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  1. Happy birthday <3

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. For all of y’all’s consideration: Any of the Cosmere books, but an anime.

    Pro 1: The characters would translate well to the anime art styles; like there would be a different art style for each series, like Mistborn would have a style similar to “Bungou Stray Dogs” while Stormlight would have a style similar to.. I dunno, “Demon Slayer” or something.


    Exhibit A


    Some accidental concept art of Kaladin Stormblessed by me from this past Inktober



    Exhibit B


    Some more accidental concept art of Vin by me from this past Inktober



    Exhibit B 1/2


    Tarrlok from “Legend of Korra” already looks like Kaladin. Just add a shash brand and it would be him.


    .. actually, lemme just






    Pro 2: Fight scenes would look heccn’ cool! Think of Mistborn; it’s already basically anime if you think about it: Big swords, logic-defying jumps, captivating storyline, many characters, and metal. Lots of metal.

    Sadly, I cannot animate and I can’t think of any anime fight scenes off the top of my head that would fit, but I have a feeling that “Attack on Titan” fight scenes give off that vibe; I’ve yet to see the anime because I am very much lazy, so maybe ask someone else.


    Pro 3: Our favorite characters would have hot anime art to go with it. If I could word this better, I would; but I think y’all would get the main idea.


    Pro 4: Sanderson wouldn’t be constrained to find live-action actors that look like the Cosmere cast as it would just be drawn and animated. Like seriously: How can authors pass up animation for that? Seems like too much of a headache to even attempt.


    Pro 5: The humor in the books would be funny in anime format loll. Imagine Kaladin becoming more chibi when Shallan does the boots thing; imagine the expressions and the memes that could come out of that. I not realize that this is a long shot, but eh; worth a shot anyways.


    Pro 6: Wouldn’t have to condense a 600+ page book into an hour an a half or more movie. I know that Sanderson plans on having a live-action show, but ya know.


    Pro 7 though i think this is personal tasteEverything sounds cooler in Japanese. Seriously. Go to your settings on a movie or show and switch it to Japanese; the audio won’t be synced up with the lips, but it would sounds way cooler.



    And the cons:

    Con 1: Sanderson has already said that he plans on having a live-action show for at least Stormlight Archive and probably Mistborn. I think that explains itself.


    Con 2: Anime does take a whole hecc of a lot of work to put into. I dunno if y’all hear what kind of labor goes on at anime studios when they are making an anime, but it certainly is a trip, and less favorable with certain studios. Animation takes a lot, and it would most likely had to be hand-drawn on a computer or something along those lines.


    Con 3: Anime takes a lot of money too. Though some (maybe most, idk) anime studios do not pay their animators well and focus it to other things that can depend on the studio, that’s a lot of cash going into this thing that people might not even like, which brings me to…


    Con 4: Not everyone likes anime. I know some people who can’t get into anime because of the art style or other assorted reasons, and the same might apply to the Sanderfans if Sanderson decides to scrap the live-action idea and do anime; might not be a worthy thing to invest in.



    I’m sure that there are more cons, but I can’t think of any right now. I was thinking about this because I finally have been sitting down and reading Elantris for the first time. Anyways, ima go back to that and might just disappear again lolll.

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    2. Justice_Magician


      I would literally be so happy if we got a Cosmere anime

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      Flaming Coinshot

      It'd be pretty cool 

  4. Oh yeah, I will *disappears for a month again*
  5. Been dealing with a migraine for the past two days or so (which has been thankfully been getting better), but it’s been an adventure where my brain and eyes wanted to stab themselves :)) But I figure that I should share some of le thingys I made over the past almost month before I disappear again
  6. In the middle of a migraine for the past day or two.
  7. Generally speaking, yeah. If we allow ourselves to wallow in self-pity or being in the pits of the pits, that’s where we’re going to stay for the next however long; however, it is never too late to look up and forward to the future. Little steps to achieving that brighter future are everything; you may make a huge step every once in a while, but it’s the little decisions that lead up to those big and grand life-changing steps. There basically one direction you can go when you’ve stopped, and that’s forward. You can try to go back or move off to the side, but you won’t achieve that brighter future and hope if you do that.
  8. "I dunno, Ranfast. I think the name suits you," she commented as she tapped her cane a few times. "Although, I guess we'll see as time goes on." Kasha leaned forward on her cane, watching the Honqip man disappear, then looking around the small lobby area. Definitely was the person she thought it was. Vague memories of seeing this building when she was in this part of town last crossed her mind, and also memories of not giving it much attention came as well. Kasha never had motivation or intention to ever come in, and it was about what she expected... not that she was expecting something grand and elegant from this part of the City Region. Obtaining a building––of three stories, no less––in this sketchy part of Validus must have been a miracle from Vrual and Knali Themselves. She must have gotten on good terms with the High Autarch. Kasha looked towards Alyxa, tilting her head ever so slightly. Hmm... relatively good terms. "Sounds wonderful, Miss Tantel!" she said, smiling as she took a step forward. "And I hope that you will address Iduno's question when we get there..?"
  9. "That's fair," she said with a shrug, tailing after them. "How far is your office, by the way? If you don't mind me asking."
  10. "I never said I did any of those options; I was only freely suggesting." Kasha tilted her head at the man. "Perhaps if you been around these alleys as long as I have, you would understand." Kasha clicked her tongue a couple times, winking as she pointed at Alyxa. "There you go; I like you. Finally someone who can at least try to see. I wasn't telling a fib, though; just providing more perspectives on the situation. With more perspectives, you have more understanding... or you're just more confused; no in between, unfortunately, from my experience, at least. "Now––" Kasha set her cane down "––I'm not the leader of this band of misfits, and I know this has been mentioned before and I think I should emphasize on it, but we should probably get going before someone assumes the wrong of us: That we all helped our dear friend on the ground take a nap."