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  1. I always considered Hoid like the Avatar of Sanderson in the novels, I doubt that he got overtricked or overwitted by Odium. There is lot of ways that could explain him being terrified, he could have put his real memories in Investiture in Urithuru, and then he went to Kholinar to “talk” with Odium. Odium modified his memories and looked st them so he was really scared but it was a trick from the beginning. We will see in the next books, but Hoid is a Kind of Tom Bombadil, I really doubt he is a normal character that can be overtricked. And the previous conversation with his spren is the way that Sanderson showed it
  2. So we have this conversation at the end of Navalni and Dalinar where she implied that nobody of Odium can defeat Kaladin. Then, Dalinar says that he is not his best fighter, and neither his best assassin, only his best soldier. The best assassin we can suppose that is Szeth (although he was defeated by Kaladin and also I don’t think we can consider Szeth an assassin now). But moreover, who does Dalinar think his best fighter is? Himself? Adolin? For me it’s quite strange that statement since I everything that is showed to us is that Kaladin is by far the best fighter with/and without Stormlight. I don’t think that Dalinar, Adolin or Azeth would defeat Kaladin in a combat without Shardblades and without Stormlight. And also neither with Stormlight or Shardblades. Moreover Odium seems to think the same about Kaladin since he appoint 10 times in the book that he is not possible to defeat in a fight (in the mouth of his minion Moash) and that’s why he try to mentally destroy Kaladin. So, is there any explanation for these words of Dalinar? Is he overvaluing himself as a fighter? Is he just making a mistake? The election of words is curious because he could have said that he is going to fight because not only fight skills will be important or something like that, but he clearly states that Kaladin is not his best fighter while all evidence is against.
  3. I disagree with the opinion that lot of people start to have about Rayse being simple or simpler than BigT. We are talking about Rayse/Odium who killed and splitter 4 shards!! When we know how difficult is to destroy other shard and not to die like Vin/Cultivation. About Rayse Hoid told in one of the letters that he is one of the most dangerous person Hoid has ever known. That he got kill in a kind of trap of Cultivation and he was kind of weak for his previous fights does not mean that he was not clever, he almost achieves to break first Dalinar and then Kaladin and bring them to his side. 2 of the most noble characters I have seen. Taravangian was clever due to Cultivation “boon”. We should not assume him being clever than Rayse. What we should assume is that new Vessels seems to have less restrictions than old ones, at least in the first moments. And what make Taravangian scary is that maybe he will not need to respond “in spirit” to whatever was holding Rayse as Odium
  4. I knew that words of Brandon, but I am talking from the perspective of Dalinar, I don’t think he knows the real ability of Vasher and everything that he has seen imply that Kaladin is the best fighter. The question ir, who is better fighter than Kaladin for Dalinar and why? I totally agree that Kaladin is the best fighter by far. You forgot that Kaladin also defeated Szeth (who I consider crazy skilled also), defend alone the brigde for rescue Dalinar, kill the pursuer and 4 soldiers in seconds without powers...He do unbelievable things. My question is, why Dalinar says that Kaladin is not his possible fighter? LOL
  5. I think 5th ideal will be something related with Leadership even if it’s also involve protection
  6. Yes, I agree that Taln is the best fighter, but he is not “available” so I would limit the question to who is the best fighter of Dalinar within his “mortal/not mad” people.
  7. I think they gap was big but not so much, it was 10 years if I don’t remember bad. In anyway I think new Odium will do something to cancel this contest of champions or to overtrick whatever the result is. The contest of champions is a bad agreement for Odium even wining since he has to renounce to half Roshar and be trapped there. Also is interesting to note that both Odiums seemed to be pretty sure about victory, Rayse because he agreed with a contest that doesn’t bring him anything special and Big T said to Hoid that any of his possible champions would win. There is something that neither us (and Dalinar) knows about the contest. Also I would like to know what would happen to the StormFather if Dalinar loose (-and die) will he be free?
  8. Across RoW is quoted sometimes that fused are surprised by new Radiants, does this mean that they are more powerful than old Radiants? Here we can notice that we have 3 Radiants already in 4th ideal (Janash, Kaladin and Shallan) and Szeth will join soon. It seems to me taking a look in Skybreakers structure that normal “ascension” of Radiants were slower. Also powers of Dalinar seems bigger than previous Bondsmiths (although Isthar also can create perpendicularities).
  9. If I don’t remember bad, if Dalinar wins Odium don’t come back to Braize, his forces will remain in Karbrantah Jah Keveh and the other lands he posses now. Then he could find a way of break the agreement or a casus belli. Dalinar losing is kind of the easy solution (although sad), I hope Brandon has something better prepared
  10. I think that the change in Odium doesn’t affect directly non of this forces. They will continue following Odium and probably un case of normal Singers they will not even know. I found interesting your point that Nale could support Venli and her group now that they are clearly separated from the Singers and Odium
  11. I supposed they champion should support Odium, but he could easily choose a Singer Kid and I think Dalinar will neither agree to kill him
  12. What it’s difficult to believe is that without touching Hoid mind Odium can delete a remember of some seconds ago. I understand that Hoid keep most of his remembers in Breaths, but it’s a remember of seconds ago!! Maybe it didn’t have time even to pass from short time memory to long time memory!! How can Odium delete this memory without touching mind of Hoid?? Other aspecto to take into consideration is that Odium can not break is “promises” because we would have been weakened and then attacked and destroyed by Cultivation. However Cultivation seems like wanted revenge against Rayse, but until now she doesn’t look to be enemy of newOdium, so maybe she will not attack him. BTW, now I even feel bad about poor Rayse, he has been killed totally unexpected and substituted by an even bigger maniac
  13. I hope it’s not possible to kill StormFather with anti-stormlight just putting a knife in the Storm. It’s look such a cruel and simple solution, and also probably would kill the whole Roshar since high storm are crucial for the continent
  14. I agree that there is lot of things about him that are not normal even for Radiant. On the one hand he struggle more than any other radiant, he had the hardest punch of life (with Dalinar close) and the most Lilit situation. On the other he recover from all in the crazy and totally heroic ways. In this book there is this part were Dalinar thought something like he has faith in Kaladin even if he seems to have 0 options. Also Vyre/Odium seems to see a big threat in him, because they put input in make him fall and also they give to him much more importance than to Janash (while she is already 4th ideal and he o my 3th) And finally, how many times he is call son of Tanavast/Honor? I think more than any other character. And laterally, the only Herald who really can not Come back is Jezrien, so maybe there is something like Kaladin is taking his place...
  15. I am very agree with this theory about Taln, I never thought about it but it was always quite strange that all the preparations of Odium (Everstorm, Singers needed the Stormshape...) came just in the moment when Taln breaks. It has much sense to think that Taln broke when he realized that Odium forces are again in Roshar and he come back to help. Taln resist thousands of years, it’s quite impossible that he break just at the same time that Odium prepare everything
  16. I think that should be something related with leadership, at the end it’s supposed one of the calls of Windrunners is leadership and Jezrien were the King of Heralds so I think there should be something about it. Something about take the responsibility of Lead for protect, or Lead when others cannot. We will see but I think in the next book can happens that Dalinar fall or that he has to be more involved in Unit, not in Leadership. And then will have to come Kaladin to be leader probably after some traumas and internal fights
  17. I was never a very big fan of Moash as a character, I found him very egocentric. However , I don’t think that his behavior in RoW is totally his blame. It seems like he became just a tool of Odium, in a way he is even closer to him than the Fused. We can see that he told to the Pursuer not to touch Kaladin because then he will fall into full depression. Odium planned this to destroy Kaladin since he told that Kaladin is very dangerous. Moash is just a tool like was the Inquisitor who fought Vin (I don’t remember the name). That’s why he is so worry about Kaladin and consider him divine, human Moash was the only member of Bridge 4 that behaviour normal with Kaladin, and now he speaks as if Kaladin is undefeatable In fact, I think Moash will have at some point a kind of redemption.
  18. I just finished RoW and I loved it, one of my favourite of SA but the end made me so afraid. The contest of champions with the soul of Dalinar in game seemed bad idea against Rayse but with big T it looks even worse. I am literally sure they will loose, because how can they win against Odium champion? Dalinar has 4 options for fighting. Himself, Adolin, Szeth and Kaladin. We don’t know under which laws will be the fight (with investiture or without it ) but the problem is that Odium has under his forces one element that is unbalanced. What happen if Odium choose Nale as his champion? We watched what did Ishtar to 5 radiants, we looked how Nale knocked Szeth in seconds. How can any of the possible Dalinar champions stands against him?
  19. Yes but Taln is practically unusable in this moment, the contest is in 10 days. They would need in 10 days to heal Isthar and Taln. The point is Nale is crazy but working crazy, Taln is totally gone as for example Jezrien. Maybe the contest will be more magical, but then I struggle to see how Dalinar even with all his power can beat Odium