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  1. I think Warden is an extreme example and a right bastard. I mean Hoid says she's a bastard, and my guess is that the other Chosen aren't treated so harshly. But that is just a guess.
  2. It's more probable than honor spren coming over transforming into Siah Aimians. It also fits with the story of the queen traveling to the realm of the moon to conceive a child. I mean it would probably take connection shenanigans but less than a race of spren coming to live in the physical realm and basically transforming into blue humans. After all apparently the Herdazians have Parshendi ancestry and that seems even more improbable to me.
  3. Hmm I doubt Siah Aimians were honor spren who came over like what Ishar was trying to do but perhaps they are descendants of spren and humans who mated in the cognitive realm. That would be much easier after all.
  4. So we've seen what Ishar was doing, and we have theorized as to why he was doing it but we haven't (as far as I know) considered what other results similar experiments might yield. For instance what would happen if he tried to pull non-sentient spren through in the same way he did with the sentient spren? Would they have fared any better? What if they were mostly in the physical realm not the cognitive as some spren are said to be? What if he tried it with a dead-eye? What if he tried to pull the dead-eye into its blade or reconnect them? There might be more than one way to restore damaged spren. Also what if he tried it in reverse, pushing spren or blades from the physical realm violently into the cognitive, would that have as dramatic an effect? And could any of this be done to the fused or the spren of Odium?
  5. I was rereading ROW and came to the section where Venli was practicing with her powers and the Tower showed her in the very ancient past singers(?) shaping stone into all kinds of things, even dipping a stick into the stone and pulling out a perfectly shaped axe. The Tower seemed to imply that the stone of Roshar desired and still does desire to be shaped and changed, now this could just be the Tower but I don't think so, I think this is true all over the planet. Which brings me to the Shin. Shin do not walk on stone let alone shape it or work with it, they say because it does not want to change citing its hard nature as opposed to wood's relative softness. My question is where did they get this idea. Did they see how the stone didn't move for them and think that that meant it didn't want to change? Is it something about the stone of Shinovar in particular? It could be a holdover from Ashyn but I find that extremely unlikely. Is there something more sinister at play? Do the shape the stone with honorblades or is that also forbidden? Just what the heck is up with the Shin?
  6. I had a thought the other night that perhaps Lightweavers could make their shardplate invisible or make it look like something else.
  7. Oooh good point Karger I think you're right!
  8. I thought it might be fun and useful to theory-crafting and discussions to try to determine which of the epigraphs were written by Navani and which were Written by Raboniel. So here goes. Hopefully the rest of you can help me figure them out. Epigraph 1 Epigraph 2 Epigraph 3 Epigraph 4 Epigraph 5 Epigraph 6 Epigraph 7 Epigraph 8 Epigraph 9 Epigraph 10 Epigraph 11 Epigraph 12 Epigraph 13 Epigraph 14 Epigraph 15 Epigraph 16 Epigraph 17 Epigraph 18 Epigraph 19 Epigraph 20 Epigraph 21 Epigraph 22 Epigraph 23
  9. I don't know if he's evil, and I strongly doubt that the boon/curse is still in effect BUT I suspect that Cultivation still has some way to influence him or at least to get a better "view" of him because of it. I would also put money on Cultivation's plan not being done and still having several layers and twists and turns to go. After all if intent influences how strong a shard's futuresight is then Cultivation's intent would probably make her futuresight one of the best.
  10. Air-sick theory time: he is Raboniel's once-mate.
  11. Well he did lure out Ash in Oathbringer but all in all I've been getting steadily less impressed with him as the series has progressed. I wonder about all his trophies, are they genuinely as impressive as they seem or is the truth of how he acquired them rather lackluster?
  12. Lyn the windrunner who dated Kaladin, is Lyn from Tor books.
  13. I think progression very much would heal someone to their correct gender identity, it seems to involve showing people their ideal self.
  14. I don't think that would matter to Ishar though. Men reading and writing is also un-Vorin but he (and Kalak) does it. Plus the whole insanity thing.
  15. Does anyone else think that the way Ishar fought was very similar to the way that people burning Atium do? Given that I doubt he has Atium, could he be using fortune somehow? And if so is this something that any bondsmith could learn to do or is it something else?