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  1. I'm probably way overthinking this but did we ever find out why Shallan felt her "mother's soul" in her father's safe? I know the Testament-blade was locked in there, but that shouldn't be her mother's soul that she feels. Unless I'm missing something. That scene makes me think of the gemstone knife that you can use to trap Heralds' souls. So I had the crazy thought that Shallan's mother was a Herald and somehow she actually trapped her mother's soul. Her mother being a Herald would explain why the cryptics are willing to bond her twice. It's a WoB (well, technically a Word of Peter) that Chanaranach has been seen onscreen in the first two books: We also don't know anything about the location of Vedel. So that's two female Heralds, one of which we know has been seen in the books, with their locations unaccounted for. The one thing that gives me pause is I would assume her soul would eventually evaporate like Jezrien's did, and then Kelek should know that another Herald has entered the Beyond. But I wanted to throw this theory out there to get the community's thoughts. I'm well prepared to be totally shot down if I'm forgetting some detail that disproves this... EDIT: Sanderson on his 12/17 live stream confirmed Heralds CAN procreate, although "not necessarily in the traditional way."
  2. It's explained that she is trying to find a way to create the explosion that killed the ardents. Navani knows her best hope is to conceal her true purpose behind other research. In the end the explosion doesn't end up killing Raboniel but it was the best plan she had. The alternative was to do nothing while the Fused slowly found and destroyed each node. Plus Navani is realizing throughout the book that she is in fact a scholar at heart and the pure joy of learning is hard to give up. I don't understand why so many people are accusing her of being stupid. Her internal and external motivations for helping Raboniel are sensible.
  3. Ooh I like that theory. When the Reod happened, any Seon that was Connected to an Elantrian became something very similar to a deadeye. My question is why did BAM's imprisonment cause something similar to the Reod among surgebinders? Did the humans experience any effects or just the spren?
  4. Wow just finished the book and WHAT A TWIST! Tyler Durden and Shallan were the same person the whole time?? Sanderson does it again!
  5. Reposting what I said in the other live stream thread.
  6. I think he means like how copper ferrings can store memories but other ferrings can't access those memories. Memories are keyed to your Identity. They can be destroyed but not stolen.
  7. Yeah Ba-Ado-Mishram's imprisonment must have caused an effect similar to the Reod. The Reod caused Elantrians to lose access to Investiture after transforming. So I'm thinking the same thing happened when BAM was imprisoned. Now spren that have their bonds broken somehow lose access to Investiture and since they are literally pieces of Investiture they become deadeyes. Maya might be starting to come back a little because her Connection to Adolin is giving back some of that access to Investiture. Kind of like drawing the chasm line restored the Aon Rao, establishing some semblance of a bond starts to restore deadeyes. Kind of a half baked theory on my part but it makes sense. Only thing I don't understand is why a spren of Odium would have such a large Connection to all spren on Roshar, but I suppose Odium's Connection to Roshar may have become as strong as Honor's and Cultivation's after living there long enough. So why are all the deadeyes congregating near Lasting Integrity? I'm guessing the trial has nothing to do with it. I think they can sense Maya's access to Investiture coming back and they're drawn to it. If BAM is released all of the deadeyes will be fully restored. Perhaps we will see the end of Shardblades that can be used by anyone on Roshar?
  8. Maybe in the spiritual realm you can carry the spirts of items across vast distances in no time at all? In the cognitive realm that doesn't work but in the spiritual realm I suppose it could. It's possible Dalinar put them there when he gave Kaldin the vision, perhaps without even knowing he was doing it. Has it ever been revealed exactly how the oathgates work? I know there are spen that are connected to them but I would think there's a spiritual aspect to transporting physical bodies across the planet instantaneously. Might be something similar going on there.
  9. I asked if Heralds can procreate and Sanderson said yes but not necessarily in the traditional way. Any descendants of Heralds that we've met? And what does non-traditional procreation look like?
  10. Sanderson answered my question on his current live stream! I asked him if Heralds can procreate. He said "yes, not necessarily in the traditional way but yes they can procreate." So that means this theory is at least potentially valid.
  11. Hmm that's an interesting theory. I think RoW sets up that the voidspren had to find a way around the Oathpact breaking because Taln wouldn't break, so they manipulated the listeners instead. But it's possible.
  12. Szeth didn't, Nightblood did. The implication is that Nightblood is so powerful it appears in the spiritual realm. Presumably much like you can touch souls in the cognitive realm without affecting them in the physical realm, you can do the same in the spiritual realm. Szeth doesn't know it's happening.
  13. If Sanderson does a Reddit AMA again and I have a chance to ask him something, this will be my question! I don't think this is possible, Liss is described as having dark hair and a plump figure. Chana has red hair and looks thin. There's definitely more to this story that we're missing. There hasn't been a ton of info on Shallan's mother revealed yet. As far as I can remember we don't even know her first name and I feel like there's a reason for that. Shallan also says near the end of RoW that there are still parts of her memory that don't make sense. Some part of her past is still waiting to be revealed. Maybe what Ookla said is correct, Chana would have a mental illness tied to "obedience." Perhaps she became obedient to Nale or one of his acolytes, to the point that she was willing to kill her own daughter to do what he wanted. I also don't think Nale would really care if Chana's soul was trapped. And if Chana is not Shallan's mother, I wonder which character that we've seen she could be?
  14. Yeah I was going to mention that, if you look at her painting in the back of RoW: That is exactly how I imagine Shallan to look.
  15. Man, having finished the book just this morning I am really surprised to come here and see so much negative feedback. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but this for me was far and away the best book of the entire cosmere, which is no slight against the other books. When you say "nothing happened" that is just flat out untrue. Let's count all the incredible scenes and revelations (this will be out of order, just writing them down as they come to me) 1) Raboniel is a PERFECT villain. Her interactions with Navani were my favorite part of the book. The revelation of her true goal was absolutely heartbreaking and handled in just the right way. It was nice to see her act as both Navani's best friend and worst enemy. The tragedy is they were working for different sides or who knows what other discoveries they would have made together? 2) I also really liked the Persuer as a kind of a foil for Raboniel. In a lesser novel he would have been the main villain but Sanderson knows he acts better as a contrast for a villain with real emotions and intelligence. Kaladin embarrassing him in part 5 was one of my favorite sections. 3) Navani is finally thrust into a central role and kills it. Her arc starts right from the prologue with her abusive husband convincing her she is worthless, and at the end of the novel she finally realizes she is a good scholar. Sanderson perfectly captures how low self-esteem can make you ignore all evidence that you are capable. 4) So many revelations about the science behind Light and Investiture as a whole. I'm a scientist at heart so I loved every part of those sections. I suppose if you don't like science or don't care about the cosmere at large these parts would have bored you. For me they were great. 5) I loved the focus on heroes overcoming their mental illnesses. I already mentioned Navani, but then obviously you have Kaladin, Shallan, Dabbid, Teft... Sanderson understands that his readers come for the magic but stay for the character growth. This was easily his best book yet in that regard. 6) How about Adolin standing his ground against 30 and Maya saving him just in time because he never gave up on her? This was my favorite scene in the series yet. The best movies and novels use setup and payoff. The set up is Adolin bringing Maya into his training exercises and as a result the pay off of that scene is uplifting. 7) All the wider cosmere elements were great. Again, if you don't care about the cosmere as a whole I can understand why you wouldn't have liked these parts. For those of us that have read the whole cosmere and love the tie-ins this was the best book so far. Shallan sending a message to Kelsier that Hoid would "slap him up again" had me rolling. We saw a reference to the Ire again and of course the seon. Another epigraph featuring Sazed. Aviars. Feruchemists. References to Cultivation's vessel being a dragon. Hoid constantly making accidental references to animals that don't exist on Roshar. I mean come on, all of this stuff was great. 8) Moash realizing that he can't fully become Vyre as long as he has a tie to Kaladin. The subtlety of that one interlude where he goes from being Vyre to Moash when talking about Kaladin. 9) Everything about Taravangian becoming Odium. Just everything. 10) The climax of Adolin's trial with Maya revealing the Recreance was not just the decision of the humans. There's at least 10 other things I could write if I kept thinking about it. But my overarching point is that Sanderson has given us such a wonderful universe to dig into. The characters, the world, the magic system, the wider universe, everything comes together so beautifully in this novel that I'm shocked any cosmere fans didn't like it.
  16. I for one loved this book. Finally finished it at 4AM this morning (which is the time I tend to finish cosmere books, after deciding a full night of sleep isn't worth it). The plot twists unfortunately didn't really do it for me because two of them (Kelsier as Thaidakar, Shallan's persona killing Ialai) were figured out by the community, and Taravangian becoming Odium was spoiled for me in the coppermind article on the Shards/vessels. I loved how this book delved so far into the science of Investiture. Sanderson has clearly planned this out to literally microscopic levels so Navani and Raboniel's interactions were possibly my favorite part of the whole novel. Adolin's stand against 30 is my new favorite scene of the entire cosmere. This book's Sanderlanche is also my new favorite. I'll be curious to see how the next book is paced. It's only 10 days until Dalinar fights what I would assume to be El. I can't imagine the whole book will take place over just 10 days so I'm guessing that showdown will come at the end of part 2. My personal prediction is that El will use the anti-Stormlight dagger to kill the Stormfather, but Dalinar will get a hold of Ishnar's Honorblade so he can use his powers to create a new storm by opening a massive perpendicularly.
  17. I was unfortunately spoiled on this plot point by the coppermind wiki. When I read the Sazed epigraphs that named the new Shards, I went to the vessel list on coppermind to see if they had been mentioned before. I happened to see next to Odium that Taravangian was the vessel. So that was pretty disappointing for me, that scene would have been a lot more impactful if I didn't know it was coming. Kind of frustrating that the wiki puts a massive spoiler like that on an otherwise innocuous page...
  18. I'm 28 years old. When I was younger I used to read all the time. It was my main hobby as a child and adolescent. But with the advent of the internet and streaming services I kind of just stopped reading for the last decade or so. I think I read a total of 3 books over that time. So back in March of this year when it settled in that we'd be in quarantine for a while I decided to try reading again. I had never been much of a fantasy reader but I remembered reading the LotR books as a teenager and enjoying them so I thought it was the right genre to get me started. I went into Barnes and Noble and just perused the fantasy section. I saw the cover of Way of Kings, thought it looked interesting enough and I saw it had very good reviews on Amazon. Little did I know I had just set myself on a path of rekindling my old passion. So of course I'm immediately floored by how good the writing and the world building is. I finish the whole thing in a week (which in the context of my busy life is lightning speed) and I'm like who the hell is Brandon Sanderson? I do a little research and realize I've just accidentally stumbled into a vast interconnected universe which is exactly what I need to get through the quarantine. Fast forward 8 months, I've finally caught myself up on the entire cosmere collection. I've also preordered several books from John Gwynne and I plan on making my way through the Wheel of Time after that. Anyways, that's my mundane story of how the Cosmere has made me a passionate reader again! Reading this forum after I finished each book was a delight. Now that I'm fully caught up I can hopefully discuss the new releases with you all as they happen.
  19. This is why Kaladin's slave brand doesn't heal, right? He still sees himself as a slave. If Rysn became a Radiant a few years after Dawnshard I bet she would remain paraplegic too, once it's settled in as part of her Identity.
  20. What if that's the point, though? I like the theory that Adonalsium allowed the shattering to happen. What if he realized a being like himself, full of contradictions, could not create a varied enough universe? Maybe he allowed the group of 16 use the Dawnshards to shatter him and take up the shards, and told them as a condition they must spread to different worlds (a condition some of them obviously ignored). I don't know how someone besides Ado could have used a Dawnshard without his allowance considering it takes the power of a deity to wield them. And as far as we know the beings that shattered him were not deities at the time of the shattering. What if the "different" Dawnshard (per WoB) was Hoid? Ado secretly gave him a Command to make sure his postmortem will was enacted, so now Hoid wanders the universe to ensure worlds with multiple shards are kept safe. I'm newer to the cosmere so if there's a WoB that contradicts anything I've said let me know.
  21. This is an impossible question haha. It depends on how I interpret the question. Weirdly enough, the first one that comes to mind is Ruin. The one line from the whole cosmere that sticks with me is when Ruin says something to the effect of "I was trapped for 1000 years. But 1000 years isn't a long time. Not long at all." I felt a chill in my bones reading that. Brandon knows how to write a good villainous god. Dalinar's vision of Odium might be my favorite scene in the whole cosmere for similar reasons. He makes the reader understand how terribly vast a being like that would be. Under the normal interpretation of favorite character I'd go with Kaladin. Not exactly thinking outside the box with that one but how can you not root for him? Other names that come to mind are Vin and Lightsong.
  22. Since I've read the entire cosmere collection over just this past year, I really enjoyed the little connections in Dawnshard. 1) So it seems like aluminum has the ability to block or inhibit all forms of investiture. Unless I'm forgetting something I don't think that was made clear until now. I feel like aluminum will eventually be the key to all the magical systems transitioning to futurist worlds. We already see the beginnings of that with storing Identity on Scadrial and now on Roshar using aluminum to upgrade existing technology. The possibilities there seem endless. 2) I like the little call back to Rock being proficient with a bow and arrow in Way of Kings. It was never explained, but now we know he was likely trained to shoot the Bow of Hours. Not important in the grand scheme of things but I love how Brandon Sanderson has the most minute details worked out well in advance. 3) The tones/buzzing of the Sleepless is clearly reminiscent of the parshendi rhythms. And I can't help but wonder if that even ties into the rhythmic pulses Vin hears from the Well of Ascension? A possibly cosmere connection there, or just coincidence? Like somehow in the spiritual realm there are waves of investiture or something like that, and certain invested beings can read them? I'm fairly new to the cosmere so apologies if I'm misinterpreting or forgetting something here.