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  1. Rythm of war was supposed to be willshapers' book. But, as it turned out, venli as a character was quite underwhelming. Rythm of war is actually Navani's book, with venli as one of the side characters.. But, I have this feeling that willshaper magic... Is it really that awesome?? What is the magic again? Shaping stone? So, the whole aim of willshapers' is to build fancy houses? Is willshaping a totally non-warrior magic? Or is it just a defensive branch of magic, where the best that can be done is raise big walls against enemies? If there was a warrior willshaper, how would she/he use willshaping during war? Others attack by shards, and they deflect it by stone grown suddenly as a blade? What do you think guys? Will it be awesome? Or will it just remain a plot point where cities were built using willshapers', and then that's it? How can you use willshaping during war?
  2. Am I the only one who absolutely loves Cadsuane? She is my fav character. I am sorry guys, but she is awesome!!!!! And badass!!! Moraine is okay, but boring.. Mat is cool and his superpower is so whimsy ("wink wink"), it's awesome. Also, I have a special place for Tuon. I absolutely hate Rand.. Am I crazy??
  3. I am an atheist.. so, I guess my perspective would be helpful, or atleast share a different viewpoint.. ( I would try my best not to offend anyone and if I yet ended up doing, I accept my faults) Does evolution exist? If no, then everything is god made. If yes, then how did human evolve? From other organisms? Is religion man made? Is the concept of God man-made? This is probably too radical a view point to take in this discussion but we have to start here. Now, please see for yourself. In Brandon's universe, God exists. And, we know that this god (Adonalsium) created this universe. Now, look where he is taking this universe. This god was broken into 16 pieces. How can you break a god into 16 pieces? Which human religion allows that to happen? Isn't that heretic in itself? Breaking god? Broken parts were taken by human beings. So, human b came gods. Multiple god's. Isn't that heretic from a point of view of many religions of Earth which profess the existence of a single god? Now, there exist beings like Hoid, who by virtue of something, have become virtually immortal. Hoid is atleast as old as the 16 new god's. So, what should he be considered? Another god by the definitions we create for our world? What I am trying to say is, by creating this imaginary world and exploring the god, while being human is totally a theoretical exploration. The way it has been done is heretic in every sense of religions that exist in our world. So, should we impose our world religion in an author's imaginary world and ask him to not do somethings? Sometimes, I question the meaning of open minded. I question the meaning of debate. Isn't the whole meaning of debate or a discussion is to understand and experience those that is uncomfortable and goes against our views? Isn't it that opposition makes our beliefs stronger, and not weaker? Because, suppose Brandon is taking Renarin to the conclusion of being an everything. That is his take, in his imaginary world. There are so many logical steps that he would have to explain religiously to even attempt that, that an attempt in itself would be a thing of wonder. Even if it fails spectacularly, atleast he would have asked everyone to think this way. What I actually think will happen? Renarin is not going to be the be all, end all of Brandon's universe. Because, thematically, it is too similar to what he has already done with Sazed.
  4. Adolin's arc is not even half done. In a world of morally grey characters, what a treat to have a whiter than white, oh-so-gud-I-hate-him character. Also, Brandon didn't want to be a GRRM type writer, killing all gud guys and left with only morally grey knes. So, Adolin only fits too well to survive book 5. Hurray!! Now, I want to see Adolin and Shallan going to different planets, living their honeymoon and then, once they have the baby (a girl, mind you), Adolin will settle, like the gud father that he is, and will become the king and rule his kingdom.. happily ever after!!!! (Tears of joy!!)
  5. 1- Kaladin - Ishar's experiments will go so far ahead, he will be able to bring spren to physical realm more permanently without damage. Syl will become human. Kaladin, having already lost his mother and father Infront of him, and having spoken 5 th oath, will die protecting syl and she will become one of the main characters in book 5 onwards. And, finally he will have one satisfaction, that he dies, where others live. 2- Dalinar- He will die twice in the book. Once, after the first battle with Todium, and then, having turned fused, second time by the hands of Adolin. The second death as fused will mark his character conclusion in Stormlight Archive and will become free to roam about in Cosmere doing Todium's work (while also believing on his views for atleast 50% of times) 3- Kalak - He will figure out the way to get the physical body and leave Roshar. He will help get to Ba-Ado- Mishram and then, just when he will be about to reach his goal, he will be killed by Mraize, who will then reveal that he is a sleepless and will send the info of CS leaving planets to Kelsier, starting the next phase of Cosmere. 4- Kaladin's Parents- Moash will kill both. Infront of Kaladin. And then he will leave the scene. He will not kill Kaladin's little brother because he respects Kaladin the most in the world. 5- Adolin's and Dalinar's Ryshadium- Seeing Brandon's trend of killing horses in the major ending books, Adolin's Ryshadium will die, while showing the faith he had never shown even to Dalinar and protecting Adolin's life. 6- Ishar - Will get killed by Szeth, just after being lucid and feeling guilt of what he has done. My predictions!!!!
  6. I have the sneaking feeling that Autonomy will turn out to be the good shard in the endgame. We all just look at what autonomy is doing throughout the Cosmere.. but we don't know it's intentions. And, yet we all assume that it's going to be bad. One question: Why do we want to remain autonomous? Because, we want to remain free. Against whom? The one who wants to rule over us. In that case, who is the good guy and who is the bad one? Brandon is spinning this real nice. But, autonomy may be the shard that turns out to be the real saviour. So who is the villain? Humans. The technological advancements and magical understanding will reach to a level, where they would all want to become god to gain infinite powers to rule Cosmere. And so, they would start an attack on all shards, either destroying them, or using them as natural resources. What do you think guys? Kolo???
  7. Hey everyone!!! Was just listening to Nightblood shardcast and Ian made a point that, Brandon always intended for Nightblood to come from another planet. Also, it was mentioned in the shardcast that stormlight Archive was first in Brandon's mind, and then came the Warbreaker. Do you think that Brandon devised the method to kill Rayse, then made sure to place it somewhere other than Roshar, so that Rayse/Odium could not be threated or trace it to cultivation, then, the existence of 5 returned scholars came into his mind, who would be invested, but would go to Roshar, watch the shard blades, and would come back to copy it. The problem was to bring Nightblood to Roshar. Now, returned need continuous supply of investiture to survive, and what better place to come to than Roshar to survive. So, magic system of warbreaker was devised to make sure that a requirement remained for more investiture. Cultivation may have communicated with endowment, and Nightblood was made. Events happened, and eventually, Nightblood found its way to Roshar through Vasher. So, while cultivation may have initiated the plan to improve odium by killing it's vessel by forming a weapon that can do it, she initiated the next plan to attract Odium by giving the boon to Taravangium. And then, after cultivating these, she just watched the fruits of her labour. And lo, Rayse was killed and Taravangium is the new Odium!! Her one goal achieved. And while we think it's all she has planned, Taravangium is much more crafty and unpredictable than Rayse ever could. Now, it's pretty damn difficult to manipulate Odium. I refuse to believe that Cultivation did not see this. She must have seen it as an opportunity to initiate was and bring about changes in Cosmere in a way Rayse/Odium never could. What do you think guys?? Possible???
  8. We know that Endowment's vessel is a Dragon, and after RoW, it's almost certain that Cultivation's vessel is a dragon too. Don't you guys think it too neat that a weapon of massive power gets created in one planet, ends up in another, and is then used by a shard to fulfil her plans in the new planet? Could it be that cultivation hinted to endowment about helping create such a dangerous weapon, that could be used to kill the shard vessels? We know how far cultivation can see and how well she can predict how events can play out. We know that odium killed her husband, and even before that, came to Roshar to destroy the shards there. Could it be Cultivation's way of getting revenge? Plot for a plan so far ahead in time, that Odium could never predict it? If this is true (total seculation), could it be that being dragons has got anything to do with this possible affinity? Can dragons in Cosmere communicate with each other over far distances or being shards of Adonalsium help being able to know events of distant places? I can't help but feel that, there has been some kind of truce and affinity between endowment and cultivation. What do you think guys? Could creating Nightblood be another one of Cultivation's crazy plans (through Endowment)? Have I gone totally crazy with this one, or you guys think it is possible? Would love to know what you think..
  9. The problem I have for Lift being Cultivation's heir as in succeeding her in becoming a vessel of the shard is that, a shards vessel becomes too limited a character. That vessel cannot be at a forefront as doing a lot of things. As a manipulator, the vessel and shard is good. But, as a character in a story, they can almost never be at a forefront. Lift if too good a character to just let go like that. She if funny, awesome, goes to places where she is not supposed to go, she has such an out of ordinary gift from cultivation of not changing even when everything around her changes.. and Brandon has said that he is grooming her for bigger things in future books. She is also weird in that she can convert food into lifelight!! So, spurn such a character to be a shard? No. That is too obvious. One story that looks possible is when there exists no other magic, her use of lifelight can act as a contingency. Also, the fact that she does not need an external source of investiture for her magic.. wow.. it would be so easy for her to go to other planets and do all kind of stuff if only it could be figured out about how the spren could leave Roshar.. if that happens, suddenly, Lift becomes such a potent power in Cosmere.. And then, she has this weird way of finding out what's the truth and which side is right. Read her parts and despite her being so young, she understands the situation so quick.. and finds the right side, and then fight for it.. hell, she sorts out situations so quick.. find solutions and a the time, she is awesome!! This can lead to her being in direct opposition of all our expectations, and when all of us think, the story is going to one way, she may find out the truth and support the other side.. there are so many possibilities with her character.. That's why, I thing just grooming her as a potential next cultivation vessel is a bit wasteful. But then again, Brandon already has the story in his mind. I am just excited to see how he uses Lift in this magical tapestry that is Stormlight Archive and Cosmere.
  10. Design!! It has to be her!!! 
  11. Wait!! That evil lair he is building!! I think, that's where it is going to be. Protected by the most evil of villains in the evillest Lair!!!
  12. The difference between a hero and a villain is often, perspective. Roam about in human history and u would find, often, that some of the greatest "villains" had the most inspiring characters. They were honest, hard working, devoted, disciplined and inspired faith and belief in people around them. They became villains because of their ideologies and the side that wrote the history that we read. Reading a novel allows us to understand the other perspective. Something, which is absolutely hated by most rulers and people in power. Because, if u understand the other side, how would u hate them? But novels allow us to do it. And so, we often have favourite characters. They may be bad. They may be good. Depending on circumstances, they may be wretched and they may be heroic. And we cry for them and cheer for them. Is Kelsier a hero?? Is he a villain?? One thing is sure. He has already found a goal worth achieving that he thinks is good. Now, all the people who have a different perspective can be damned. If this makes him a villain, he is a villain. If this makes him a hero, he is a hero. But, he is damned INTERESTING.
  13. Kelsier is the ultimate con man. That is what he does. That is what gives him most fun. He conned Lord Ruler while he was a mere mortal. He conned Ruin while he was just a novice cognitive shadow. Now, he has had 300 years of getting used to the whole of cosmere, understand the powers that exist, the limit of his own condition and possibilities that comes with. So, who does he con next? He did a number on one shard and soon found out there were 16 in all in cosmere. I predict that he started by planning to take on all of them. It would have given him great satisfaction to know that this challenge was worthy of him. To con not one God, but all of them. But then, despite being infinite powers, shards in cosmere have limits. They are bound by there intent. I think, Kelsier would probably get bored by this task soon because while it is big enough, it is not ingenuous enough. It becomes a kind of repitition. But, trying to manipulate everything like he is trying to in cosmere, he must have come to understand that there is one more person who is manipulating everything in the cosmere. Someone, who is playing gods like a flute and changing the direction of cosmere events as he likes. Hoid. So, here is the prediction. I think, Kelsier will try to con the ultimate con artist. And that will be one of the endgames of cosmere. Kelsier v/s Hoid. Hoid is Brandon's favourite character because he is crazy enough, brilliant enough, good enough, but ruthless enough to do what is ryt. And, that is what will satisfy Kelsier. To con the ultimate con artist. To con Hoid.
  14. Yep, my mistake. Was thinking Autonomy and writing Ambition..
  15. I just listened to shardcast about Taravangium and I have a theory about cultivation and her plans. I am sorry if it has been discussed before, but I could not find out any similar theories. After RoW, it's clear that something is going on in the background in cosmere related to shards. We also know, Autonomy has been seeding herself in different planets. And, Odium has been destroying shards. As Gatorgirl theorised in the shardcast, Autonomy may be the brains of the operation and odium the muscle. So, here is my theory:- Autonomy and Odium worked together to destroy shards who could be a threat to them. Odium came to Roshar, and even if he got bound in the system, he was able to splinter the shard of Honour. Vessels of cultivation and Honour were romantically linked. So, Cultivation entered the game, and wants to take revenge from this group of shards, not just personally, but at the cosmere level, by negating all their plans. And she is doing so by being the master manipulator that her shard allows her to be. She understood Rayse, and so, she knew of the problem between the vessel and shard of Odium. So, she seeded Dalinar to foil the plans of Rayse and destabilise him so that, he could be easy picking. She seeded Taravangium with passion and intellect, so the shard of Odium noticed him, and in the resulting conflict, where Rayse-Odium was already desperate, Taravangium killed Rayse and became the new Odium. So, cultivation got her revenge on one level. But on a different level, she is also fed up with what is going on in the cosmere and how, Autonomy wants to reign supreme. So, in one play, she changed the predictable Rayse with totally unpredictable Taravangium. All the shards knew and understood Rayse, but only Cultivation understands Taravangium. So, while all of us 17th shard people think Taravangium has tricked cultivation, may be, she actually accepts the unpredictability, and wants that from Todium. And in one play, she has also taken away the biggest weapon of Autonomy away from her. Now, while cultivation cannot control, predict or manipulate Taravangium, absolutely no other shard can too, including Autonomy. And so, now, she has cultivated Todium to be her weapon for the cosmere. We know that something is going on in the background in Cosmere related to shards. Cultivation's actions just blew away all those plans of other manipulators. And cultivation is playing a game only she can play, that of cultivating things to reach a goal she wants to achieve, even when the path to that remains unknown. But, here comes her third plan. As Roshar grows in significance, and becomes the hub of cosmere that affects everything, all other shards will focus here and will try to stop both cultivation and odium. And they will do this by sending their agents. Roshar is all powerful because of its investiture and how freely it is available. That goes for stormlight, and now, as Odium almost surely becomes native to Roshar, so will be voidlight. So, what better way destroy the power of Roshar than to cut the connection of stormlight and voidlight from human and singers? There will come a time in future where other shards will work together to make magic disappear from Roshar. And so, the contingency plan is Lift. I don't think she is being groomed to take over cultivation. It is too repititive. I think, Lift is Cultivation's contingency plan for the absolute worst condition. So, in short, in one step, cultivation destabilised Odium. In second step, she replaced vessel of Odium with a much more crafty vessel, thus flipping all plans of her opponents, and in third step, she has planned for absolute worst. Cultivation's three plans. She might have more plans which we don't know now, but with present information, this is my theory..