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  1. fellowship of the thing

    Aria slid the chocolates over to her, smiling as she started to walk out. She looked up at a few of the new voices, and landed her gaze on Judi. Recognition flickered in her eyes, but was snuffed out as soon as she realized that it wasn’t who she was looking for. Shaking her head, Aria opened her chocolates and popped one in her mouth, her smile growing bigger.
  2. fellowship of the thing

    Aria smiled warmly, though the tiniest hint of sadness showed through. "It's because I miss him." She dug into her pockets, pulling out a few magenta colored slips of paper with a stranger's face on them. "I hope you accept Kajtaniakian currency. It's what they would've cost back home."
  3. fellowship of the thing

    She didn't take the boxes, unsure as she looked up at him. "Are you sure? I can pay for it. I really don't believe that people give something to me for free."
  4. fellowship of the thing

    Her eyes filled with shock as she saw the boxes of chocolates, but they softened into a smile as her gaze fell upon the familiar chocolates. "Aria," she said in reply to his question, a single tear tracing its way down her face. Aria caught herself, laughing softly as she wiped away the tear. "Sorry, it's just that I haven't seen these chocolates since... I haven't seen them since..." Her voice and laughter trailed off, sadness replacing the awkwardness. Aria shook herself again, laughing. "Sorry again. Memories always come at a bad time. Anyways, how much are you asking?
  5. fellowship of the thing

    "Chocolate, made fresh by the Atlas family. The ones where they melt into creamy goodness and all you can think about is how happy you are," she said in a distant voice, remembering something or someone. The girl shook herself, laughing awkwardly. "Sorry, I guess that I just miss home and being able to... nevermind."
  6. fellowship of the thing

    The girl looked from the outside back to the candy, weighing the options that would affect her lifetime, then shrugged as she approached the counter. "Alright then, what'dya got? Besides the specials."
  7. fellowship of the thing

    The door opened, a jingle from bells following not that far after. A young woman looked up, brushing her cream sweater and dark brown hair out of the way as she pushed round rose gold rimmed glasses up her nose. She surveyed the room, looking for something with no avail. Looking crest-fallen, she rubbed her hands together, then waved. "Excuse me?" she asked, an awkward smile appearing on her lips. "Has there, by any chance, been a girl here? A bit older than me, dark blue hair that goes past the jawline a bit?"
  8. Keep all your drafts. One of the most important rules of being a writer. There probably is some mistakes that you made in past drafts, but if you keep and reference them as you keep drafting, you will overcome those mistakes and become a better writer. There are some drafts of some writing I made years and I'm not joking when I say "years" ago that I keep around, so I can see what more I can do. One of the main worlds I've been working on has been in the works for almost five years now and i can't believe it's been five; it feels longer. I still have the very first official draft of what I wanted the books to be, even though I did not get too far about nineteen pages before I had to stop and think about it some more since flying by the seat of my pants wasn't working for me. I have the second official draft from about four years ago, and it's better than the first one since I thought about it some more, but even now there are some things I don't like about it. I'm pretty sure that there are some more drafts that I most likely tossed because I didn't get far in them meaning one or two pages, and I sat back and didn't do much about it, keeping it on the back burner as something I might do in the future. Now, I made a new world for it. I was going to have it be on Earth, but I enjoy it better when it's in my own creation and in my world. As of right now, I'm on the fourth official idk how many actually draft of the worldbuilding, that I've been trying to force myself to sit down and do. Once you get to this amount of drafts, you just want it to be over, but there are some serious reworks I need to do lol. I haven't started to actually write what book I want to, because I'm still figuring out characters, their arcs, where I want them to be at the end of the story, their personalities, how they fit into the story I want to tell, and all that jazz. Moral of the story: Keep the drafts to remember what you're fighting/writing for.
  9. I tend to hit hard with the grammar, lol. Anyone of my irl friends can tell ya that. If you ever have questions about grammar… idk, I’m not a professional and only took a class about it, while learning some things as I’ve been writing over the years. K, yes, I get that he’s getting a grip on his abilities, but lemme remind you: No one comes out of the womb solving geometry, world hunger, or whatever the heck the Karens are doing. I am a bit of a hypocrite, because I also love to have fun with abilities before actually thinking about how my characters took the steps to get there; but I found out that I love to create a backstory for my characters and the steps they took to get where they are now. It can be tedious, but they end up being amazing characters and people tend to love them the most at least, that’s what I’m thinking what happening with Q/Yulong; people kinda just love her and idk why. Maybe I’m doing something right lol. I was talking to a friend of mine irl a few hours ago about this, and he agreed that power leveling is something you can’t just give to a character all at once, but let them take the journey to find out their powers. Those end up becoming a better story and people end up loving it more. I’m not sure if you play D&D, but I’ll make an analogy: As a spellcaster at first level, you are only allowed cantrips and a couple of first level spells but I could be totally wrong about that, since I haven’t played a spellcaster in a while. You don’t have access to all the cool spells––like Fireball––at first level, but you have to work your way through the levels to achieve it, so you can burn a town you hate because the stupid manager won’t give you the money they owed you five sessions ago, and you could really use–– *ahem* Sorry. Getting ahead of myself. My point is that everyone needs to have arcs with their power leveling. You can’t make gods out of people who are supposed to be mortal in the first few paragraphs. “Getting a grip” on his abilities is cool and all, but doing it overtime will make people savor it more and become more attached to the character. And who knows? Maybe they might even relate themselves to the character.
  10. Just let me know if I get too carried away with any feedback meaning if I start to hurt your feelings or something like that, 'cause I tend to be very gritty with grammar on any feedback about writing. I'll put both positive and negative if there are any, I'm sure you did a beautiful job in here. Take this all with a grain of salt, since I am not a professional and this is my honest opinion as someone who has a bit of experience with writing some stuff. Most of this will be grammatical stuff, lol. If it'll help you, you can go to my status' to make some critiques heaven knows I need them. I'll write more feedback when I get to reading it, meaning that there will be editing involved in this comment. I'll do it one chapter at a time. I still do have a life outside the Shard, lol. Chapter 1