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  1. I used to ship Kaladin and Shallan and a little part of me still wishes that's possible but honestly I no longer want to see them together. They have to much problems and I don't think they are in the right place to be in the relationship. And I don't like Shallan and Adolin; Adolin and Maya make so much more sense (even more than Kaladin and Syl in my opinion. I could accept Kaladin and Syl, but that would be really weird). My new ship is Kaladin and Rsyn. They are both brave, they care about people, they had their share of difficulties. I think they would understand each other.
  2. Hi

    If I must pick, I would say The Way of Kings. I'm big fantasy fan and I was in weird place because all new fantasy books I read were kind of mediocre. But then I read Mistborn trilogy and my mind was blown. So naturally I looked up other Sanderson books. To be honest, I didn't expect much, since some authors become predictable or use the same magic system but Elantris and Warbreaker were different from Mistborn. And then, just before reading WoK, I learned about Cosmere so when I started reading I knew that I could expect something really good and I was not disappointed. Also, I really like big books. Plus, since english is not my first language, some english fantasy books are sometimes really annoying with (pretentious) writing style, for example I have filling that some writers use more complicated sentences and words to describe epic or medieval worlds and Sanderson doesn't do that. He can so masterfully describe magic and different worlds using simple language. And I noticed that reading WoK. Hmm that's really hard question because my thoughts about characters sometimes change with rereads. That being said, I really liked Vivenna and Nightblood so I was excited to see them in SA. I hope we will see more of them. Also, I didn't like Rsyn interludes in the beginning but she changed as a character and I started to really like her (and I appreciate the character she was in the beginning). After Dawnshard, I'm more sure than ever that she is one of my favorites.
  3. I always liked Rysn interludes so I really enjoyed this book but the most exciting thing for my little archaeological heart was the fact that there are archaeologist on Roshar!!!
  4. Hi

    Hello. After months of just reading this forum I finally decided to sign up. The first Sanderson book that I read was Mistborn and I completely fell in love. Although I read almost everything Cosmere related (I didn't read White sand) I'm in awe of all of you who know so much facts about different characters, planets and magic systems. The main reason I decided to join is RoW release and the sad fact that I don't know anyone who read the book, so I can't share my thoughts and emotions with people I know Also, I apologise for my english, I usually use it when I'm reading or listening books and watching films so I don't have much experience in writing it.
  5. Hi everyone, I sign up because I have an idea forming in my mind, but I'm not sure if there are some facts that would prove me wrong. Is there possibility that Testament is the Helarans blade? If he did something to influence Shallan to break her oaths, so he could get the blade?