at least mentioned.It'd have interesting implications for the future development of other characters of the series, so I think it would be nice considering it.
  2. I felt this way, kind of a let down. I loved how in Oathbringer he was making everything worse with every decision he made, while still being a (pretty troublesome) human being. RoW just made him the personification of death. I still hope Brandon will do something interesting with him, everytime someone says "I hope Kaladin just kills him in a horrible way" I can only think that Odium reigns in the fandom, and it'd feel like pandering and out of place if it happened in the books.
  3. This one is already iconic.
  4. It really works well! Feels nice seeing this iconic image as this, really inspiring!
  5. I always struggle to imagine the clothes the singers wear, it's not like their way of dressing (like, culturally) has been thoroughly described. So it's nice seeing your take on them! Really cool drawing!
  6. I thought it more like, a side effect to abolishing all forms of slavery. As others are pointing out, ardents didn't live through the hardest conditions, and their enslavememt was likely symbolic at this point. Time progresses and things change, even if some changes aren't as meaningful as others. Might imply some cool character development with the ardents in the books 6 to 10 tho
  7. It's a cool theory but all things considered I don't think it would fit with what the oaths are supposed to mean. These are words that, for one reason or another, are something hard to accept, an ideal to achieve with hard work. In my opinion, making it some sort of excuse to kill the most hated character would be lazy. I agree with the lightweavers ideal being "I am X" tho.
  8. While reading I thought it was some form of, "if Kaladin fails, it will prove I'm right about being no other choice than giving up my feelings to Odium". It's like when Renarin shows him an image of himself still with the bridge four, and he kind of snaps and escapes. He fears the responsibility of choice, if Kaladin persists and grow through the pain, he'd prove that Moash had other option. I think that'd be most devastating for him.
  9. I think the fact that she suffered while going to war (that chapter from her point of view in which she charges in full shardplate and become way more tired than she expected) was a way to show she isn't as great at everything she does as we may think. She tries to learn tho, and work hard for that. Anyway, I really think her book will show a weaker side to her. She seems the kind of character that is strong precisely because she was forced to endure hard circumstances. I think she really is a character devoted to "being as great as she can" while having personal problems, so I get why you'd see her as a mary sue. Btw, as someone who didn't like kelsier and had to endure him in Mistborn, I feel you and I hope you get to like the book that features her flashbacks.
  10. I can see a child being fooled to join the battle as a champion, maybe someone that desperately wants to be a warrior, like Gavinor. Brandon gave him and Dalinar some time to bond in RoW, which could prove useful towards making the moment more devastating. I'm not sure if this is too much of a stretch tho. About the "to the death" thing, I imagined Dalinar would commit suicide if facing that situation, I think that's at least a possibility. Also, who knows, they might change their plan at the last moment and make Kaladin the champion, and even then Taravangian would have Gavinor to make this same move (I think this was mentioned in some of the most recent episodes of Shardcast)
  11. Thank you!! I'm really glad I joined. I'm planning moving on to mistborn, though I'm reading both The Wheel of Time and Discworld at the same time so I guess I have a long road ahead. Love me some long stories hahaha!!
  12. Thanks! I think WoK still owns my heart, though may be more nostalgia at this point, cause the others are certainly good contenders
  13. Hi! I would have to say that I love every character in Roshar so far, even those I disagree with amaze me in some way or another (this is part of the reason why I like Sanderson's books so much). But if I had to choose, either Jasnah, Venli or Eshonai, love them.
  14. I'm new to the site, in fact I'm fairly new to the Cosmere, having read only the Stormlight Archive books (I'm still finishing RoW). But I'm excited to take the next step in my journey with the other books! I don't have many people to talk about the Cosmere irl, so I was really eager to join this community and join the discussions. Thanks for having me!