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  1. In the livestream last night Brandon said that Nightblood was incapable of consuming a full Shard.
  2. I saw that everyone's comments referring to it were being deleted but I didn't make the connection until he said that haha
  3. So I don't have everything organized enough to make a full post but my major takeaways from the stream (spoilers for RoW & other cosmere books below): 1. Nightblood is not a Dawnshard. 2. The man with the red Aviar that was killed was a Feruchemist keeping watch over Dalinar. 3. Broken Radiant oaths before the Recreance didn't result in deadeyes. 4. Renarin has a tentative crush on Rlain (thanks to Adam for confirming!) 5. Historically there's never been more than three Bondsmiths at one time. He didn't say anything about the Bondsmiths being specifically bonded to the Stormfather, Nightwatcher, and Sibling, so there could've been other sentient spren that bonded (Ba-Ado-Mishram...maybe?). 6. There's something significant about how Tien's wooden horse and Wit's flute got to the shop at the end of RoW, but that isn't necessarily connected to the owner of said shop. and... (MB spoilers) I'm so happy that he did this! This was my first Sanderson livestream & it was fun to see everyone's questions.
  4. I wasn't fully paying attention to the livestream until he said this and I dropped my phone
  5. Hey there! What's your favorite cosmere book/who's your favorite character? Glad you signed up!
  6. Me too! I just can't read it in my head as Mo-Ash.
  7. Maybe he'll reverse the process, like splitting one shard up into two vs. combining two shards into one.
  8. Wouldn't it be crazy if the last words of SA 1-5 were something along the lines of "Szeth-son-son Vallano, Truthless of Shinovar, wore white on the day he killed a king"? The entire first five books would be a ketek.
  9. Just an idea, but could she have maybe been a Bondsmith spren at one point? Or is that exclusive to The Stormfather, Nightwalker, and Sibling?
  10. That's a really good idea! If it isn't in the Spiritual Realm, I wonder where all that inert Investiture is.
  11. I love this theory! I can't wait to see if this plays out in the back 5.
  12. I thought it was interesting in RoW that Venli referred to Nomon as "Honor's Moon". Since Roshar has three moons, I figured that each corresponds to a different Shard in the system. So, Salas probably connects to Odium and Mishim to Cultivation. I double-checked on the Coppermind and found this: The colors of the moons all correspond to the colors of Investiture associated with the Shards as well (Voidlight, Stormlight, and Lifelight). My theory is that, as Investiture comes in three states of matter, the Shards' godmetals (solid) can be found on the moons. However, the Coppermind says that a lot of Investiture concentrated in one location tends to create a Perpendicularity, and I haven't found anything in the books that points to a moon being one. But is it possible to reach them through Shadesmar? Additionally, since the moons appear to be placed artificially, they could've been formed at the time that Honor, Cultivation, and Odium settled in the system. Sorry if someone's already thought of this!
  13. That'd be super interesting if that's the case.
  14. Why would it be beneficial to give the Fused metalminds?
  15. I think the fact that swearing Radiant oaths in the vicinity of a Herald will temporarily restore their sanity is going to be important next book.