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  1. Lewis is near and dear to my heart and I agree that his non fiction like the Screwtape letters is awsome. By the way he and Tolkien were friends. Thanks for responding I will need to look closer at them. There was a post apocalyptic fantasy or sci-fi series that one of the underlying subjects was sexuality. Some men become hermaphrodites with psychic powers (one of my triggers perhaps why I love fire starter) and women die off over time due to the lack of actual men. It was really kind of strange but I was into some strange things at the time, unfortunately I don't remember who the author was maybe Barker but I don't know.
  2. I dressed, packed all my tools, some food, a couple changes of cloths, some basic crockery and pans with utensils into my back pack. Packed all my inventory into my hand cart, strapped on my weapons, donned my duster and hat and went to my booth in town. By mid day I had sold all my inventory. Then I headed over to the pub in search of Ander.
  3. I don't think I have ever read either one of them, though I have seen a couple of Clive's books turned into movies. What would you say made you love them when you were younger? It seems by your statement that you don't love them anymore so what changed?
  4. One day a week after Kagi's metal day a group of older boys cornered him on his way home after school. The leader of the group was a thug and was obviously hopped up on pewter. He said "hey Nat you gotta pay us the new toll." Kagi backing to a wall asked, "what new toll?" One of the other boys responded, "the worthless Nat toll." as he tried to riot Kagi's fear. Kagi burned aluminum and blanked the parts of himself that felt fear, pain, and mercy. His eyes went icy cold burning with chilling fury. He locked eyes with each boy in turn grinning and said, "make your move and I wont quit until each of you is in pieces or I am dead." Three of the four older boys stepped back but the thug moved with inhuman speed and seized Kagi by the neck. A split second later Kagi grabbed his forearm and his hand lost all strength. Next Kagi grabbed his upper throat which neutralized the thug's pewter augmented strength below his neck. Kagi didn't stop there. He punched him in the adam's apple below his hand both pulling the thug toward him and holding him in place with the other hand. That brought the thug to his knees where Kagi started kicking him in the nether regions until a nearby adult pulled him off and scattered the group.
  5. I didn't say thrust I said acceleration and Gravity is acceleration. It is with a regular hammer! So yes a regular blade could do the same thing with the same impact and mass. It is rigid and not flexible so the piece of armor displaced is pushed into the radiant with perhaps starburst cracks left behind momentarily due to the armors healing factor. Similar to how a bullet leaves a hole through glass. I don't know why this is so hard to understand? The tip isn't different the leverage behind the strike is. The swing of a hammer can generate more force typically than stabbing with a dagger, but that force could still be applied to the same point. Bullets have the potential to have an even greater ability to pierce than even hammers and bill hooks and the sort of armor damaging weapons. No the area of the foot disperses the force making it a blunt strike not a piercing strike. If plate were as durable as you make it out to be even Parshendi beating on it wouldn't crack it and cause it to leak. I would agree. Shardplate seems more like obsidian as opposed to granite or marble. It is most effective to distribute blunt force. The less area the force is applied to the more vulnerable it is. They are using piercing weapons they use spears. I love the idea behind a potential personal Sybling force field. For the Sybling it seemed to need an outside source to generate it and lack of air could be a problem. It also seems that it might need to be relatively stationary. Perhaps creating a multilayered shield that has non aligned holes in each layer solves the problem of air if it doesn't need to be stationary. Even if it does it could be used for a great shelter so long as the controls can be inside which is questionable since Sybling's Shield needed external nodes to opperate. Finally a new creative Rosharan magic idea.
  6. A lash in the opposite direction acts just like hitting a reverse thrust. You must overcome the momentum of your previous direction and the force is additive in that moment until velocity hits zero. Gravity is acceleration. That also means that gravity lashings have a speed limit of terminal velocity. The rock always has acceleration toward earth and when that overcomes the momentum of the throw it falls back to earth. In the moment of the release it will experience greater than 1 G acceleration or it wouldn't go up. Clearly you are not understanding what I am trying to explain. Oh and they used knives to do both because they could slip between gaps and apply high pressure in a very small area. They also used things like billhooks to apply great force to a point to pierce the armor for the same reason. Bullets have a similar quality. To put a hole through something you don't need to bend, scratch or dent it and it doesn't need to be malleable only sufficiently rigid at the point of impact like a bullet hole through annealed glass or straw through a pole. It is all about the PSI of impact and how quickly and widely the force is distributed. Yes and my point is that the limit to the impact was Kal's strength in opposition. No you addressed a one shot breaking of the plate, not piercing of it and even that was dependent on many factors like what bullet was used. Even regular armor could deflect a bullet under the right circumstances. That is an incorrect assumption since by denting you reduce the chance of piercing it. It is plates rigidity that permits putting holes in it instead of denting it. Not tank armor but armor that can be cracked by a normal guy using a hammer. 19th century firearms certainly have the potential to punch holes in that. there were weapons that literally used a dagger blade on the flip side of a hammer to pierce plate because of the greater force they could produce on the dagger point. So will a billhook through the chest. I will admit that could be the case, but it could also be that the hole seals over after the armor is pierced since it represents such a small amount of damage to the armor overall unless the material that made it disrupts the magic for some reason. thats just it all the fights have people hacking and slashing each other. I don't remember a scene where anyone uses a high velocity piercing weapon. The armor seems very resistant to broad force strikes which eventually cracks it. That is why the armor seems rigid to me. Rigid materials can potentially withstand broad force but are vulnerable to piercing force. If it will crack it can be pierced with enough psi. The limit is still his resistance to their blows that causes the damage. The strikes may not have been with optimum force from them either (striking at about 2/3rds the length of the blade every time).
  7. that entirely depends on the momentum of the inertia. Just because gravity reversed doesn't mean that inertia did. instead it acts like a greater acceleration in the other direction. If you are moving with 1 G of accerleration and throw a lashing in the opposite direction of 2 G's your body would experience 3 G's of acceleration initially. Good point. With repeating rifles tactics change from bunched up units in the open to units under cover scattered around. One shield can only guard 1 direction at a time, but even trench tactics would allow for cross fire against a target and some of the Scadrians could bend the path of the bullets as well potentially increasing accuracy and avoiding the shield. Coinshots and Lurchers could direct more than bullets at their targets, and with Medallions there could be many of those. That is only one subset of potential metalborn enhanced soldier. With medallions you could have virtually any type of twin or compouder without regard to how rare within the population they might be. Not my point. I was emphasizing the difference in PSI which is a factor when bullets are considered which are not so easily avoided due to their velocity than stabbing with a sword. Stabbing with a sharp knife was a popular method of dispatching a person in full plate for several reasons. Sword slashes were almost useless but sword thrusts had the potential to pierce plate, though hammers and hooks were better at it. I don't know putting a hole in rigid plate even if it seals right after seems highly likely if enough force is applied in a small enough area. Shardplate like glass, which is semi rigid, putting a hole in it without cracking or shattering it seems highly probable. I am thinking along the lines of highly focused force instead of broadly distributed force like you would get from a piercing strike instead of a slashing strike. It doesn't matter that it wasn't being used offensively Kal's contribution was still mildly enhanced human level strength. They weren't worried about his plate but his access to all of his abilities virtually unimpeded. By your own numbers the three rifles have nearly the same momentum. m*a. Thanks for the numbers. Or just a bullet with a powerful steel push behind it. I don't actually think that Wax would need to shatter the plate just punch a hole through it like bullet through thick glass that auto repairs. The fact that Shardplate cracks and doesn't dent implies to me it is rigid and inflexible perhaps even brittle so punching a hole through it may be probable. The quote below this comment is about breaking a plate, but my question is fundamentally different. I am not asking about shattering a plate but piercing it and there is a difference. Straw driven through a telephone pole by a tornado doesn't break either the straw or the telephone pole, but does pierce the pole. A bullet piercing plate doesn't necessarily break the plate or even leave a hole but still impacts the Radiant behind it. whether the bullet pierces the plate depends on the psi limit of the impact location and how much of the impact momentum can be distributed over a large enough area reducing the psi of impact. To break the plate you probably do need high explosives which coinshots could push all day long. A Lurcher might pull it into the back of the Radiant using them as a shield against the shrapnel. That might be interesting a Radiant fighting a Lurcher and constantly being bombarded from behind by grenades or mines.
  8. Going forward in classes he started to store interest in topics that they were not studying to increase his focus on what they were studying. Over time his interest and focus required less identity shifting to maintain no matter the subject or activity. Each and every skill or activity had his full focus on demand. His instructors, crafts people he spent time with, students around him, and other trainers noticed that he was always present. Because of that focus people around him went out of their way to teach him. The students also noticed that he was almost imperturbable, but if attacked he had the same focus for fighting and was indomitable no matter the injury or opponent.
  9. Not exactly since Kal could and probably did lash his father to slow the fall. Changing gravity doesn't change inertia. Even though they can change the direction of Gravity they still have the inertia of their previous direction. We don't see them reversing direction at high speed but they do angle off of their previous vector and so some of the inertia or momentum adds to the new vector and affects their new trajectory. Multiple repeating rifles all firing could be a lot of bullets to dodge and Scadrial does have machine guns so theres that. Gravities only add to the impact velocity when hit and taking all those hits on the helmet because you narrowed the target could increase the risk. The physics part is like this. 2 cars traveling 30 mph hit head on with the force of one car hitting something at 60mph, only we are talking about radiants potentially traveling a couple hundred mph hitting a high velocity round traveling potentially over 1,000 feet per second hitting head on. The faster the Radiant and the closer they are the harder and more likely they will be hit by a bullet moving so fast they can't see it to dodge. Well Shardblades are slightly more invested and Shardplate does give greatly enhanced strength, but it would still be a very high quality sword vs a slighly lower quality material plate. One of the things about actual plate is that it is flexible and can be dented by a sword and if hit multiple time eventually pierced. Using the sword to stab instead of slash also increased the potential to penetrate the plate because of the increased PSI at the point. Shardplate doesn't seem to dent but gets cracks which is why I ask is it rigid as that changes the dynamics compared to plate armor. Regular heavy hammers are used to break Shardplate so I am leaning toward a rigid structure like cast iron over something like flexible carbon steel. Since Brandon models his cosmere off our physics with and added force called investiture is would seem it does reflect our physics. So the PSI on the blade edge or point is what cracks the plate since the magics seem to mostly cancel. Kal cracked a shardhelmet he was using as a boxing glove with just over normal strength vs other plate and blades in the arena battle which leads me to think that Shardplate can be damaged by an impact at or near regular strength over a small enough area. Vindicatons from descriptions sounds like it might be a heavier caliber than even a .44 magnum for at least some of the hazekiller rounds. Wax's new shotgun blast lifted Steris off the ground so is almost a heavy weapon, and it sounds like Marisi was shooting Rifles similar to henry rifles which are .44 caliber or a larger slug than m16 or ak47. So yes Scadrians have guns that compare. The main complication magic seems to create is that the armor heals almost immediately until it takes a lot of damage. what I am presuming is that if the psi of a bullet is high enough it will pierce the armor and do damage to the person inside of it as a result before the reactive magical properties of the armor can stop it. Other relevant questions might be how thick is the armor? What if the Bullet that pierced the armor was aluminum and so might interfere with the magical healing properties because of any residue left behind? The idea that an aluminum bullet might pierce the armor even though it is relatively soft is suggested by the fact that tornadoes can drive straw through telephone poles. Also bullets don't need to be made of just one material. It is the magical cutting ability of shardblades that seems to be mostly neutralized (ordinarily they can cut through almost anything with little effort). The shardplate seems as if it is just highly durable rigid armor that with enough force can be damaged by ordinary weapons, but also regenerates and grants the user with enhanced physical abilities. Even regular plate has the potential to stop or deflect some bullets.
  10. A double compounder would require one medallion with two powers and a twinborn with complementary powers. All twinborn have resonances (two powers and an effect). Like with Windrunners they have Gravity lashings and adhesion lashings and that resonates to produce reverse lashings. The resonances between allomantic and feruchemical powers have not been clearly stated as of yet but Wax's steel bubble might partially be a result of a resonance (Brandon has said it is and it isn't its a savant ability). For Wax his two powers are starting to act as one ability and he instinctively uses them in combination creating affects that other coinshots can't because of the resonance between his abilities. It is anyone's guess what the resonance between Wayne's abilities is. Each set of twin combinations have a unique potential resonance. I mean to say that we have seen travel velocities that seem fast, and we have seen Kal moving fast in relation to Fused without knowing how absolutely fast they are traveling during combat. In neither case was he traveling so fast that wind resistance or friction became an issue which is the limit of practical steelrunner speed. Gravitation gives acceleration not velocity that can only be acheived by time under gravity and everytime a windrunner actually changes direction he only a percentage of the his vector speed depending on the angle of change. A complete reversal would first bring his velocity to zero over time before actually reversing his acceleration to achieve reverse velocity. Windrunners also don't seem to be immune to inertia so a complete reversal of direction would likely apply potentially dangerous g forces. Kal when catching his father didn't stop them instantly but slowed them first so as not to injure his father (Kal could have healed from the injury). Bullets quickly reach and travel at super sonic speeds and with enough of them are difficult for even the fastest Radiants to dodge, and if they impact the momentum of impact would include any velocity that the Radiant had in opposition. A Radiant accelerating at 9 m/s is going toward a rifleman shooting at him is going to add that acceleration and any accumulated velocity to the impact of the bullet being shot at him that hits and that impact is going to be in a very small area. I wasn't just referring to Hemalurgy, but that is an option (evil as Brandon says). In the past he has indicated that one might need to use the spike on both the radiant and the Spren for it to completely work. Still his point about stealing a bond using Hemalurgy is equally applicable to a bondsmith stealing a bond from a sentiant person. We never saw the end of the situation with Ishar and how that might have resolved without Szeth's interference. It is likely that he would have needed to overcome both Dalinar's will and gained Stormfather's acceptance to succeed either of which were uncertain. As Brandon said in what you quoted free will plays a part in stealing a bond. The below WoB implies to me that bullets have the potential to be effective against shardplate. Perhaps even able to penetrate on one shot. It seems to say that some bullets from Vindication could penetrate shardplate. Questioner How many shots would it take for Wax using his gun to break a section of Shardplate? Brandon Sanderson Depends on the gun... Okay, so Vindication. He could probably... depends on the bullet, cause he's got several styles. But let's just say two or three. There's an argument he could do it with one, with the right shot, the right bullet, in the right moment. Orem Signing (March 16, 2019) Alright so A shardblade can damage and even crack Shardplate. The magic cancels between them so we are saying that it is as if a sword is striking armor of similar quality with a degree of force applied by the person. Is shardplate rigid and that is why it cracks or is it flexible and does the blade overcome its flexability so that it cracks? How much force does it take to crack shardplate? It seems to me that if a blade whose force is spread across a relatively large area can crack shardplate the force of a bullet applied to a very small area might be able to pierce it especially if it is rigid. What is the psi of a shardblade strike on shardplate and how does that compare with the psi of various bullets? .44 magnum or .45, 30-06, 5.62(m16 or ak47 round) and so forth because that could answer how well shardplate would protect in a fight with Scadrian's armed with firearms. If the armor is rigid it will be more vulnerable to bullets than if it is not so show why you think it is or is not rigid. From what I can tell the psi of a bullet exceeds the psi of a shardblade.
  11. You are right that a lot could change in the centuries, but the fact they seem equally matched at any time implies that their relative potential at any given time is roughly equal unless one has a massive increase in potential in a much shorter time than the other. From what I have read they both seem to advance in their own areas very quickly. Faster than anything, is pushing it. Bullets and artillery certainly move at speeds exceeding what we have seen from Radiants. Only Windrunners and perhaps Skybreakers have shown that kind of potential acceleration. Yes I am since they have the senses to detect the tones and rhythms and mental acuity to use that knowledge. Turning mist into anti-mist is much less obvious than turning light into anti-light. Light obviously has a frequency opposite, but how do you even intuit mist (fog) having an opposite or being store-able especially since mist doesn't automatically infuse gem stones. Brandon Sanderson Well-- Certain objects just have more Investiture and are more purely of the Investiture. A Shardblade's going to be really hard, but it's possible, it's just going to be really, really hard. Even more hard than an absolutely full Feruchemical metalmind because the Shardblade is being created directly out of the Investiture, it's basically all Investiture, it's not a metal that is Invested. It's going to be real hard. Bands of Mourning release party (Jan. 25, 2016) Sorry it is all packed together I was responding to each individually when Runner responded and I lost my responses to you. Since Scadrian investiture is intrinsic in the person It stealing connection could be like pushing on metal inside a person and might be much more difficult. While what Ishar did was attempt to steal an external connection to a Spren. The complete annihilation of Vin and Ati implies that it is a nuclear reaction (matter/anti-matter) as does the complete conversion of ettemetal into energy when it explodes or is used as fuel. Polarizing seems to indicate polarized representational colors not polarized investiture. I wasn't referring to Aviar at all. Perhaps Roshar and Scadrial are pursuing more ways to access similar powers.
  12. Ok I can see that once you discover the pure tone. If there is mist present. it is an alkaloid metal so can be ignited by water. The seeming degree of released energy is implied to be far more than a chemical explosion. In everything I have read Ruin and Preservation are described as actual opposites which is what restricts Harmony so much because he must remain balanced. Vin and Ati literally anihilated each other on contact like matter and anti-matter. Scadrian's are invested from birth by both Ruin and Preservation. The connection they have is entirely internal not through an external source like a Spren. Due to the laws of investiture that almost certainly complicates stealing their connection as compared to Radiants. No you misunderstood me. Sixth of Dusk described 2 groups in conflict in the recent short story on 1st of the Sun which seemed to be Scadrial and Roshar or their respective coalitions. that is also circumstantial evidence that in a conflict between them a winner is not as clean cut as you seem to have been saying throughout this thread. That implies to me that many of you may be overlooking some things, maybe many things.
  13. @Frustration sorry your responses just don't make sense to me for what you quoted.
  14. Brandon has said that a person could potentially become skilled enough to push on sections of a Metal. Kel was a mistborn and so didn't develop the finesse that Wax did with his steel pushes. Even Vin developed more finesse than he did. It might be a tip off, that a shardblade is invested metal not aluminum, when you see it form out of thin air, and so like with the BoM once he knew it was invested he might detect it with effort. Even if a Shardblade is just to invested for a regular coinshot to affect at all that still doesn't rule out shardplate. Wax with his weight manipulation ability would have a better chance than a regular coinshot.
  15. Wave form mechanics or wave theory is how she made anti-light. It does have some liquid or gas characteristics when we see how it moves in a vacuum or get breathed in, but to change it to its anti form requires wave theory. MIst also doesn't automatically charge gems, but Stormlight does so that implies to me that they don't act identically. Mist with people only acts similar to stormlight when a persons bond to preservation becomes much stronger like with Vin or Wax. Wax seems to have not a preservation bond but a Harmony bond so Ruin is part of it. Sticking mists in a gem seems to require force or pressure and would be of very limited use since few have the affinity to preservation to make use of it. Mist also acts more like a cloud than stormlight does so anti-mist if you could distill it might still be more like anti-matter. Of course Ruin and Preservation do seem anti to each other which would explain the volatile nature of Ettemetal which is Harmony or Ruin and Preservation in balance. Sorry the question was a bit rhetorical. I was implying that medallions the Scadrian form of fabrials do use Scadrian powers and a single medallion has the potential to create a compounding Twinborn of any kind in addition to any kind of resonant Twinborn. So even though natural born Twinborns are rare a single medallion could potentially turn anyone into one and if they were already Twinborn has the potential to create a double compounding twin by complimenting them with the appropriate metal abilities. It is the interaction between the separate magics of Scadrial that enables him to work within his own rules to place Scadrial at the advantage. We do know there is a conflict we get that from Sixth of the Dusk. Within those 3 magics is the ability to high jack all other magics and create synergies and infinite positive feedback loops with those as well. I have been trying to say this indirectly throughout this entire thread. I am not sure even a bondsmith could steal a metalborn's connection to their power because it would be like trying to steal their connection to their arm since it is internal to the metalborn not to an outside investiture manifestation like a Spren. A bondsmith's surges and even his bond could be stolen through metal arts. Thanks for the sources. That is still only 90 to 180 mph of strait travel. When he depicts battles all velocities and movements are relative so it would be hard to estimate the actual combat speeds involved or their combat maneuverability. Mists don't just infuse gem stones so you still have the difficulty of storing it to begin the attempt. In book only Roshar is confirmed to have anti-investiture which makes sense since making anti light is simpler. Mists and Stormlight don't operate quite the same even if they share some properties. The real interesting thing that Navani did is open the door to transforming stormlight into anti-voidlight or any other form of investiture by use of the right tones and rhythms. Of course a single seeker/sparker on Scadrial could quickly develop anti-investiture weapons against any form of Cosmere magic while it might take singers and humans working together to do the same on Roshar just like it took Navani and Raboniel working together the first time. I was actually referring to Wax's ability to push on parts of a metal not just the metal in general which enables his steel bubble. where a large piece of an invested metal would be difficult to push a smaller portion of that same metal would have less investiture so might be easier to push. thus pushing the tip of a shardblade has the possibility of working and deflecting attacks. A small point on shardplate has an even greater chance of working. Of course a steel compounder would have both the finesse and power to potentially toss a Radiant in armor all over the place and to strip them of the Shardblade over and over or if it didn't just dissolve use it against them if they had enough metal. @The Technovore I suspect that Soulbearers work exactly that way especially since Brandon has stated multiple times that metalarts are his favorite. Specifically coinshots. I think we will see in the next series since it is rumored that one of the main characters is a cop who uses Nicrosil. I have been trying to say that for a while now. With the ability to store Identity a Trueself might be able to store into their identity to become a Truesoul from a medallion, or any other power as well. There is something to think about.