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  1. theory

    I saw your other post about writing a book and thought I would encourage you. Personally I am a very slow writer and spend weeks or even months trying to resolve some scene to my liking doing more thinking than typing (much more). Never the less I did finally finish one novel a few years ago then life got in the way and doing new novels has been slow for me. I honestly don't know how many novel seeds I have started so I would still advise just do it at least once because until you do the story will remain vague, or at least that is my experience. When I try to flesh out the story in hard copy it transforms before my eyes. Brandon would call me predominantly a gardener with hardly any architectural structure. Never the less good luck and get started the journey is worth it. I still think that if the few Shin who had the honor blades used them the plotting to get them by other Shin would have alerted the outside world to their presence within the country. Plus using them against each other would come with major nation destroying problems as well. So I think rare, covert use was the rule until Szeth killed the king openly as ordered. Even then that only revealed one blade and it couldn't match the ability of a true windrunner. It was only Szeth's remarkable skill which made it come close.
  2. theory

    I got the impression that they were trying to keep the fact that they had them secret. Plus there is a big difference between practicing or training with them and using them. Isolated or not if they actually used them most of the major lands would soon know it and attempt to steal them for their own use or conquer them to get the blades. I don't buy the premise that the Shin use the Honor blades at all outside of some training of a very small select group. I think they even keep them secret from from almost all of their own population with the exception of a very small select group. Good luck starting your book. I will be interested to see your attempt.
  3. theory

    I stand corrected, but I don't recall that. Not sure what you mean by that other than they worked hard to keep them secret so again would not have used them openly or often.
  4. I agree with Brandon, and if it is Cosmere based start in the fan fiction section where you can get feedback as you go. I have already published one book, am working on at least two more and have some fan fics on this forum started to hone my skill and draw a potential audience. So I would say just do it that will be step one. Get written permission to publish any cosmere related or based material elsewhere from Brandon. Then tell people about it (that's the hard part).
  5. theory

    By necessity as secret guardians of the blades they would only use them rarely and covertly so not to full potential. Even so the blades full potential has been stated as far less than actual Radiants on several occasions. I also don't recall him being trained with each blade only one after more mundane training. Perhaps in that training he trained against the various blades, but I don't recall that being the case only that he was aware that his people had them. It is almost impossible to hide and guard something that you use regularly, or openly so it would be extremely rare that they would ever use them and then as minimally and covertly as possible.
  6. It is one of my favorite books. It matches the magic theme of the planet where communication is the medium for it. I loved the interplay and ultimately the artistry of the story and hope to see more interactions on the planet.
  7. theory

    I never got the impression that the Shin were using them only keeping and hiding them and occasionally using them covertly so never came close to their limits. It was Zeth's training not the blade that gave him unchallenged ability. Kal was far more able than the blade. Sorry I double posted because I came to this late and posted as I found comments I wanted to respond to.
  8. theory

    If I understand you right you are possibly saying that in a Windrunner adhesion affects or combines the physical part of the spirit web between 2 things to bind them physically together? Whereas a Bondsmith can affect much more of the spirit web than just the physical portion and since both tension and adhesion are connections powers perhaps deeper in that aspect? That might explain why shards which are not truly physical are unaffected by adhesion.
  9. I think it might kill the host body and leave the fused untouched to inhabit someone else later at best. I am also skeptical that you could steal the ability to use void or stromlight from someone without stealing the fused or spren themselves and bonding a fused means they over write you and you are gone.
  10. How or where do you register for either? Where will they be?
  11. I am happy for you.
  12. Lewis is near and dear to my heart and I agree that his non fiction like the Screwtape letters is awsome. By the way he and Tolkien were friends. Thanks for responding I will need to look closer at them. There was a post apocalyptic fantasy or sci-fi series that one of the underlying subjects was sexuality. Some men become hermaphrodites with psychic powers (one of my triggers perhaps why I love fire starter) and women die off over time due to the lack of actual men. It was really kind of strange but I was into some strange things at the time, unfortunately I don't remember who the author was maybe Barker but I don't know.
  13. I dressed, packed all my tools, some food, a couple changes of cloths, some basic crockery and pans with utensils into my back pack. Packed all my inventory into my hand cart, strapped on my weapons, donned my duster and hat and went to my booth in town. By mid day I had sold all my inventory. Then I headed over to the pub in search of Ander.
  14. I don't think I have ever read either one of them, though I have seen a couple of Clive's books turned into movies. What would you say made you love them when you were younger? It seems by your statement that you don't love them anymore so what changed?
  15. One day a week after Kagi's metal day a group of older boys cornered him on his way home after school. The leader of the group was a thug and was obviously hopped up on pewter. He said "hey Nat you gotta pay us the new toll." Kagi backing to a wall asked, "what new toll?" One of the other boys responded, "the worthless Nat toll." as he tried to riot Kagi's fear. Kagi burned aluminum and blanked the parts of himself that felt fear, pain, and mercy. His eyes went icy cold burning with chilling fury. He locked eyes with each boy in turn grinning and said, "make your move and I wont quit until each of you is in pieces or I am dead." Three of the four older boys stepped back but the thug moved with inhuman speed and seized Kagi by the neck. A split second later Kagi grabbed his forearm and his hand lost all strength. Next Kagi grabbed his upper throat which neutralized the thug's pewter augmented strength below his neck. Kagi didn't stop there. He punched him in the adam's apple below his hand both pulling the thug toward him and holding him in place with the other hand. That brought the thug to his knees where Kagi started kicking him in the nether regions until a nearby adult pulled him off and scattered the group.