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  1. Thanks for following me!

  2. I really like this post, it's inspiring some extremely airsick thinking on my part. What would the implications be if Shallan was a human woman whose body acts as the storage container for a spren, like Wrath from Fullmetal Alchemist? By either tragic fate or intricate design, a little girl was used to try to contain one of the Unmade. Cryptics had already left in search of new radiants, so the group watching over her with the seon-box arrange for Testament to bond with the girl, because lightweavers had been effective against the midnight mother in the past. This fails to contain the spren's influence, and her family is irreparably corrupted. Her mother sees what's happening and tries to defend her family by sacrificing her daughter, but Shallan is able to defend herself, after which she breaks her bond with testament in her grief, and things get SO much worse as there are now even less checks on the Unmade's power. Her father is driven to cold furies, her brothers start torturing small animals, gambling to poverty, and other such character flaws. Of course, here it falls apart, why does the spren not influence the sailors she hires, or jasnah, or really anyone she meets before she breaks off Formless with Veil and dampens its power again... BUT, Shallan does have a connection with the Midnight Mother, telling her "I know you"(although MM seems like a Darkweaver(tm), so that could easily explain the connection) and she can resist the urges of the Soul of the Revel (although she's radiant at this point, so..), so some sort of bond with an unmade could be giving her strength? The one thing I found in my perusal after reading your post robardin was this tidbit which could imply that her MM connection and MM's fear of lightweavers may be separate: but even that's weaksauce. It was a fun theory to type up though!
  3. Kingsdaughter613, this is beautiful, you put my disorganized notecard jumble to shame. Survive, Inspire, Unite, Change. These do sound like the four commands that spurred creation. "Inspire" chafes a little bit, from my perspective though. I'd like to suggest something indicative of initiative or individualism, something separate from the Unite command in a significant way, but not as powerful as Rebel, like how "survive' isn't the OPPOSITE of change, but it can have that implication if you see change as a form of destroying the old to make room for the new. I can't come up with anything better though, so i'm gonna subscribe to your framework as a jumping-off point.
  4. A good point, but I think the metal already in existence continues to be Raysium. I wonder if there's any reason that Taravangium would behave in a distinct way from Raysium though.
  5. Yes! The term was canonized in RoW
  6. The dawnchant is the original language of the Singers, right? If the glyphs come from the dawnchant, could their power be related to the way that the primitive stoneshapers used their magic naturally? That would contradict teknopathetic's theory, which I also really like, but how would he inject that power into Alethkar's glyph system even if he did copy/corrupt it?
  7. Moreover, unless I'm wrong, Amaram uses the name Restares in front of Kaladin, implying he suggested Amaram's actions
  8. I'll throw in Midius. Hoid went by that name in one of the unpublished books, and Ash refers to a figure she knew when she was young by that name. I think it may have come up again in RoW too. I'd theorize that this was the name Hoid used when he moved among their society.
  9. I don't feel like that's likely, though, because Gavilar was foiled by Ulim and Nale more than anyone in the Son's of Honor. He'd already acquired voidlight (I think) and anti-voidlight, and made contact with off-world scholars, whether he was aware of that or not. I have to guess that Kalak believes for whatever reason that the secret to escaping Roshar lies in manipulating the Son's of Honor to return Odium. Either he believes that something in their process would coincidentally give him what he thinks he needs - perhaps one of the anti-lights? - or he thinks that only by bringing Odium back can he escape. In that second case, Kelek must believe that whatever Odium does to escape the system might pave the way for him.
  10. If you can't find a physical copy, Amazon has the Comixology version available digitally. It's a pretty good app for reading comics, i liked the cinematic mode a lot.
  11. Honestly, I hope you get a chance to read White Sand at some point, because I think Sand Mastery might be my favorite investiture system. Specifically the way a less-powerful user can overcome a more powerful user through careful strategy and precise execution. It gives users another axis to improve along.
  12. I do really like the idea of Maintain, as Hoid's unchanging nature is allegedly due to the influence of the dawnshard he once held. It's also worth pointing out that one of the shards is "different" from the rest, could that also be "Maintain?"
  13. I'm going to stick to my Mistborn inspired framework for the purpose of this exercise, because picking out that Cultivation Changes primarily through creation and Ruin Changes primarily through destruction sets them up as a perfect pair. While Whimsy and Ambition aren't as perfect a pairing, you could see one as imposing change on the self while the other imposes change on the world. So are there any other shards that pair off in this way? I would argue that the first pair that jumps out is Valor and (Survival). Courage in battle and the wisdom to avoid battle definitely seem to fall on the same axis, and i'd compare them to Cult/Ruin in the first example. Similarly I'd pair off Autonomy with Dominion, between power over the self and power over others it fits nicely into the established Whimsey/Ambition framework above. Endowment I think pairs well to Devotion. Endowment imbues souls with power so they can fight for themselves, but Devotion (I assume) would fight directly for them, making this another internal/external pair. I don't think I can see a clear pair for Odium, so I'm going to tack it to Mercy. One is passion, the raw feeling of acting on the world from emotion. An internal version of this could perhaps be mercy? the feeling of acting on YOURSELF because of emotion? Honour is another tough one, I think we could perhaps tie it to (Sorrow) perhaps, or (Wisdom) if they exist. Invention (rather than Ingenuity) would be the essence of making something new in the world, so perhaps his partner is a shard dedicated to either making new things within the self, or else making existing things STOP existing. Okay so let's see where I stand at the end of this word vomit - Change: Ruin Ambition Cultivation Whimsy Other pairs: Endowment/Devotion (Suvival)/Valor Autonomy/Dominion Odium/Mercy? Honour/(Wisdom)??(sorrow)??? Anyone have any other pairings that work well like this? Or do you see a Command that would group any of these pairs together? I'd just keep in mind that we're looking for the four commands that shaped all of creation, starting with Change.
  14. Secretive society on Roshar guarding forgotten magicks? If they aren't Nefarious they better at least be Inscrutable.
  15. I just went through these again, and the only thing that really hopped out to me is the insistence from the unnamed ardent that the glyphs cannot be broken down. I think the secrecy of the calligrapher's guild may exist to hide that they've cracked the power of glyphs and they are much more than they seem.