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  1. Hey just signed up to the forum, finished RoW and saw some discussion on reddit and lurked here a bit over the years. I went to a book signing a few years ago and enjoyed the reading at the time (Sadly couldn't stay long enough to get anything signed.) I had locked away in the back of my mind a November-ish release date and happily checked the site a week ago, got the new novella and ordered RoW, just finished it early today. Really enjoyed it. I've read most Cosmere books - basically missing only White Sand. Of non- Cosmere stuff I have only read Skyward but will start on Starsight soon.
  2. I started with The Way of Kings in late 2016 recommended by a colleague- I think for most of us the first book will always have a special place. I then read Words of Radiance, the Mistborn ones and then caught up the rest before Oathbringer. Aside from a few obvious highlights in the main Stormlight books my favourite is the ending to Warbringer. It hasn't been a good pandemic experience so far, happy to get back to reading in general- enjoyed taking two days off at the end of last week to dedicate some time to WoR. It's interesting to think about a possible different reading experience/ starting point, knowing how some of the pieces fit together. I wouldn't change anything but if I had read Mistborn 1-3 before WoR had been released that could have made for a very interesting experience. Thank you for the welcome to the community!