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  1. Scarf’s my favorite, ngl.
  2. Tyyy. It such happy, and much winter. Should’ve added a Santa hat, but whatever lol.
  3. Again, no sketch from the bus. It’s been rough for me to find motivation to sketch on the bus, but I do like that this thread just basically turned into my art dump :pp
  4. No sketch on the bus today. I tried, but I ended up not feeling it and didn’t finish.
  5. Time to yeet in some random art without context.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving, to my fellow Americans. And happy, wonderful day to all of the people who do not hail from the United States of America. Do y’all want to see my crappy attempt at a comic? What am I talking about? Of course you don’t. Well, you’re getting it anyways >:]
  7. My fellow Americans,

    Have a pleasant day filled with gratitude, preferably with your families if the plague will allow and a roasted turkey.


    To anyone that happens to follow me that is not a citizen of the United States of America,

    Have a wonderful day as well! My gratitude goes out to you for dealing with all these wishes of a pleasant Thanksgiving when it is not the same holiday for you.

    1. Ookla the Lad

      Ookla the Lad

      Today I am grateful for my wonderful friend: Mystic Syn!

    2. Ookla the Pendragon
    3. Flaming Coinshoot

      Flaming Coinshoot

      I'm late, but Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I wanted to post this earlier, but I kept forgetting till just now lol. Oh also: There won’t be any more sketched from the bus for the rest of the week because… it be of the Thanksgiving week for us ‘Muricans.
  9. Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, after putting it off for so long, it's finally finished.

    Almost two years ago––maybe I dunno, I lost count––I had written a piece of writing that was something for fun and I enjoyed working on that took only a day to make––ha, I wish it took that long nowadays *laughs turns into crying* Anyways, it was written after the original "An Act of Dying Justice," so I implemented the same logic from that piece into the one after that. That was the piece that pushed me to actually start writing the Mystic world: Zvso. After that, I left the piece as it was, but still used it as one of the stepping stones to help me write more about Zvso.

    It wasn't until a few months ago I went: *slams hands on counter* "I need to completely rewrite this, because it's bothering me and I can do better than make people that have no character traits." Wrote the rough draft for that, left it alone for a while 'cause I was making sure school stuff was figured out and I wouldn't die because of it, then got back to it over the past two or so weeks to finish the last few drafts––I honestly lost count––that became what you two or so people will actually read. And no, I ain't giving ya the original for comparison, because it's bad and no one wants to see it.


    I learned, from "Trust is Like Glass," that these posts can't hold the amount of writing that I do; "Trust is Like Glass" had over 10,000 words, but this one has a little over 14,000, and that would be too much for this status to handle. So, not enough for a full on novel, but short story.. which was what I was going for lol.

    I'm sharing via Google Doc link, and before you come yelling at me in the replies, it's on an alternate email and you will be completely anonymous on there, meaning I won't know your personal email stuff and you won't know mine. I've been doing this for a while, so I ain't an amateur with this lol.

    Anyways, without further ado, may I present my completely rewritten piece of writing: "A Love Worth Dying For."



  10. I wanted to and went up to reference her, but didn’t end up doing it, because I had too many things to do. Oh, and here’s le sketch for the day.
  11. Not a sketch on the bus, but whatever.
  12. I dunno. Is it?