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  1. I think I know what you're asking, but I'm not sure it is feasible. I think it is possible to separate the Intent from the Investiture, based on random hints Brandon has thrown out, specifically this WoB, which hints that Vasher can indeed do it. I think it involves completely removing the intent from the investiture, purifying it, so that the intent no longer exists. So imagine if the rubber band in your analogy dissolves once it is not attached to the pencils or pen. I don't think it is feasible to completely remove intent from a Shard, because there is likely some sort of magical filtering process involved, possibly through an individuals soul or Spiritweb. And shoving *massive* amounts of Investiture through anything can't be healthy, especially if it's your Spiritweb. Also, every Shard has (essentially) infinite power/Investiture, as I think we can imply from this WoB Specifically addressing how you worded this: No, I don't think this will be possible because you can't take the entire rubber band away with only one pencil attached. It would be more like taking one pencil out at a time until only one pencil is left. Even then, that one pencil will still represent an infinite amount of Investiture that the pen could or could not be aware of. I think it *could* be possible to trick the finite mind of a Vessel into thinking they're completely cut off from their intent, but I'm more speaking out of my rear end here. If you want more weird Shard stuff that is tangentially related to your question, a WoB that really illustrates the muddiness of these waters is this one:
  2. I think there's a possibility that the "new or unexpected" is that Aux picks up the Dawnshard and that is why the Night Brigade is hunting them. They probably think that Sigzil still has it. Then Sigzil picks up a weird bond with Aux, but he is also suffering from the Torment as a result of formerly being a Dawnshard.
  3. I would assume that the Listeners were simply Connected to the world and the spren at that point. The highstorms and spren existed pre-Shattering, so I think the Parshmen just used the Highstorm to transform at that point. Through the desolations, I think Odium warped their Connection so it was only to him (and then later, Bo-Ado-Mishram) and this may have prevented the parshmen from transforming in a highstorm due to a lack of Connection to Honor, (who at this point could've co-opted the highstorms for himself).
  4. they would only consume the breaths if the transformation consumes Investiture. Maybe the reason they singer needs to be closer to the Cognitive and Spiritual is so that they can "edit" their Spiritweb easier.
  5. Also Truthwatcher and Willshaper, since those are the two that have been appealing to me recently. Imagine being able to take the memories of stone and turn them into grand scale illusions.
  6. Not necessarily. that means the story took place thousands of years after the last Desolation, but the timeline of the rise of the Evil is more fuzzy. It is true that it has been a century since mankind abandoned the continent however, so that might throw a wrench in there.
  7. I'm not entirely sure. I think the easiest way we could ascertain some of this is through dating Khriss's notes. Also, do we know that the Thrill was around during the Desolations?
  8. I just posted this to my Youtube channel, but I figured I'd type this up fully here, maybe additionally clarify some of the points TL;DR at the bottom The central question of this theory: Where did the Thrill originally come from, was it truly of Odium in the very beginning? My theory is that Nergaoul was actually a splinter of Ambition to start with and Odium Unmade the Thrill into what it is today on Roshar. The Thrill is characterized as a red mist, so The Threnody system So we know that Odium mortally sliced and diced Ambition while in the Threnody system (and also Mercy was there doing who knows what). Chunks of Ambition rained down, and something arose from the ashes: The Evil. The Evil was described by Nazh as "a creeping darkness, a terrible force that consumed the entirety of the continent, feasting upon the souls of men." Khriss also states that she does "not know how much of this is metaphoric, and how much literal." I think this was mostly metaphorical. Being a Splinter of Ambition, I think the Evil entered the hearts of men and inflamed their ambitious desires to the utmost, similarly to what the Thrill does with battle rage or Ashtermarn with gluttony. This "devoured their souls" by inciting them to pursue their greatest ambitions to the loss of all else. Thus, the continent was consumed by madness and those strangely unaffected fled to the smaller, shade-filled continent. Then, I think Odium came back. He had just dispatched Ambition and was inspecting the scene of the crime just to double check there aren't any powerful splinters that could rise up and gather up Ambition's power again. And on Threnody, he finds a new toy. Odium corrupts the Thrill, through the process of Unmaking and this fundamentally changes the nature of the Thrill into something similar, but different. Now, the main objection that I see to this theory: How does this fit with the theory? Well, primarily, I think this could tell us about the nature of Unmaking. This form of corruption has to fundamentally change the nature of the Splinter such that it is either A: a Splinter of both Shards, or B: A Splinter completely of Odium through a process of substitution, where Odium's investiture replaces Ambition's, but still retaining the vague shape of what the thing is. I think the first is the most likely, but I have been unable to find if this question has been asked before about the nature of Unmaking. TL;DR The Thrill was originally a splinter of Ambition called the Evil, Odium saw a new toy, Unmade it into a Splinter of Odium, and then tossed it onto Roshar for it to go buck wild.
  9. Of course, but she could momentarily hand off the Dawnshard or Connect in someway to the Stormfather because handy dandy Bondsmith powers. The real question is if the Sleepless will allow this to happen I've been leaning this way as a good ending to SA 5 for years. It would be a good but tragic ending would be having ten individuals (ish) sacrifice themselves to be tortured on Braize and then the back half is trying to find an actual better solution. I think there are enough signposts in the story-telling with the way he has been teasing the Oathpact and then now we have Taln and Ash with Jasnah and possibly a briefly sane Ishar possibly appearing in SA 5.
  10. In RoW, we get a more information on the whereabouts of Honorblades from multiple different sources. We get enough random Honorblades that it feels like Brandon is signposting something. What if the Honorblades are keys to making new Heralds? Being that the Honorblades are required in order to connect new Heralds to the Oathpact? Additionally, we have a super simple way to get new Heralds: Rysn as the Change Dawnshard. The Plan is to Change the Oathpact with Rysn (possibly revealing some history of the Dawnshard. To do this, you need the ten Honorblades and the Dawnshard and then Dalinar, as a Bondsmith, could take up the Dawnshard and command the Oathpact to Change the bearers of the Oathpact, who could renew it by going back to Braize. Or there is another person who could possibly pick up the Dawnshard, but that's a Spoiler for SP 4.
  11. A family reunion would be super interesting, especially if Odoum had been courting one of them and brought them to Rall-elorim. Could the Turthwatcher or possibly Elsecaller blade assist with various CR related issues, especially with BAM possibly being there?
  12. Possibly. I think the more likely issue that will arise is that Taravangian will be unable to act against Kharbranth. Or he could still remain unwilling to act against it. Point of weakness/place of sanctuary
  13. From what I know, it usually takes thousands of years for the Shadric intents to start eating away at the vessel. Like there's an influence, but not a heavy one. Even in the end, Rayse was still resisting the influence of Odium in subtle ways (like not taking criticism from the fused). the other thing being: somehow Todium would have to break his pact with himself. As Taravangian ascended to Odium, he noted that he took on all the promises that Odium had made in the past. This means, of course, that the champion duel between Dalinar and Odium is still happening, but also that Odium's deal with Taravangian about protecting Kharbranth is still valid. I like your idea about shuffling of antagonists. I think we probably will see that as well, we just don't have an idea of what that is gonna be.
  14. Its definitely possible, but if it is, there has been none of the foreshadowing I would expect for this event. To me, it would make more sense for her to start delving into worldhopping more and become a liaison with Silverlight and/or the Seventeenth Shardin the back half, if we assume that the back half is gonna be hugely Cosmere connected.
  15. Both of these are further building blocks for the "Ishar is the Susfather" theory. Theoretically Ishar might be able to imitate the Stormfather in the way we see him interacting with Galivar with the Bondsmith Honorblade, since we don't know when he nabbed it from the Shin.