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  1. I got the impression that Discord had taken over and that’s why Kelsier no longer saw the shadow behind him that was present in the other scenes with him
  2. “I’d try to create an air of mystique around it,” Marasi said. “I wouldn’t show it off. I’d let the other fifteen become common by comparison—and the value of mine would increase as people shared the story. There is one more. One no one has seen.” Excerpt From The Lost Metal Brandon Sanderson This material may be protected by copyright. if that’s not foreshadowing for the last unknown final shard being the last big bad I don’t know what is
  3. I think Dalinar loses setting him up to be the Blackthorn sent out into the cosmere as an agent of Odium. But Ishar gains some sanity when Sveth says his next oath and Kaladin convinces Ishar to reforge the oathpact with Kaladin sent to Braise as the Taln/Single Herald trapping Odium and the Fused until the next cycle of books
  4. What if Testament is that soulcaster?
  5. “Boy likes to grandstand,” Teft said” Excerpt From Rhythm of War Brandon Sanderson This material may be protected by copyright.