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  1. I meant a Fullborn. I know the topic was Mistborn V. Radiant, but I think that's pretty pointless because a Radiant will definitely win in most situations. I think a Fullborn would of course win with sufficient preparation, but it's not a guaranteed thing. I think the outcome would depend on a ton of variables, the main one being availability of investiture.
  2. No, Hoid specifically mentioned himself by name when he wrote it. There's a scene where Jasnah is concerned that Odium will strike at him when he's forced to set a time for their contest of champions, so he tells her he will add a part that protects him from that.
  3. Is Hoid aware that you can combine investiture? Has he done it before? (probably RAFO) Could a Spren pulled into the physical by Ishar have a Nahel bond with another Spren? Are the Herald killing daggers using Feruchemy? Is the Microkinesis he mentions in the Ars Arcanum the atom splitting version he originally wrote into Dragonsteel, or is it a weaker version of that?
  4. I don't think it's meant for storage. Burning Nicrosil allows an Alloymancer to draw all the investiture from someone they touch. I think the Nicrosil draws the investiture out, into the Raysium, which rapidly conducts all of the investiture to/from the stabee.
  5. A thought I just had, in the preview for the Sixth of Dusk sequel:
  6. I was partially thinking of a Practical Guide to Evil when I was picturing the setting. The Samurai in Stray Cat Strut gain their abilities that way. I feel like I've read other stories with something like that in them.
  7. It's a combination of things, Hoid said there was only one person on Roshar as old as he is in a previous book, which one would assume is Cultivation because they're both pre-shattering beings. He also said that there's one dragon on Roshar. Brandon said that he was talking about the same person each time. Also during Todium's PoV he noted that she was hiding a true form.
  8. Something I haven't really seen anyone talk about: Was Tanavast a dragon? If Cultivation is a dragon then it would make sense that he was one too, but we haven't heard anything about that. Though If he was just a human that married a dragon then he must have been one impressive specimen.
  9. The best alternate theory I've heard is that Tanavast was a title. Like head of House Avast, or The Avast, or maybe even consort to Avast. Then either it was added to her name when she married into his house, or she was already named that and he went by his title.
  10. WoB says Cultivation fought Odium alongside Honor.
  11. So I agree with you, but when I said this in another thread the argument they used was that Raboniel said the metal was just decorative, and that it doesn't affect the functionality. I think she was either lying about that, or she just doesn't understand the purpose of Nicrosil. It makes sense that the Nicrosil would be used to draw out the investiture, and the Raysium conducts it to the gem.
  12. Chapter 48 of Words of Radiance, Shallan tries to sell her necklace that is made of Aluminum to a store clerk and he tells her it isn't worth anything because it can only be made through Soulcasting. Idk if Brandon was saying not to trust that the necklace is Aluminum, because it pretty clearly is, or if he meant don't take the word of some store clerk. Either way, the dude thinks it's aluminum and he says that you can bring it into existence by soulcasting. It sounds like Brandon just meant that it wasn't exclusive to soulcasting.
  13. I guess the Iriali could have come from Sel sometime after all the other humans came from Ashyn. Them being linked makes sense to me. I still think Aluminum occurs naturally on Roshar. I'd say it doesn't effect the Invested life because like here, you can't just mine it naturally, it's bound to other elements as aluminum oxide. Being mixed with something seems to have a big impact on the Spiritual nature of a material. Bronze is just tin and copper yet it acts like it's own thing.
  14. Garnet is one of the Ten Polestones and it contains Aluminum, so it is present. Or at least it is in red Garnets, which I assume is what they mean, because it's associated with the essence of Blood. The ancient Radiants lined the walls of the bottom tunnels of Urithiru in Aluminum. That's a lot of Aluminum. I doubt they were importing that much metal from offworld when Aluminum is probably very abundant in the environment. Also Aluminum isn't rare on earth, it's the most abundant metal in the Earth's crust, it just has to be extracted from other stuff first.
  15. Hmm I still think a full Mistborn would have a pretty good chance in those situations. In the infinite scenario they could use the Atium to make a plan to contain the Radiant rather than kill them. And Nicrosil seems like it's made for fighting Radiants. I think even without Atium a Mistborn with a plan could do pretty well.