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  1. She's actually the sort of person who will appreciate that distinction. Once she's done with the book, I'll have to point it out. I hadn't drawn the Elend/Napoleon connection myself. Thanks!
  2. Yes. And it just keeps getting more frustrating. She's a phenomenal sleuth. So much so I boasted to my mom about it - who doesn't read the Cosmere. And I'm glad someone else is interested in watching her progress. I love watching people discover things I like and I'm really excited once she's fully caught up to let her read over this thread. In her most recent update to me, she's drawn the connection between Kel and the mist spirit. And also misinterpreted Spook's extra powers. I corrected her when she later guessed Feruchemy and pointed out to her that he doesn't have to store power up. I'm very interested to see what she thinks of Hemalurgy.
  3. Pardon the spelling - she's listening to the audio books. She's at the end of WoA and she's determined that Sazed is the Hero of Ages. And I can't tell her how proud I am of her, because she has an entire book left. I definitely didn't catch on that quick on my first read. Looking back, the foreshadowing is all there. When did everyone else figure out who the real hero was? For me, it was somewhere midway in the third book. I figured it out before Sazed did, but not too terribly long before. Long enough that I was confused when Vin ascended and was worried that would mess things up, but not long enough that I was frustrated by NO ONE realizing the answer.
  4. Thank you all!!
  5. Thanks for the suggestions! I had planned to have her wait Era 2 until the last book was out, but the point about finding out about Kel less immediately is smart. Plus, I'm introducing my dad at the same time since they share an Audible account, and I think he'll really like Era 2.
  6. The first half of this conversation happened Tuesday. After which I had to call her and get her to give me more context as to where she was so I knew whether or not Kelsier was going to die yet. The second half is from Friday. Moments like this are priceless. I then explained to her the concept of the Sandersavalanche and encouraged her to finish The Final Empire today. It's so amusing watching her react, I thought it would be fun to share some of the best here. Now, opinion question. Should I take her straight to Stormlight next, or somehow get her a copy of Secret History before starting WOK? She read Warbreaker first, she's going to finish Era 1 next, and she's hungry for more explicit Cosmere stuff, so I'm planning Stormlight next of the major storylines. That way she'll have Era 2, Elantris, and the Arcanum Unbounded to enjoy once she's caught up on Stormlight. But I'm now debating whether it will be more fun to give her Secret History so she knows about Kelsier's cognitive shadow before reading Stormlight.
  7. And Rlain reflects that the one time he took mateform it went in a way no one expected, and he didn't see that as a positive. Since they were a society living on the edge and producing children was very important, I have wondered if this meant he took mateform and realized he's gay when he promptly swooned over every male he saw, and wasn't all that interested in the women. He entered mateform to make a child, but entering the form taught him something about himself that prevented the plans from going forward. So him and Thude would totally work with that theory.
  8. My sister is just starting reading the Cosmere books and I was explaining shards to her and she asked a question I don't know the answer to and can't find. How long can someone hold a shard before they are considered a Vessel? And how long can they hold it and still give it up (becoming a Sliver)? Can they give it up whenever? Or at some point does giving up the shard kill them? I know that holding the shard slowly changes and destroys the Vessel, so I assume as some point it is no longer possible to give it up.
  9. I was dating a huge Wheel of Time fan the year before Memory of Light was released, and they convinced me to binge the series to catch up and be able to enjoy the release. Reading WoT in a few short months left me needing something else. I didn't have any other books on the scale of WoT to put my attention to and knew a friend from college was a huge Sanderson fan, so I asked her if his other stuff would be a good next step after WoT and what his first book was (because I had heard something about a shared world and had grown up a total publication order purist). So she sent me to Elantris and it was a bit of a let-down after WoT. I told my friend who convinced me to try once more with Mistborn, which was her favorite. And now I've read all the Cosmere works multiple times and am introducing my sister to the Cosmere as well. She likes intrigue, so I started her with Warbreaker and my dad with Mistborn. Since they share an Audible account, that makes a solid foundation before I send them to Stormlight.
  10. I agree with LuckyJim. If anything, Ivory may have been like Pattern in anticipating tragedy but still believing it was important to form the bond. I'm working on a re-read of the series (because there was no other book I wanted to read after finishing RoW) and as I see the Singer/Regal/Fused relationship, I wonder if they have a parallel in any of their "brands." My guess would be an inverted compulsion from spren to Singer, but Venli makes it clear that even becoming Fused has an element of agency about it on the part of the Singer or Regal giving up their body.
  11. The point about Ishar is valid. Considering his initial power, perhaps the emulation of force came from there. I doubt his insanity is entirely to blame, since stories about him make him sound pretty influential historically as well.
  12. Now that we have seen two Bondsmiths and their respective spren form a bond, I'm curious about the stark difference between how their bond is formed and how we have seen with the other orders. In every other instance thus far, the spren has chosen the mortal (singer or human) they will bond to. Syl sought out Kal over a long time; Testament and then Pattern were each sent to Shallan; the Skybreakers are observed by Highspren who eventually choose a Radiant from among the hopefuls; Timbre won't leave Venli alone even when she tries to drive her away. The closest examples we have to less than willing spren are Wyndle and the one Kal tries to manipulate into bonding Rlain. Wyndle would have chosen a different mortal but the Ring chose Lift so he complied, but she did not seek him out. The honorspren says he's willing to give it a go bonding Rlain after being ordered, but he still considers before telling Kal he'll do it. These are all a stark difference from the Stormfather and the Sibling being bonded by Dalinar and Navani. In each of those cases, the spren is not happy about what is happening. The Stormfather resists even as Dalinar is swearing his ideal and only grudgingly accepts the words. He then lays down some very specific rules and limitations on the bond, but he clearly is unable to refuse it. Navani on the other hand spends an extended time trying to convince the Sibling to bond her, or anyone. She uses persuasion and some amount of manipulation to convince the Sibling to at least consider a bond. And at the end point, she proceeds to swear her ideal even over the protestations of the Sibling and overrules the declaration "you aren't worthy" by her own will power. I wonder if this is simply how things are now, after so long without bonds, or if the Bondsmiths always had an almost inverse relationship in the Nahel bond from their counterparts in the other orders. Brandon's list of the orders even suggests this unusual balance when it says that becoming a Bondsmith is "subject to persuading one of the spren to form a bond." Did this persuasion look similarly forceful in the past? Or is that something new for this time of war? And why would these three highly present spren (my understanding is that all three have retained a presence primarily in the physical realm for all this time) have less control over their bond than the more populous Radiant spren?
  13. This was my biggest complaint in the book. Not the relationship as a whole - just Hoid's part of it. He didn't feel like himself when he was around Jasnah. I'm re-reading the series (after a new installment in a big series, I have a hard time moving to a different author or story) right now and the emotion and banter from when Hoid welcomes Jasnah back from Shadesmar feels much more genuine.
  14. Wouldn't it be equally possible that the pairing began from humans in the cognitive realm? If a spren-human couple wanted to get physical, they could bring the human to the cognitive realm. Especially since when those sorts of pairings were most likely, there was access to surgebinding and oathgates to make the transfer reasonably accessible.
  15. I am new to the forum, and I just want to thank everyone here for the wonderful ship names. My favorite name being shakadolin. This name must be, even if the three of them won't be. Generally, I would really like to see a major lead end up single, not due to inability to find a match, but because they came to a place where they are truly complete in their own selves. That said, pairs I'd be very pleased to see include Kaladin and Leshwi, Cord and Rysn, and Lift and Gawx (I'm pretty he's had a crush on her for years, and is just waiting for her to notice him).