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    For the first time in a month, I’m finally happy
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    Sometimes I do require aim assist.
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    I see Q too. One of my favorite characters to write.
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    Home away from home, which is home, and can be classified as home, a.k.a. Home
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    To get through 2020: The Sequel alive.

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About Me

So yeah, I'm here. I mainly like the role-playing that's done here, because everyone here is so flippn' talented when it comes to that. So it's safe to assume that most of my status updates are little bits of writing that I make for some role-plays. If I'm active here, though, that means that I'm procrastinating my work. Another thing that y'all should know about me is that my humor can be very dry, so take most everything I say with a grain of salt; unless it's with role-plays, because I've noticed that I can get pretty serious so... •3•

If any of y'all want to contact me outside of the Shard, I have a Discord that I'm pretty active on when I'm procrastinating as well. I change my name every so often so keep an eye on that.
My Discord username usually is something like: JackofAllFandoms#8577

Unrelated note: Either of these GIFs on my cover art or below will march to the beat of any song that you listen to, score music included. Like, it's kind of concerning.
A few of the songs I've tested it with: MAMA by j-hope, Hey, Soul Sister by Train, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen, The Blackthorn from the Kaladin Soundtrack, Leaves from the Vine from Avatar: The Last Airbender, Coconut Mall from MarioKart Wii, Thunder by Imagine Dragons, Criminal by Taemin, and many more that I won't list. >.>