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  1. That’s why I was wondering about this in the first place. I was a quarter of the way through RoW when I was trying to think back and understand why the summoning of the Everstorm didn’t add up for me. I still have a few hundred pages to get through. Still waiting on the definitive answer. Thanks for the response. Now I am even more eager to finish the book.
  2. Thank you! But I do still wonder whether Eshonai and the others actually anticipated the return of the Fused?
  3. I am confused as to whether the listeners expected the Fused to return to Roshar when they summoned the Everstorm. They assassinated Gavilar in order to prevent the Fused from returning. As far as I understand it, they didn't want the Fused to come back and dominate their people. Could they have summoned the Everstorm in such a way that the Fused wouldn't have returned? Was summoning the Fused a way of acknowledging that they had no chance of winning the war against the humans without the help of the Fused?