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  1. If you are obsessed with the idea that an aluminum twin can evolve through a combination of Hemalurgy, Forgery, and contact copying of any and all forms of allomancy and feruchemy into a Fullborn.
  2. I suspect that we may have already seen some of the materials or weapons used against 4th oath radiants. As of yet we really haven't seen how either Aluminum or Raisium weapons interact with shard plate and the Spren that create them. It could be materially different than how it interacts with Shardblades since lesser spren have been shown to act adversely to aluminum and Raisium has a major affect on Stormlight and voidlight even in gems so it might in Shardplate. I can also see population and advancement levels making a difference and like in the Sword of Truth seriies Richard could do things thought impossible by others simply because he was ignorant of supposed limitations. Another thing is that even in the old days we have no Idea how many radiants progressed to even 3rd and above, they could have been very rare so not much of an issue in the distant past. I personally don't think there is that much of a power difference between Radiants and Odiums forces since the vast majority of both are very inexperienced so are just learning what they can do.
  3. I found Ander at a corner table. He seemed to be taking reports. He looked up as I approached with a puzzled expression seeming to wonder why I was there. Before he could ask I grinned and told him that their operations had drawn to much attention from both sides of the upcoming major conflict and regardless which side prevailed it would be advisable to become scarce. Then I turned and left as he and the others spluttered. Traveling is a very interesting thing when you have both stormlight and metal at your command. Stormlight could get me into and out of the cognative, while any number of metals or pseudo metals could propel me once there to cover large distances. I could also forego the cognative and use any number of light and metal based abilities to travel quickly at will. All that aside once I stepped out of sight I concealed myself in a light illusion and walked away. When Ander and the others burst from the Pub in search of me I found it very amusing seeing them scatter to find me. Hours later and miles away as dusk approached my Spren and I were discussing the problem of them leaving the system to travel with me. They couldn't be carried in a gem through the cognative because as we approached the limits of the system their mass increased exponentially and the pull of the system increased. Though we could break our bonds and I could leave the system on my own that seemed like a very poor choice for either them or me. So as we walked and discussed the issue I hit on an idea that I might be able to swear one final oath that would fully bind all of the Spren with me such that not only would the bond be part of my identity, but for all intents and purposes they would too. The oath went like this "In truth and compassion I will seek balance, liberty, and justice for myself and all who enter my sphere of influence." There was a blinding surge of power around me as the as a sixth level binding formed between me and all my Spren. In that moment I stored them and that part of my identity into a bracer metal mind along with the surge of power that came with it. The illusion vanished and I was once again revealed. I burned steel and Iron dropping iron spikes and flew toward the peaks with alternating push pull surges. While I did that I stored both weight and speed for later use.
  4. I have been thinking for some time now that Reconers seems like practice for era 3 Mistborn or modern Mistborn, and with the skyward series if that is practice for space age cosmere books. Rhythmatist also seems to be practice for era 3 Mistborn stories. From what I have heard era 3 Mistborn sounds like it will be a world with Superheros similar to Reconers and of Course Space travel in Space age Cosmere and Skyward seem way to on the nose. What do y'all think? Oh and I am more excited for Era 3 Mistborn than any more Stormlight books which, even though I enjoy virtually all his stories, far out weigh the non cosmere off shoots for me.
  5. Yeah and I would like to see him revisit the world of Shadows for Silence. Because shadows minimal coverage I think it might be ripe for fan fics.
  6. theory

    When I look at a map of Shinovar I don't see any ports or cities to trade in on the map unlike other locations in Roshar so trading in a Meadow since it is open space and wild seems reasonable. That implies that the information is available to one that takes an interest in Shinovar, but their best protection from that is to seem uninteresting. There are actually a number of items like metals that they want to trade for, but few take the time to learn what they are after and what might be best to trade for. Of course trade is done on the edges since the interior is devoted to the farms and is restricted. I could potentially grant that, but the rule among them seems to be that People who pick up weapons are of the very lowest caste even if they only picked one up once. Coppermind says that Truthless are exiled from Shinovar and cursed to be a warrior to outsiders. Held may not mean actually holding the blade, but instead having custody of the blade. I am not sure Szeth's Father was bonded to the blade just that it was in his custody or he stored it. Or you may be right that there are special rules for honor blades or it might be using a weapon not just picking it up is what takes you from whatever to warrior. Szeth trained with weapons and so was Warrior Caste regardless the rules.
  7. theory

    I didn't say they gave it to him because he was truthless. They possibly let him keep it because he was. The fact that he had it already meant he was already of the lowest caste in Shin. I don't recall where it has ever said Vistim has never seen their cities, of course if the cities are surrounded by farms visiting them would be difficult. However cities don't need to be near farmlands, in fact having a city near farmland could be detrimental to the farmland. Small towns, villages, hamlets would likely have nearby farms, but cities, that seems questionable. Of course Shin may not have any cities at all. Given that farms are sacred there would be no soldiers or warriors there and perhaps not even nearby. Sorry I don't accept the premise that they are so isolated that no one from outside has a clue about what goes on there, not if there are people like traders who travel there regularly. I saw nothing in the books to support that idea, and much that implies otherwise. Besides soldiers and weapons training is viewed by Shin as an embarrassment and dishonorable so would be kept very covert even from locals, so again only limited practice with what is known and now overt experimentation of what might be possible given that combat is the lowest most disgraceful profession in the land. Why do you think Szeth is the exception? I don't get that impression at all. Oh and if Szeth's father had picked up the honor blade even once he would no longer be a shepherd so he never touched it, but Szeth did and so lost almost all respect, which might be why it was so easy to name him truthless. Picking up a weapon even once costs all status for life in Shin society.
  8. theory

    Your right that outsiders are not allowed on Farms for religious reasons, but there is no indication and indeed indications that outsiders regularly trade inside Shinovar. One other fact of note is that anyone training with the Honor Blades is of only the very lowest caste of the society and are little more than slaves. Only truthless are lower and they are exiled so are no longer part of Shin society. So another reason why any use of the honor blades would be covert even in Shinovar. You could even say that using Honor blades robs the user of all but a tiny fraction of their honor. So who better to have an honor blade than a Truthless. Only farms seem to be restricted to outsiders the rest seems open to anyone. As for trading it is done away from farms but not cities necessarily.
  9. theory

    Not all surges are as obvious as those of windrunners so would be easier to hide, and not even all of the windrunners surges are obvious. However blatant use would still generate rumors that would reveal them to observant outsiders both inside and outside Shinovar. To keep the blades secret until Szeth was ordered to execute the king publicly with flare any who witnessed their use outside the order were killed, and their use was kept very rare and covert to minimize any chance of discovery to almost none. That would also limit testing the limits of their power, and only practicing and using well know abilities. Szeth probably got to keep the blade because he was already bonded to it and it couldn't be taken from him without killing him. A feat difficult to achieve as he is one of the most skilled duelists in the world.
  10. Makes sense unless you used both during the same session to withdraw multiple abilities. Glad to hear.
  11. It might be easier for the CadTwin to bond a spren than the reverse. Or could a CadTwin store investiture gasses without bonding a spen and then only need the spren to use the stormlight? Could those stored investiture gasses grant enhanced pulser abilities?
  12. Why do you need the person to stay alive? A blank hemalurgic spike might give the user access to anyone's metal mind of that ability if placed in the correct spot. In addition any ability that can be used from the same placement could theoretically be added to one identity blank spike granting multiple abilities. Or so I presume. How is the Book coming?
  13. you could use a single spike to compound a single hemalurgy spike from multiple donors if you first used a Duralumin spike to steal each of the donors identity first. Still if you want the strength of 10 men steal allomantic strength not feruchemical strength. Remember power gained from Hemalugic spikes isn't just what power was stolen, but where the spike is placed because if placed in the wrong location weird things happen if anything happens at all. The duralumin spike might allow one to use the feruchemical reserves of the donor or donors since it could grant their identity. Another possibility is that a trueself might be able to mix and match metal minds and hemalurgic spikes since they can blank Identity. For that matter a Trueself might be able to permanently forge any set of abilities for themselves using their Feruchemy and Hemalurgy without the attending soul holes.
  14. theory

    I saw your other post about writing a book and thought I would encourage you. Personally I am a very slow writer and spend weeks or even months trying to resolve some scene to my liking doing more thinking than typing (much more). Never the less I did finally finish one novel a few years ago then life got in the way and doing new novels has been slow for me. I honestly don't know how many novel seeds I have started so I would still advise just do it at least once because until you do the story will remain vague, or at least that is my experience. When I try to flesh out the story in hard copy it transforms before my eyes. Brandon would call me predominantly a gardener with hardly any architectural structure. Never the less good luck and get started the journey is worth it. I still think that if the few Shin who had the honor blades used them the plotting to get them by other Shin would have alerted the outside world to their presence within the country. Plus using them against each other would come with major nation destroying problems as well. So I think rare, covert use was the rule until Szeth killed the king openly as ordered. Even then that only revealed one blade and it couldn't match the ability of a true windrunner. It was only Szeth's remarkable skill which made it come close.
  15. theory

    I got the impression that they were trying to keep the fact that they had them secret. Plus there is a big difference between practicing or training with them and using them. Isolated or not if they actually used them most of the major lands would soon know it and attempt to steal them for their own use or conquer them to get the blades. I don't buy the premise that the Shin use the Honor blades at all outside of some training of a very small select group. I think they even keep them secret from from almost all of their own population with the exception of a very small select group. Good luck starting your book. I will be interested to see your attempt.