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  1. The following is a pet theory of mine that has been simmering for a few months. Apologies in advance if this has already been discussed. Odium mentions a few times that Dalinar is the only one that can release him from Roshar because he commands the greatest part of Honor's power. But it never made sense to me that Honor could trap Odium unilaterally like that, unless they made some form of agreement. But why should that agreement bind Odium? We see an interaction between two Shards elsewhere in the Cosmere where one breaks an agreement with the other and that in and of itself didn't seem to affect the balance of power between said Shards. I feel there has to be a secret sauce explanation for how Honor bound Odium. I think a Dawnshard is a reasonable conjecture. Let's call it the Dawnshard of Unity. It's a Command that binds things together. And if I'm right, Dalinar has it. My theory is that somehow the Dawnshard ended up on Ashyn, possibly carried there by Odium and was given to/taken by Ishar. With it he was able to bind the surges so that men could use them, but in a way that was unchecked. I don't think the surges at this point come from Honor because he wouldn't give access to them without conditions. The use of these unchecked surges led to the downfall of the Tranquiline Halls and the exile of mankind to Roshar. To me it seems likely that Honor would require mankind to give up the Dawnshard and the surges as a condition of their rescue. Thus Honor becomes the holder of the Dawnshard and uses it to bind Odium to the system. Honor also gives the heralds access to the surges again to fight the desolations but this time under his sanction and control. When Honor is succumbing to Odium's attack he is worried that humans will get the Dawnshard again once he dies and will destroy Roshar with unchecked surges like with Ashyn. So he leaves it with his cognitive shadow, the Stormfather. Now the Stormfather is tasked with finding a new bondsmith, but this bondsmith won't be ordinary, they will also have the Dawnshard passed to them through the bond with the Stormfather. In the "Dawnshard" novella, we discover that the Dawnshards are Commands and there are four of them. The one Rysn obtains seems to be the Command of Change and at one point she hears that command in her mind. Well Dalinar throughout the series repeatedly hears the Command of his Dawnshard too: "Unite Them."
  2. Didn't Navani liken the combined rhythms of Honor and Cultivation to "Science" at one point? I only have the audio books so if someone can find that I would be eternally grateful. Was close to the end of the book if I remember right. Anyway, my head-canon name for the combined rhythm/light of Cultivation and Odium is "Pestilence." @Dreamwa1ker love your "Malignance" idea too, I think we're on the same page with the virus/cancer vibe: Unchecked and destructive growth.
  3. I'm wondering if any other person bonded to a deadeye shardblade besides Adolin and Shallan has been to the cognitive realm and met their deadeye. I think this may be the reason Maya and now Testament have begun to heal. Somehow when BAM was captured the radiant spren's connection to the cognitive realm was damaged, and those that were manifested in the physical realm due to the nahel bond were unable to properly return to the cognitive realm. We also know that a sapient spren without a bond cannot maintain their sapience in the physical realm. Thus a deadeye spren is a sapient spren that has lost their mind and is unable to fully manifest in the cognitive realm. Now my theory is that since Adolin is bonded to Maya in some fashion, when he goes to Shadesmar he kind of "bridges the gap" so to speak. Not sure precisely how this works, but I'm convinced it's because Adolin went to Shadesmar while bonded to a deadeye that said deadeye has begun to heal. Also Shallan has apparently begun the same process with testament.
  4. Coming back around to Ishar, I wonder if he was the one who bound Ba-Edo-Mishram. It's in the name kinda, Melishi~Ishar. Plus Melishi seemed to have abilities that were unexpected for a bondsmith. Several of the heralds were present at the binding, including at least Kalek and Nale. Maybe they weren't completely insane yet and were trying to help fight the false desolation. As for T-Odium, going back to Renarin's vision in RoW and interpreting it in the light of Taravangian's ascension leads me to believe that T-Odium will try for a stalemate in the contest of champions, that way there can be no end to the war. Permawar seems to align well with Odium's intent, and it would mean the preservation of humanity on some level which is what Taravangian wanted.
  5. Just joined, glad to be here!