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  1. Something that seems to be overlooked in this thread is that mental illnesses can vary like crazy, not just in intensity but also how they manifest. The way Shallan’s mental illness and trauma manifest are not going to always fit the bill for what other people may have experienced with MPD, but largely I think she’s, if anything, a little stereotypical in that respect. Threads like this just call to light the intolerance that people have for severe mental illness and tbh I think it’s a little disappointing.
  2. thanks so much for the warm welcome everyone! it's sooooo hard to choose but if I absolutely had to I'd probably choose Warbreaker -- still holding out on that ~eventual~ sequel, but apprehensive to see how a sequel would play out now that we're getting so much new Nightblood info in the Stormlight Archive books~ runner-up favorite would have to be WoR, Shallan is my favorite Radiant so I loved it! to be honest I haven't even attempted to explore any non-cosmere Sanderson; I still have so many cosmere books to read it might take me awhile. I love his writing in general, but chasing the mysteries of the cosmere has me hooked! I do really like the Cradle series by Will Wight and have been reading those books as they've come out though~ lol thank you for the spoiler heads up!! I'm only on part 2 now so I'll hold off on that~
  3. literally just don’t know how it took so long I’ve read the Mistborn books, Elantris, and Warbreaker — am working on RoW but otherwise all of the Stormlight Archive. obsessed with this obsession, can’t wait to theorize with y’all!