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  1. Q cocked her head. "Don't you need a waffle iron of some sort to make waffles?"
  2. Hello there! Welcome to the chaos Shard! Nice of you to join us, lol. Couple of questions so we can break the ice: Who's your favorite Cosmere character(s) and what you would say your favorite Brandon Sanderson book is? It doesn't matter if the book is Cosmere or not, lol.
  3. "If you say so," she said, smiling slightly.
  4. She gave him a glare, before smiling ever so slightly and taking his arm. "You thought it was nice seeing me in 'the zone' of the exercise?" she asked, giving him a raised eyebrow.
  5. "Didn't help that I was getting into the zone of the exercise," she said, pulling away after a second.
  6. Q let out a breath, before nodding. "We probably should after all the calories that we've burned... or I burned."
  7. The sword pulsed with light as Q looked down at it. She closed her eyes, the blade dissipating into smoke, it trailing away like a pile of sand in the wind. She didn't answer for what seemed like a while, her eyes showing so much yet so little at the same time. "Yes," she said, a single tear tracing its' way down her face. "You have to know that Huoyan still meant... means a lot to me, even if he's gone."
  8. "Ask, and I might answer," she repeated.
  9. "Sometimes it's good not to remember," she said with a hint of wistfulness in her voice. "But I understand what you're saying."
  10. A sad smile appeared on her face. Her sword started to glow a sad, but soft blue. "He was my best friend; probably the person I loved the most, besides my family," she said. "Because of the decisions I made long ago, he's gone. He died in my arms, in... my work place."
  11. "I don't know if you can," she admitted. Her blade pulsed with soft light on the ground. "But I'm willing for you to try. It can't hurt to try..."
  12. Q stood there, frozen and unsure what to do. Her eyes flickered from her sapphire to a black, before settling on sapphire. Her grip loosened from her glowing blade, as it fell to the ground with a clatter, not even dissipating into smoke. She eventually returned the hug, starting to sob quietly into his shoulder.
  13. "How do you know that?" she asked simply. "I've heard that phrase many times, and the oaths associated with them broken with a few simple actions. I want to believe you, but..." She lowered her head and closed her eyes.
  14. Q stood there for a moment, taking in deep breaths. She wiped the tears with a shaky hand, controlling her breaths. She glanced back, raised her blade, then met his blade with her own.
  15. She didn't pause in her exercise, but she did hesitate in replying. Her blade glowed a more vibrant blue, reflecting on whatever emotion she was feeling. "I did, to some greater or lesser degree," she finally said. "I haven't been with someone like that in a long time, but at the same time..." Q didn't finish her sentence, jabbing the air with vigor. She looked to be considering her words before starting to say something. "I want to have a good time, but times in past has left me with issues. The last time I had feelings for someone, they ended up dead in my arms, while I did nothing to stop it." Her blade glowed brighter. "People have took me under their wing, only for them to stab me in the back after what I did for them. They made me think that they cared for me, but in reality, they didn't care if I lived or died. They only used me as a stepping stool to get where they wanted to go, leaving me with trust issues and with... flashbacks to whenever I'm experiencing the same thing." She gritted her teeth, suddenly going a bit faster. She continued to step forward, getting a bit farther than Ellis as she started to thrust her bright blade in the air. "I don't want to see you hurt, or worse, because of me. I don't want to experience the same thing, only with a new person. I don't want to hurt again. I do care about you, more than you realize. I want to care for you as you do for me, but at the same time..." Tears welled up in her eyes, but she continued to jab the air. "I don't want to see you hurt. I want to trust you more, but I don't want that to be yours or my downfall. I don't want you to end up like Huoyan. I don't want you to be killed because of me, because I care!" And with that, Q finished the exercise with one final thrust, tears streaming down her face. Her blade fell down at her side, practically a beacon with how bright it was glowing, and she kept her back towards Ellis. Her knuckles were white from gripping the sword tightly, and she continued to do so.