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  1. It's explained that she is trying to find a way to create the explosion that killed the ardents. Navani knows her best hope is to conceal her true purpose behind other research. In the end the explosion doesn't end up killing Raboniel but it was the best plan she had. The alternative was to do nothing while the Fused slowly found and destroyed each node. Plus Navani is realizing throughout the book that she is in fact a scholar at heart and the pure joy of learning is hard to give up. I don't understand why so many people are accusing her of being stupid. Her internal and external motivations for helping Raboniel are sensible.
  2. Ooh I like that theory. When the Reod happened, any Seon that was Connected to an Elantrian became something very similar to a deadeye. My question is why did BAM's imprisonment cause something similar to the Reod among surgebinders? Did the humans experience any effects or just the spren?
  3. Wow just finished the book and WHAT A TWIST! Tyler Durden and Shallan were the same person the whole time?? Sanderson does it again!
  4. Reposting what I said in the other live stream thread.
  5. I think he means like how copper ferrings can store memories but other ferrings can't access those memories. Memories are keyed to your Identity. They can be destroyed but not stolen.
  6. Yeah Ba-Ado-Mishram's imprisonment must have caused an effect similar to the Reod. The Reod caused Elantrians to lose access to Investiture after transforming. So I'm thinking the same thing happened when BAM was imprisoned. Now spren that have their bonds broken somehow lose access to Investiture and since they are literally pieces of Investiture they become deadeyes. Maya might be starting to come back a little because her Connection to Adolin is giving back some of that access to Investiture. Kind of like drawing the chasm line restored the Aon Rao, establishing some semblance of a bond starts to restore deadeyes. Kind of a half baked theory on my part but it makes sense. Only thing I don't understand is why a spren of Odium would have such a large Connection to all spren on Roshar, but I suppose Odium's Connection to Roshar may have become as strong as Honor's and Cultivation's after living there long enough. So why are all the deadeyes congregating near Lasting Integrity? I'm guessing the trial has nothing to do with it. I think they can sense Maya's access to Investiture coming back and they're drawn to it. If BAM is released all of the deadeyes will be fully restored. Perhaps we will see the end of Shardblades that can be used by anyone on Roshar?
  7. Maybe in the spiritual realm you can carry the spirts of items across vast distances in no time at all? In the cognitive realm that doesn't work but in the spiritual realm I suppose it could. It's possible Dalinar put them there when he gave Kaldin the vision, perhaps without even knowing he was doing it. Has it ever been revealed exactly how the oathgates work? I know there are spen that are connected to them but I would think there's a spiritual aspect to transporting physical bodies across the planet instantaneously. Might be something similar going on there.
  8. I asked if Heralds can procreate and Sanderson said yes but not necessarily in the traditional way. Any descendants of Heralds that we've met? And what does non-traditional procreation look like?
  9. Sanderson answered my question on his current live stream! I asked him if Heralds can procreate. He said "yes, not necessarily in the traditional way but yes they can procreate." So that means this theory is at least potentially valid.
  10. Hmm that's an interesting theory. I think RoW sets up that the voidspren had to find a way around the Oathpact breaking because Taln wouldn't break, so they manipulated the listeners instead. But it's possible.
  11. Szeth didn't, Nightblood did. The implication is that Nightblood is so powerful it appears in the spiritual realm. Presumably much like you can touch souls in the cognitive realm without affecting them in the physical realm, you can do the same in the spiritual realm. Szeth doesn't know it's happening.
  12. If Sanderson does a Reddit AMA again and I have a chance to ask him something, this will be my question! I don't think this is possible, Liss is described as having dark hair and a plump figure. Chana has red hair and looks thin. There's definitely more to this story that we're missing. There hasn't been a ton of info on Shallan's mother revealed yet. As far as I can remember we don't even know her first name and I feel like there's a reason for that. Shallan also says near the end of RoW that there are still parts of her memory that don't make sense. Some part of her past is still waiting to be revealed. Maybe what Ookla said is correct, Chana would have a mental illness tied to "obedience." Perhaps she became obedient to Nale or one of his acolytes, to the point that she was willing to kill her own daughter to do what he wanted. I also don't think Nale would really care if Chana's soul was trapped. And if Chana is not Shallan's mother, I wonder which character that we've seen she could be?
  13. Yeah I was going to mention that, if you look at her painting in the back of RoW: That is exactly how I imagine Shallan to look.