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  1. Never gonna give you up

    Never gonna let you down

    Never gonna run around and

    Desert you

  2. Heyyyy~ Happy one week past my Shardiversary to me!


    Really doesn’t feel like it’s been two years, but it is what it is. Time flies when you’re having fun, and being depressed because of school which I’m out of, thank goodness; Heaven knows I need the break for a good 50 years.

    .. wait. People tend to be grateful on their Shardiversary. So, I just wanna say that I’m NOT grateful for all the love y’all give me. I’m NOT grateful for the people I’ve met on here. I TOTALLY knew that my writing and drawing skills would grow on here, because I was just FULL of self-confidence when I first joined. I TOTALLY knew that I was going to be loved and respected as an artist on here, ‘cause I’m just tHAt good.

    I ain’t grateful. Idk what y’all talking about.


    But seriously, I really am grateful for y’all sticking with me when I was depressed, loving me for who I am, loving my art even if it can be iffy some days, understanding when I said that I needed some space from the Shard, and really just being so kind.

    Words cannot fully express how grateful I am.

    I know that I will not be able to do this next year, since I’m planning to be serving a mission for my church, but you guys really are special.

    Stay amazing, y’all!~ <33


    .. I also guess we can do lil messages


    This is just gonna be in alphabetical order


    @Channelknight Fadran


    My dude, your writing inspires me each time I read it. You are def going to go places with that writing. I look forward to reading any published material you come out with ;)) Maybe we should do something about Zvso lolll, like make it into an anime or something when I’m back from my mission.

    But really, stay cool. Continue to play with words and the imagination of others.. also with tickling them ivories on the piano lolll.




    Connie Connie Connie: You were one of, if not the first person to welcome me on the Shard. I still am grateful for that to this day.

    I know that senior year can be rough at times, but it is literally the best year you can have. Continue to stay strong. I may not be able to get on the Shard or Discord for long, but just know that I’m here cheering you on.




    You are a queen, Queen.

    Continue to be a queen. Continue to share your smile with the world. Continue to be a light. Just.. yeah. Be the queen that you are. Slay <33 Slay your enemies -w-




    @Ed Venture


    You are so cool, bro.

    I feel like I can talk to ya about anything, even if we don’t necessarily talk a whole lot loll. I just love listening to your views on things; helps me understand other people better than before. Well, I believe in ya, and stay cool.


    @Knight of Iron


    You got this. I dunno what’s going on in your life, but I hope that the mission things are turning out for you. I hope that you’re doing alright.

    Continue to stay the cool person that you are.


    @Ookla the Theoretical


    Your comments on my art always gives me a smile :))

    I really dunno what else to say except just to keep moving forward and stay strong.


    @Robin Sedai


    Bro, you’re so cool.

    I’m fairly sure that we’re not in the same or similar time zones, so I barely have the chance to actually talk to you, but you’re still so cool. When I do talk to you, it’s always a joy :))


    @Shallan's Ward


    Stay cool, bro.

    Cya when you come for Christmas :))




    Dude, I love talking to you!

    I like how we have similar, if not the same beliefs and how easy it is to talk to you. It’s honestly sometimes hard to believe that not a lot of people comment on your SU’s when you’re literally one of the most chill people on the Shard.

    Continue to be amazing and chill :))


    @The Ward's Guard


    Stay cool, bro.

    I hope that you’re having a fantastic mission and that you’re enjoying serving those in [mission name]. I love talking to you, I love you in general /p, and yeah.

    I’ll talk to ya later and on Monday :))




    I have no clue if you get on the Shard anymore, but you are still so cool.

    I still love and am fascinated by the ideas you have. I love the worldbuilding that you do, because it’s SO FRICKN GOOD, like teach me your ways. Continue to worldbuild, cos I can see the love and care put into that you put into it.


    Know that I do appreciate each and every single one of you; if I forget to mention you, I’m extremely sorry, but feel free to talk to me over DMs or something. You are all appreciated and loved by me, but I only have so much time to write these things out lolll.

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    2. Ookla the BlowUpperOfStuff

      Ookla the BlowUpperOfStuff

      Oh NO you’re leaving on a mission?


      Good. Good for you. But… we’ll miss you. So much. 

    3. Flaming Coinshot

      Flaming Coinshot

      Happy *late* Shardiversary. 

    4. Ookla the Forgotten

      Ookla the Forgotten

      Happy Shardiversary Mystic Syn. :) 

  3. “Read” rhymes with “lead,” and “read” rhymes with “lead.”

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    2. Slowswift


      Moreover, "read" and "lead" don't rhyme, nor do "read" and "lead".

      Yeah, this language is a dumpster fire. But it's our dumpster fire, and I wouldn't have it any other way. :D 

    3. Thaidakar the Ghostblood
    4. Ookla the Blight

      Ookla the Blight

      Odd to me how most people's reactions to this sort of thing are "I hate English"

      I find it so cool and fun and I love it so freaking much. Why stay consistent in the rules you follow when you can throw literally everyone for a loop and make language fun??

  4. Been dabbling in digital and also in Naraka with my cousin, which involves me carrying him 99.9% of the time
  5. It’s this magical thing called “p r a c t i c e” Anyways, I has some things for ya lolll
  6. Those movies don’t exist. What you’re talking about doesn’t exist
  7. Ya realize that I have an art thread, right?? I can understand it tho. I would say that I’ll be here next year, but there is a 99.9% chance that I won’t, since I will most likely be out serving a mission for my church at that time. But literally, you can keep an eye on my art thread at any time. Who knows when I’ll post a sketchy lollll
  8. Happy Halloween, everyone! May I present the final Inktober drawing for the year? Day 31: Farm
  9. I’m gonna make some mean ramen after posting this. Day 30: Gear
  10. 11:58pm for me. I have plenty of time. Today’s been a grand and glorious day for me :)) Day 29: Uh-oh
  11. I slept in till 2pm today, and now my sense of time is very wack rn. Day 28: Camping
  12. For Inktober, I always do a little pencil sketch before I start with marker. I have started with marker before with previous drawings that you can find on my sketchy thread somewhere or my statuses (idk when I posted those), but I don’t do that for Inktober. I’ve been meaning to do more drawings starting with marker, but never get around to it cos I like the sound of pencil sketching on paper. Day 27: Snack
  13. Watched “The Prince of Egypt” with friends and they have been converted to the movie. I also watched “Tales of the Jedi,” which is also very good :)) Day 26: Ego
  14. All the dust in my house is triggering my allergies lolll. Doing good tho :)) Day 25: Tempting