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  1. Sweet, I was trying to think about Windrunners forever and just blanked on Brooklyn 99 being a show. I love Jake Peralta there, he's the perfect candidate for the Windrunners. When it comes to Leslie, we should just be giving her a Shard instead of a Nahel Bond, lol.
  2. I thought of Dwight Schrute as being a Skybreaker, and then I thought it would be fun to do it for other characters of similar shows. Anyone have any ideas for the ones I left blank? Or any additional members for the orders I put? Windrunner: Skybreakers: Dwight Schrute I think Dwight would totally assassinate a dozen or so world leaders because of a weird law with a rock. He might even, one day, become the Assistant to the Herald of Law. Dustbringer: Edgedancer: Marshall Erickson Environmentalist. Lawyer for the little guy. Friendly, walks down the street like he’s already friends with everyone. Just a genuinely caring guy. Truthwatcher: Lightweaver: Tom Haverford/ Barney Stinson I considered Jim Halpert as a Lightweaver, as he doesn’t admit truths for the first 4 seasons of the show. He obfuscates, and almost all of his dialogue is subtextual. But, Tom is perfect for the order. He presents a facade constantly, is showy and relies on light shows, he lives a lie in his marriage, etc. The same for Barney, with his plays and magic and constant lying, to himself and those around him, in order to hide his deep-rooted insecurities. I think Pam and Jim would both fit in here for the above reasons. Lily from HIMYM would fit too, I think Not just as an artist, but because she represses uncomfortable things. This is the order I got all 4 times I took the test. So, there might be more Lightweavers here because I relate to these characters in various ways. Elsecaller: Ben Wyatt The ideal of attaining one’s potential is a big driver behind Wyatt’s arc. I thought Dustbringer at first because his early motivation is almost solely proving his fiscal responsibility following Icetown. But, his larger arc has to do with reaching higher and for what he actually desires rather than settling for the in-house accounting job. And his accounting career post-Icetown is mostly to prove that he can be fiscally responsible, rather than actually caring so much about the fiscal responsibility as an intrinsic good. His desire for self-mastery is a stepping stone towards reaching his potential. I think Leslie fits here too. I could see arguments for putting Leslie in a lot of different orders. Willshaper: Ron Swanson Craftsman, Libertarian (I considered Stoneward because of his temperament, but he is most definitely not interested in being there when needed). The notion of the Willshapers being craftsmen isn’t super explored in RoW, but I think Ron would fit in well with the Dawnsingers, shaping the stones. Stoneward: Bondsmith: Robert California This is almost a joke, but just almost. I think Robert would convince the Sibling to bond with him as the Sibling is rather susceptible to skilled persuasion. Robert would really only do this so he could have Urithiru as his bachelor’s palace, the temple to wine and sex. He also would totally start his own religion.
  3. I think the Sibling is the spren of the Knights Radiant. By that, I mean that the Oaths and Ideals (the method of swearing oaths to progress one’s character) are the conjunction of Cultivation and Honor’s impact on the system. So, the Sibling is the embodiment of the organization of the Knights Radiant, as the Stormfather is the embodiment of the Highstorm. This conjunction is like how Navani sees fabrials as order (of Honor) imposed on nature (of Cultivation).