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  1. So, Star Wars: Visions. Two of my favorite things in one, and obviously I like one better than the other, and I don’t need to tell you which one I like the most. Ima rate it here and not in a topic, even though some people won’t care about this lol.


    The Duel

    Very well done! Story was solid, had some good twists, great fight scene, beautiful score, and the animation was something I haven’t seen before and I liked it. 9/10.


    Gosh, Sith Lady’s lightsaber! The parasol design was easily a 10/10 for me, not to mention her overall design. I loved every second of her.

    I did not see Ronin’s lightsaber being red was something I didn’t see coming. I was equally surprised and excited to see how the fight would turn out. And let’s not forget the one line that was frickn’ powerful: “Unfortunately, I am not a Jedi.”

    Also, the way Ronin defeats Sith Lady at the end! Like, frick frack wow! Even if he might be a Sith, or have stronger ties to the Dark Side, he was really patient.

    I literally said the moral of the episode after I finished watching it: Just because you're a Sith does not mean you're a bad guy :))

    Tatooine Rhapsody

    To me, the art style was very child-like, something you would find in a kid’s cartoon. Cute story with a band, but I don’t think this one sat well with me as some of the other ones. 4.5/10.


    They really did Boba dirty in this one, mostly with the art style and making him look childish and not the fearsome bounty hunter we know and love. I dunno, it was kinda hard for me to get behind me thinking that he was Boba Fett.

    The song was okay at best. I couldn’t get behind the English dub’s version of it, so the Japanese was a bit better, but it might be different for y’all. The dub’s actor wasn’t the best for the singing part, but that’s my opinion.

    This one was the weakest, but the animation has a very cute style and that’s something I can respect.

    The Twins

    Love the art style in this one! Very nice story, beautiful animation, the colors are very pleasing to look at, and it’s something I like. 8/10.


    See, I knew I would like this one when I saw the trailer, and I was mostly right; although, I feel like they were monologuing longer than they probably should have. You know, classic anime that you expect to watch. Not to mention how Karre, and later Am, were able to survive space without special suits on, but I guess that’s what I get for watching anime and Star Wars.

    Now I don’t say this a lot, but I liked Karre’s design more than I thought, meaning I thought he looked pretty, in a non-sexual way. I really liked his design, that’s all. ... and his Japanese voice actor’s voice, but not the lengthy monologues.

    I liked how they said: “Hey, what if we made Luke and Leia, but evil and created basically the same way Anakin was created.”

    Also, minor note: Am is seriously Grevious' waifu.

    The Village Bride

    Absolutely gorgeous world! And the worldbuilding is something I live for. The art style is so simple, but I frickn’ love it to deathhh. The score is so beautiful, like, I would listen to it for hours on end. Just a powerful story with beautiful animation. 15/10, would recommend!


    I know you’re not supposed to have a favorite child, but this one easily took the cake for me. It just spoke to me more than any of the other episodes. I liked this one wayyyy more than I thought I would.

    The worldbuilding was really, really well done! It was organically woven into the story and it really didn’t feel boring when I was watching it. The writers seriously knew what they were doing with this one.

    The characters! The *clap* flippn’ *clap* characters! The newly wed couple is so cute I wanna die, the Jedi––I believe her name is F––is beautiful and has a great little arc (and reminds me of Q/Yulong a bit >.>), the older gentleman––I think his name is Valco?––wasn’t boring to listen to and was a great part to the story!

    The buildup to the climax was some of the best I have seen. Ever. It was so emotionally empowering! Like, when F held that blasterbolt with the Force and the score got better, I was so excited! And when she pulled out her lightsaber and said, “I am a Jedi.” Like, dude, I felt that! Also, she did it all in heels, so she instantly has my respect and fear.

    “You can’t change the river’s flow by casting a stone, but live in harmony together, and you’ll change together” (F, Star Wars: Visions, 2021).

    The Ninth Jedi

    Really well done! The style wasn't over the top, and I loved it for that. The twist was very, very good. Like, “I didn’t expect it” good. The character designs were beautiful, and the story was overall interesting for me to watch! 9/10.


    Not exactly sure if these episodes are canon, but it was interesting to learn about the sabersmiths and even what the Sith Acolytes did to make sure the Jedi didn’t come back.

    The character designs were all amazing, even if we were seeing the character for a few seconds. I mean, they all love their ponchos, so I guess that might be a Jedi thing that Star Wars is cluing us in about.

    I also loved Kara way too much. I love her arc over the episode and how the episode was kinda hinting at there being a full series, even though I don’t have too much hope about that. Her part in the final battle was beautiful!


    What is there to say about this? So frickn’ wholesome, T0-B1 is best robot, his master is great. 10/10.


    Like I said before, very, very wholesome. When T0-B1's master died, I was legit sad. And when he decides to finish his master’s work before seeing to his own interests... AHH! I loved every second of that.

    I don’t have much to say, besides just to watch it whenever you want to feel good about something. T0-B1 is best robot and no one can change my mind.

    The Elder

    Creepy old man gives child and and traveller a run for their money, and I love it. This style of animation made me think more of the animes’ I watch, and that’s not a bad thing. 7/10.


    Such a nice story depicting how dangerous ex-Sith can be, even though we know from Malicos from Jedi: Fallen Order. Just thinking about how much more dangerous he was in the prime of his life is terrifying, and I would love to have a backstory of him on my table by the end of next week (jk).

    I love the designs, especially the art style! I mean, I liked Tajin’s design better than Dan’s, mostly because I could poke fun at Tajin’s luscious flowing locks.

    Good pacing, I would say. Sure, it felt a little slow, but the fight between The Elder and Tajin at the end reminded me of Qui-Gon and how much I love him.

    Lop and Ochō

    Love myself a family-that-gets-torn-apart story. Even though one of them is a furry, I got behind the story very fast, and the animation and backgrounds were just so beautiful. 11/10.


    The planet is so pretty, like, oh my gosh! I was just loving every single backdrop in every scene, because they were just so well done! The animation was just so, so beautiful and I loved every second of it.

    I loved the story so much! Ochō turning to the Empire was good and something I was really cool with. And I just loved Ochō in her Imperial officer outfit! I am one for design, and that sold me immediately and had me loving her even more than before.

    I can see this becoming a full series, and I would pay a whole lot of real human moneys to watch. That animation is just beautiful and the writers definitely knew that they were writing something that would impact people.


    If you want something to make you feel depressed, this one is for you! This does mean that I didn’t like it, but that I liked how the story developed and subverted my expectations. The style wasn’t anything I’ve seen before, and I liked it! 7/10.


    Tsubaki seriously reminds me of Kaladin hard. As soon as I saw him, I immediately thought of our sad, flying boi. I liked how they had him turn to the Dark Side, especially since the cliché is the protagonist is keeping to the Light. It was something I liked, even though it was depressing to think about.

    I liked how they used his past to break him to the Dark Side user he is now. He was an easy target, and I say they pulled it off well. Kaladin–– *cough* I mean, Tsubaki is a good character and I liked his and Misa’s relationship, even though it was short lived.

    The art style wasn’t my favorite compared to the others, but I liked the new take on the Star Wars universe with this.

    That’s it. K,loveyabai.

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      Channelknight Fadran this that Star Wars anime thing that I heard about?

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      Mystic Syn

      Yes, now watch.

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      Flaming Coinshoot

      It's awesome. I've only watched the first two Y'know, school and stuff but they were pretty good. Scratch that, they were great. 

  2. creator games

    Ah, music. A form of art that can paint a story by invoking feelings that vary from person to person. I’m going to suck at this.
  3. creator games

    bold of you to assume that I have a considerable amount of talent when it comes to visual art
  4. Looking at it right now, it's a really good start! But this I will tell you: No matter what, your own writing will not be as great in your eyes as it is in another's eyes. Heck, I'm still trying to come to terms that people actually like my writing and want to see more of it, and I've been "professionally" I ain't no professional when it comes to anything, especially with writing, thus the quotation marks writing for the past five-ish years or so. Now, on to my feedback~ It's honestly been a while since I've seen someone use the present-tense writing, and you are doing a good job doing it! I also like how creative you got with names; then again, I am not always creative when it comes to names, so I can be easily impressed by that lol. I'm the person who will either smash down on the keyboard and look for names through that mess, or just look up some words over Google Translate and pick the ones I like the best; all of those can be viable options for you, if you want to do that. I don't care if you use them, because they weren't originally my ideas. I also love how your writing flows! Especially when you're new at writing, it can be hard to learn how to make your writing flow like a stream down a mountain pass. but you've got a good idea and grasp of it and I can't wait to see what it becomes! All it comes to is practice. Everything requires that, and writing isn't excluded. You can't just pick up the pen and start writing like a god. I hate to break it to you, but we're all human, and no matter what we do, we make mistakes. Writing is not a perfect process, but you can learn from it as time goes on and you have a better grasp of what it is. I think that's good for now. If you really want, I have a whole topic with some of my general tips about writing and whatnot that I will link because I can get more into depth about my process when it comes to writing, if you wanna look at that. Again, I am not a professional, but these are my opinions and experiences of what I've done and learned over the years that I've been writing.
  5. creator games

    I'd vote for this any day. 10/10. Would recommend.
  6. creator games

    So, it don’t matter what we draw, just as long as we draw something?
  7. creator games

    What kind of art are we talking about? Art is a very general topic, and I can only manage very few of them lol.
  8. Brando Sando: We're doing a convention!

    Me: :DD

    Sando: Down in Utah

    Me, who doesn't live in Utah: :|

    Sando: There will be exclusive swag that you can only get there

    Me: :|

    Sando: Including the Doomslug plushie

    Me: >:|

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      We're officially undermining the beaurocracy >:D

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      And, y'know, if you come then it'd be even better.

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      Flaming Coinshoot

      No, no, no, Fadran, now we need a plushie black market.  But seriously, nothing ever comes my way, or it came months before I was introduced to the books. 

  9. If y’all haven’t seen the feature length presentation of ponies turning into teenage girls to sing bad pony girls away, get on that.

    also, watch “Prince of Egypt,” whether or not you’ve seen it already. just watch it again, you didn’t know you needed it till you watch it. also, the soundtrack. just the soundtrack

  10. *peeks in* Hey, y’all. Been a while, yadi-ya-da. Short answer: I needed a break and saw that y’all would be fine with that if I disappeared for a few days almost a week with the one glance into the chaos.

    Anyways, what do I have to share with you today? Well, a week or so ago, I was browsing some old writing I had on my phone, and I came across this piece that’s been there for well over a year. There really isn’t any point to it and I ain’t gonna share it with ya cos it was just something I wrote from a prompt I found, but this one part made me step back and wonder if I was the one that wrote that, cos… well, I dunno. It was different.


    I don’t wanna go through the process of getting the right bit of writing here, so just deal with the crappy screenshots from my phone.



    I dunno. It just seems like a totally different person wrote this, but I have the clear memory of writing it and being satisfied with it, even tho it served no purpose for what I really wanted to write.


    1. Flaming Coinshoot

      Flaming Coinshoot

      It's pretty good.

  11. Hey there, hi there. Welcome, one and all, to Syn's Tips and Tricks and what she does to Writing! Now I know you might ask, "But, Syn! Why are you going to give this?? Do you care about giving away the secrecy with your process with writing???" And to that I say... bruh, there ain't any secrecy with this. Literally anyone can do it, if they so chose. Writing comes from the soul and imagination, or that's what I tell myself every time I go through with writing or looking at old writing or a rough draft. The reason I want to do this is because I know some of you seem to worship my writing, which y'all shouldn't do since it's not perfect *cough* Fadran *cough*, and I thought I might let y'all into my world and what I do when I go through the process of writing. And yes, feel free to ask questions about what I do and whatnot. I know that maybe one or two people will actually read this and the number is even lower when it comes to people responding to this post, so I will do my best to answer all of the no questions I will receive. Off to a great start! Of course, we gonna go over some notes before diving into this, because I need to make y'all aware. I am NOT a professional. All of these tricks and advice I have gotten and will give here is from the experience I have gotten over the... well, lifetime I have had when it comes to writing. If you plan to take what I say to heart, uhm, take it with a grain of salt lol. There are people who are better at writing than I am. Plus, there are videos about some of the stuff I'm going to be talking about that you can look at most of them by Brandon Sanderson. I am NOT going to put every question that y'all have on this post. All of the points I will put here will be some of the questions I have been asked and some that come to mind that I figure y'all will ask. I will reiterate what I said before: I am willing to answer any questions about this or in general, but I will most likely not answer any that pertain to some of the role-play characters I have or my plans to for some future role-plays. Those will reveal themselves when I want them to ;)) These are all my opinion. The answers to any of these questions can vary from person to person, especially when it comes to writing. This is all what I do. If you want to do what I do, I say go right ahead and see how you do. These all are tweaked to my personal liking and what my brain has given me happy chemicals for. If you get angry about what I do, because it's not professional or something, well... *ahem* look at the first note again and think again. I ain't perfect, nor professional, so of course there are going to be mistakes and some things that I do that are strange compared to what some other people might do. I might add more onto these notes as we go along. Depends. But please, keep these all in mind when not only reading what I do, or what other people. It's best to not judge what others do with these kinds of things, now be nice to others. K, now we can continue to the chaos that is my brain. What made you start writing? What do you do to prepare to write? Where do you get your ideas? What are your general tips to writing? General tips for worldbuilding? That took way too long. Now, to the one or two people that actually read this but won't say anything, you can ask questions about what I do, more in depth, I mean lol. Ima go eat something and take a nap.
  12. “Well, we’re here.” Q folded her arms.
  13. Hello there, and welcome to the chaos Shard! Ah, I like Vin and Jasnah too lol. I do get liking Mistborn better than Stormlight, though. I actually read Stormlight before any other of Sanderson’s Cosmere works, but Mistborn and Warbreaker had been my favorites, mostly because it was small enough for my weird brain to understand lol. Don’t get me wrong, I love Stormlight, but I love the concepts and ideas of Mistborn and Warbreaker better haha. Anyways, hope you have a fun time here~ Things can get crazy at times, but the people here are all cool and nice.
  14. This role-play is set in the world of Kasjadu, a world similar to our own geographically. Kasjadu is set in the same universe as that of Zvso, it being not that far in orbit from it. It has a total of three continents, but we’re going to be focusing on one for now; however, I will keep the other continents on the backburner if anyone is interested. The continent that we’re playing with today is Huyat. Our story takes place in the City Region of Huyat, Validus. The city has been there for as long as anyone can remember, but more people have been finding refuge in its borders ever since the Magnuscassis, which was the greatest and most bloodiest war that Huyat has ever seen. All, save the Island Regions, were involved in the war, and there were terrible losses on all of the sides that did fight in it. It’s been two years since the war has ended and the treaty has been made to benefit all of the Regions, and it’s only now since the tensions have only started to ease off a bit between the people enough for them to come to terms with the existing city Validus where anyone can go to. The Prophet of the Past Generation has unexpectedly passed, and there is no other Prophet to replace her. The Prophet is the mediator of Huyat, finding peace even in the most unlikely of situations; there is only one Prophet per generation, and when one passes, another rises to take their place. The High Autarch of Validus, a Honqip by the name of Jynid Tradge, is certain that the Prophet is somewhere in the city of Validus. He believes that since the last Prophet was from the Kelijah Region and Validus would be next in the Cycle of Prophets. Although there is no exact evidence backing up his claims, a good portion of the city believes him and is on the lookout for the next Prophet of Huyat; however, there is a group named the Elegant Knives that has claimed that the Cycle of Prophets has ended, and that Jynid should be replaced with a Xefic in their group by the name of Vaos Oiuy as High Autarch. They have been using extreme methods to sway the people (e.g., assassinations of Jynid’s closest friends and family, destroying some public property, etc.) and some of the Validus people have been swayed to join their cause of believing that there is going to be no more Prophet. The people of Validus seem to be falling under the ploy that the High Autarch has been going insane after all the deaths of his closest friends and family, although they don’t know for sure that it’s been the Elegant Knives’ cause. In response to the Elegant Knives, Jynid created the Guardians of the Prophet: a strikeforce for the Elegant Knives. They have been going at each other for the past few months since the Prophet’s death. They have unspoken rivalry towards one another, and so basically think of the teams from the Pokémon video games with the rivalry against the main protagonist. The time period that we’re set in is post-industrial, but the Huyatians have literally just come out of it. They are moving along fast in technology, but they haven’t hit the technological point that we are at, as of yet. They have gunpowder, but guns have not become a household item but one for the rich to have. Most people still use blades, but they are switching to muskets and flintlocks. Fashion-wise, it is not uncommon to find women in trousers and tunics, but there are a few of the older generations that still expect women to wear those Victorian types of dresses. Basically think of Hamilton outfits, if that’s what gets you to think about. Races of Huyat The Magic System of Huyat the part y'all been waiting for [Note: People can have multiple subgroups in one of these groups of Talented, but keep in mind that we do not want super overpowered people here. Maybe make them a “jack-of-all-trades, but master of none,” but not a god. Another thing is that one does not need to have a subgroup to be one of the Talented; rather, it’s just an idea and what the people of Huyat have already identified] Characters
  15. “Yeah…” Yulong turned away. “I guess it does…”
  16. “What? Were you expecting something else?” she asked, smirking playfully.
  17. Conflict entered her eyes. She turned away, unsure what to do. A bit of sadness entered into her eyes as the memories came, and slightly shook her head to try and rid herself of the painful times. Q knew that no matter how many times she shook herself of them, they would always find their ways into her dreams or back into her reality again. It was enough to shake herself for now, no matter for how long. It’ll be enough. Maybe… A few seconds of silence passed by, almost thick enough to cut with a knife. “It’s nice to meet you, Ellis,” she said finally, looking back at him, a small smile appearing on her face. “I’m Yulong Qianshe, daughter of Empress Hishi Qianshe and Wangji Qianshe, and niece of Emperor Wuya Qianshe.”
  18. If ya want, Gerald can be there. I can work with just about anything :pp “Ask, and I might answer,” she replied, focusing on him while wiping the tears away.
  19. She didn’t say anything, letting the silence hang for a few seconds. “I didn’t have a choice,” she said, not giving any other explanation.
  20. She didn't say anything for a while, thinking about what to say. Q walked in silence, not really wanting to talk about it, but wanting to at the same time. She considered, before words formed. "Meide, a smaller island off the coast of the mainland of Zvso," Q said wistfully. "The green hills rolled as far as you could see, the grass the softest thing I've ever touched while the Hijed Forest full of oaks and cherry blossoms that blanketed the island. From my family's private manor on the adjacent hill, you could see the capital at the foot of the sleeping volcano: Mount Huo. Tiankong is the grandest city I've ever been, not including Odhak in Medietas. The red arches leading to the Emperor or Empress' palace is the most iconic piece of architecture in all of Meide. Not as tall as a skyscraper, but it seemed that way when I went last, years ago. Everything was so tall and beautiful, but they'll most likely be smaller now that I've grown. "The palace itself had so many rooms, my brother and I running everywhere to explore it all. The marble floor was the most polished thing I've ever seen. The workers there made it seem effortless, not to mention they always enjoyed working there. When I was younger, there was an Empress, and she always treated the people as if they were on the same social level as she was, or as a friend. To me, she treated me like she was my mother, spending time with me when she could while making sure my brother and I didn't destroy everything while we were there. The Empress was one of the kindest leaders the nation had ever seen, especially after her father's rule, where he only focused on Tiankong than any of the villages or cities, to make it wealthy and prosperous. The Empress made it one of her main priorities to care for the whole nation, and that's what she did. As I grew, the Empress' brother claimed the throne when the Empress passed during a factory explosion. "Everyone knew that he was not like his sister in personality, but he ruled the way she intended: looking after his family and the people before anything else. He and the former Empress always said that when the people were happy, they tended to look after their families and the cities they lived in better than if they were to rule with an iron fist. And the Emperor did, going from village to village, city to city, making sure that the people knew that he was there to take care of them. After the former Empress and Emperor's father's rule, the people weren't sure about the them making sure they were content and making sure that the poor's needs were fulfilled. What they did was untraditional, but as the Emperor continued to do so, they grew more comfortable and ended up prospering. One of the greatest leaders in the whole nation, and his sister." Q didn't meet Ellis' gaze, a few tears tracing their way down her face. "It was beautiful, Ellis," she said, her voice down to a soft whisper, "more beautiful than I could ever describe."
  21. "My home?" Longing appeared in her eyes, but was quickly smothered. "It's... far away from here. I doubt you've ever heard of it."
  22. "'Ness'? Oh, Highness." She shook her head. "Just talked about home and family."
  23. "I can tell," she replied softly, seeming distracted.
  24. At first, Q hesitated. She considered for a moment, then rolled her eyes, fighting off a smirk as she took his arm. Q looked back. “Melody, Gerald, you coming?” she called out. @Condensation @xinoehp512
  25. Don’t mean that Q knows where we at :pp “Lead the way,” she repeated.