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  1. I read that as him loosing the possibility of Kaladin as his champion. I think Moash was mostly meant as a tool to get Kaladin. The only explanation for his blindness I could think of, was that his spiritual ideal was changed significantly enough to prevent stormlight from healing him. No idea if the reason for that is magical or psychological, but both would be possible I think.
  2. It would make sense to appear as something more familiar to the people on Roshar. Appearing as a dragon would probably just freak them out. But would Cult being a dragon mean Tanavast was one as well, or was that some kind of inter-species relationship?
  3. So far only Skyward and Starsight, but i really enjoyed both so definitely looking forward to the next Cytoverse entry. One of these days I'll get around to the Reckoners too... I'm very much a Truthwatcher, but I think Lightweaver and Willshaper were both pretty close when I did the quiz
  4. Probaboy either WoR or FE, RoW might be up there but I need to let that sink in for a while. But usually it's just whichever one i've read most recently
  5. Hey guys, I started reading the Cosmere around the time of OB being released, and have read it all several times over since. With this being my first major Cosmere release since being a full on Cosmerenaut myself I wanted to take part in the conversations around here and dive into some theories.