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  1. @Georion / @Stormcrown - I hope your RoW reads went well and were spoiler-free. I know I'm about a month late in responding. Looks like the day after this discussion, the Time Machine was rolled out: This seems like the most elegant way to handle avoiding spoilers on recent releases. If you are as far behind the overall Cosmere as I am, the spoilerblock code I whipped up has been working like a charm. Browse Coppermind without fear of spoilers.
  2. @Leafygeans thank you! I totally understand. That's why I've backed off. I think it would be helpful for a few people, but I don't want to throw it out there if I don't have the blessing of the editors, Keepers, Squires, or Admins. I have not done any plugin work. I'd classify myself as a hobbyist. Good luck with getting the book and updating the articles!
  3. @Bearer of all agonies crazy story above! Sounds like a lot of fun. I've never played ice hockey, but I play in a novice, beer league roller hockey team with folks from work. I've never had more fun.
  4. Love your profile picture. That was mostly sarcasm, it's pretty disturbing. :)

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      I am doing well! Enjoying some time off for the holidays. About to start my first read of Warbreaker :)

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      I’m doing great. Vacation is here in two days, and school is good. And I have all of you. So, yeah, it’s good. 

  5. @Chaos / @Starwatcher / @Argent I've got an example mockup working on the Coppermind using the User/common.js and User/common.css that @Starwatcher recommended. After some consideration, I think this would work best as something people can configure individually. A few notes: * This should work with all existing pages within the Coppermind. No updates / on-going maintenance. * This is written in native Javascript, compatible with modern browsers. * Anyone looking to implement would need the ability to create pages. * The book is hard-coded. * I'm hiding the whole parent element. With more time, I could refine that down to just the sentence related to the citation. <script> // Collect all citations containing Dawnshard // TODO: Dawnshard is hard coded. Would replace with any unread books. var spoilers = document.querySelectorAll('\*[id^="cite_ref-Dawnshard"]'); // Add the spoiler class to the parent element of all citations spoilers.forEach(function (userItem) { userItem.parentElement.classList.add("spoiler"); }); </script> <style> /* Black out any spoilers */ .spoiler { color: black; background-color: black; } .spoiler a:link { color: black; background-color: black; } .spoiler a:visited { color: black; background-color: black; } /* When hovered over, reveal original text. */ .spoiler:hover { background-color: white; } .spoiler:hover a:link { background-color: white; color: blue; } .spoiler:hover a:visited { background-color: white; color: blueviolet; } </style> Example of a hidden section Example of a revealed section (by hovering over)
  6. Hello @Aspiring Writer! Of course. Kelsier is fantastic. He's in my top 4 Mistborn era 1 characters ( Sazed, , TenSoon and Vin)
  7. All good @Chaos. Totally understand. Tell you what, I'll mock something up this week. I've already got something partially working. You give me the go/ no-go. No pressure on this! I know there will be a lot going on this week.
  8. Hi @Starwatcher! Understood. I am looking for ways to get involved with the community and current work in tech. This might make for a good side project. Based on how I am thinking about it (hiding elements based on annotations), it shouldn't require any changes or upkeep. Thank you for sharing that functionality! I'll check it out.
  9. Hey @Argent! Love your content on Shardcast. Very understandable. I'll look into MediaWiki to see if they allow custom plug-ins or something. I may also look into writing a Chrome extension for this functionality. Most of this could be accomplished with Javascript.
  10. Woah! That question made me think! My favorite element from a magic system is Resonance. The idea of taking two sets of powers and combining them in unique ways is really intriguing! Would love to see that in Mistborn, perhaps replacing Duralumin. I think "super charging" ones abilities could be explained in a different way.
  11. Woah! @Chaos I just watched/listened to a ton of Shardcast episodes. It's an honor to chat with you. Thank you for all that you do for the fandom. I thought about this. You are absolutely right. These wiki pages are living documents that change over time. Our understanding of a topic changes each time something new is added to the canon. Two additional thoughts I'd like your opinion on: 1) As a casual reader, I'd be willing to trade off continuity / completeness of an entry to ensure I don't see spoilers, especially if I have the option to reveal the spoiler to see the full picture. If you make this an "opt-in" option, the majority of folks would see the Coppermind as it is today. Those like me will have the option to turn it on or off. a. In your example, if I had not read Oathbringer and I went to the Voidhbringer page, I'd see a wall of black, letting me know lots of updates happened during this book. To my knowledge, there is no way currently to see what the Voidbringer page would look like with just WoR content. b. In your second example, if you were updating pages based on Mistborn: Secret History, you'd annotate them as normal. For users with "hide spoilers" turned on and Mistborn Secret History marked as read and Elantris marked as unread, all sentences / facts attributed to MSH would show and anything related to Elantris would be hidden. 2) In a perfect world, each sentence or factoid would be attributed to a certain book/chapter/page etc. It'd be incredible to have a slider that would allow you to see how a page has morphed over time. Let's say you are reading Oathbringer and you wanted to brush up on Voidbringers, seeing that snapshot in time from WoR would be ideal. I say all this know it would be impossible to implement after the fact. I hope I understood your comment! If not, correct me and let's keep the convo going!
  12. Hello all! I am new to the forums, but an avid user of the Coppermind. I apologize in advance if this is posted in the wrong place or if this has already been discussed. I tried searching for this and did not see anything. As I prepared for RoW / read Dawnshard, I realized how difficult it is to avoid spoilers once the Coppermind is updated. The site does a nice job of highlighting when a page contains spoilers, but if you still need info, it is tough to avoid specific "spoilery" sentences without looking at the bibliography/notes mentally blocking out those lines. THE IDEA: In your profile on the Coppermind, you select the books you've read. As you navigate the pages, any sentences attributed to books you haven't read are "blacked out", allowing you to reveal them by clicking. I've built websites before and know this is possible. Not sure what the tech stack is for the Coppermind, but I could see this feature being useful in other Wikis/ fandoms.
  13. This is super impressive @Paleo! Who all worked on this? Do you have the source code posted anywhere?
  14. Hello! I'm new the forum, but an avid user of the Coppermind. In preparation for RoW, I watched all of "The Overlady Reads" recaps, along with several late nights clicking through the wiki. Feeling very excited for Tuesday. I'm looking for ways to get involved with the community. Open to suggestions! -GreyHive
  15. Great name @Lanceryn Rider. Very topical!