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  1. Wouldn't it be equally possible that the pairing began from humans in the cognitive realm? If a spren-human couple wanted to get physical, they could bring the human to the cognitive realm. Especially since when those sorts of pairings were most likely, there was access to surgebinding and oathgates to make the transfer reasonably accessible.
  2. I am new to the forum, and I just want to thank everyone here for the wonderful ship names. My favorite name being shakadolin. This name must be, even if the three of them won't be. Generally, I would really like to see a major lead end up single, not due to inability to find a match, but because they came to a place where they are truly complete in their own selves. That said, pairs I'd be very pleased to see include Kaladin and Leshwi, Cord and Rysn, and Lift and Gawx (I'm pretty he's had a crush on her for years, and is just waiting for her to notice him).
  3. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I'm a singlet and really enjoyed learning about how a system like this works. I actually worry about Shallan if she fully integrates. So much of how she's viewed the world since childhood has involved being able to take multiple divergent perspectives and apply the most appropriate in the moment. Watching how The Three worked together was very beautiful and showed the strength of a system. I'm going to miss Veil - I really liked her. But the way things wrapped up with her made it seem to me that she really existed for one major purpose and Veil herself felt she was no longer necessary and in fact, her goal of strengthening Shallan was better served by her leaving. I hope Shallan (and Radiant, until she integrates) can find other headmates (also - I love this term! this is all new to me, thanks!) who can become lasting companions for her life moving forward.
  4. I was really excited to see how well this was presented. I'd been hoping she'd be revealed as gay, but this works wonderfully too. I've read one other book with an ace POV and can recommend Banner of the Damned. Slightly different version of asexuality, but a very compelling character, in my opinion.
  5. I finished the book last night, and as I told my mom, I haven't shouted at my kindle this much in years. It's probably best that I live alone. While it's definitely a bit of a "set up" book for 5, I really enjoyed it. It wasn't as much of a page-turner as the others have been for me, but there was so much in it. My only definite suggestions/wishes would have been to pace Adolin/Maya and Shallan/Pattern a bit better. There was a lot of redundant lead up to both plots and they were both ones I cared about a lot, so I wish the lead in had been more engaging. Also, the Hoid/Jasnah romance fell flat for me. I almost never cry while reading, but I got super close a couple of times. When Venli and Eshoni were visiting their mother together and harmonizing. Knowing that Venli has to say goodbye to Eshoni is such a painful way later, I got really teary. When Maya was brought the trial I was at first excited, because I was sure she was the key - she clearly loves and respects Adolin. But watching how they treated her and Adolin not being able to go to her made me so angry and sad. And then to end it with "We. Chose!" Oh my heart. And Raboniel and Navani. Watching and seeing what amazing friends they could have been if they weren't both devious and committed to a single winner. Navani I think was desperate enough to have really committed to a compromise, but if there positions were reversed I doubt she would have been any more honest than Raboniel. Navani watching Raboniel kill her daughter and later having to kill Raboniel was so moving. This is the first of the books I've actually waited for. Previously I was semi-casually reading the entire Cosmere, but I wasn't diving deep. With the pandemic, I ended up diving into the fandom and lore this year to give myself a distraction and listened to Brandon's BYU lectures. So RoW and Dawnshard are the first ones I've read on release day as well as the biggest Cosmere connection books so far. So it was immensely satisifying to me having completed an entire Cosmere re-read this summer to have so much come up here. I mean, we've got new Shard names, overlap from the systems of Threnody, Taldain, Drominad, Sel, and Scadrial, Cosmere aware beings sharing their beyond-Roshar goals (to some extent) with local players, and just so much that was blatant and obvious even on a first read. I know Brandon tries to keep his series separate so you can read each one and enjoy it without missing something, but I feel like Stormlight is getting very close to the tipping point. I'm guessing the second half will be even more explicit in its connections than we see so far. But yes, this book had me shouting at it all week. From groans and moans of despair and sadness to shouts of glee and triumph (especially with Maya), it was a very engaging and emotional read. Loved it!
  6. Do I have to choose a favorite? I'm a LotR fan, and people ask the same question and my response is always "it's a single story, I can't separate them." But I suppose that doesn't quite fly with Sanderson. If I really think about it, the real debate for me comes down between Warbreaker or Stormlight as a series - I couldn't possibly choose a favorite of the four even though I tried. I do know my favorite novella/short story is Emperor's Soul. I really love it and was so excited to hear there's going to be a sequel!
  7. Hi! I've been reading Cosmere books for a few years now - I started with Elantris immediately after end of Wheel of Time. That was my first introduction to Brandon Sanderson and as most readers know, after binging a series that massive (I read it for the first time the summer the last book was released), you can't just go back to "normal" size stories. A friend suggested I get into the Cosmere and start with Elantris. It's been years since I've been actively involved in a fan community, but this year with everything being weird anyways and waiting for the run up to RoW, I've lurked around the forum and the wiki a bit and figured now I can come and shout on the forums instead of just at my Kindle about all my feelings.