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  1. Not sure it is quite that simple with metalborn magic. There are different pulses for each metal ability so logically you need different anti-pulses for each. In addition there are 4 sources for metal born magic. 3 created through Harmony (Preservation, Ruin, and combined) and one from Trell. Any time you have multiple abilities like with twinborn, Mistborn, Feruchemy, or any misting, feriing, hemalugic, trell hemalurgic combination would likely complicate the necessary tone if it is a tone at all. You might need a distinct tone for each ability and each source to effectively produce anti-metal pulses. Metalborn seem to have unique genetic abilities each powered by individual metals and each producing their own pulse. Rosharan magic seems to be divided into 3 tones/light which are utilized by specific bonds. Another way of saying it is that Rosharans all run on 1 or more of 3 different power sources where Scadrians have 16 different power sources with potentially 4 different power generators. At minimum to counter Scadrians you might need 4,096 pulses or maybe even over 16,000 different pulses, where Rosharans if you find the 3 prime tones you can get their 27 anti-tones or Anti-light presuming you can combine the 3 sources of light. Related yes, the same not necessarily.
  2. I would bet that you could use Stormlight since it seems to be a generic investiture power source not dependant on an individuals particualar innate abilities. I suspect that and allomancer could use it to fuel their specific abilities and feruchemists could use it to fill their metal minds with investiture. I see no reason why you couldn't make a fabrial out of Hemalugic metal powered by stormlight to produce the specific Allomantic or Feruchemic effects granted by the Hemalurgy. Great statement it is on topic.
  3. yes the 2 effects could be related but since they are different systems they could also be substantially different. Odds are that you need a different tone for Lyft than for other Knights. It may not be Preservation's anti-pulse that you need to shut down a Mistborn since Preservation is no longer relevant. In addition Finding the proper tone for a twinborn would be more complicated if a tone exists. Still it's likely that someone with Seeker abilities would have an advantage discovering and using anti-pulses or anti-light and could produce far more targeted attacks. Navani might need an alternate tone to other KR's as well. To counter Scadrian investiture you likely need at least 4 different anti-pulses: Allomantic, Feruchemic, Hemulurgic, and Trellic to be sure. Or just use Aluminum on any invested person you fight. Some Aluminum alloys are stronger than steel but also disable invested abilities. The Aluminum bullets used against Wax were an alloy. One thing you may have overlooked about KR's anti-tone is that Stormlight is a generic investiture powering specific surges, but metal arts are specific investitures powering genetically unique abilities so with metal arts you just might need 16 tones just for allomancy, 16 more for feruchemy and so on.
  4. The same singers could use either void or regular spren to change form. Renarin uses a corrupted Spren as well so the system is the same but the spren which bonds might be different.
  5. A gem could have the same amount of investiture so will or sentience would logically have something to do with resisting anti-tones.
  6. Yes and a metal born would have an advantage knowing which tone to use especially a Seeker.
  7. Right but the anti-voidlight would be deflected from the gem heart because of Raboniels will. Gems have no independent will. why anti voidlight had to be stabbed into her. once in contact; annihilation.
  8. Right that is a responce to the destructive interference. They wont push each other out but annihilate each other when brought into full contact. the tone was only part of the anti-light. In truth light vs anti-light are the same tone perfectly out of phase. that is what it means to be inverted. Reversed is nonsensical when discussing sound, waves, or light.
  9. Do you think that is why there doesn't seem to be a distinct magic system for Odium for Roshar?
  10. that is not pushing out but destructive interference and they are not reversed, they are inverse.
  11. What do you mean by reversing? Anti-light is not the reverse of the related light. It's more like morse code than music. Though that is not a full description. there have been no examples of investiture being pushed out by anything. Even the fabriels and corrupted Sybling didn't push out investiture.
  12. Right though perhaps a little more complex as Vin learned.
  13. the pulses of Atium, Lerasium, and Harmonium would be how they are represented. It is on Roshar that shards have tones which a Bronze misting can sense as pulses.
  14. The Seeker feels pulses, like beats of a drum, emanating from the person burning a metal. The metals are grouped into fast and slow, pushing and pulling, and have their own signature feel.Nov 22, 2020 Seeker - The Coppermind Wiki
  15. Not sure Metal arts produce tones, but Bronze mistings can sense Rosharan tones as pulses.