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  1. Did the people of Scadrial know about all of the main 16 metals before the Lord Ruler came to power?
  2. What a wonderful depiction of a ruby broam
  3. You could do a sphere with stormlight in it, or a Pattern. I think the ones you've made so far are really cool!
  4. Granted, but it's banned in your country for excessive song and dance sequences. I wish for a delicious chicken caesar salad that i can eat right now!
  5. @Nathrangking Ok, thank you! I had not heard about that potential release, so that's good to know. @Jozomby So far, I'm feeling about the same. It's very obviously an early Sanderson novel to me, and doesn't have the same "magic" as his published works. I have not read WoK prime, but if I end up liking Dragaonsteel maybe I will
  6. After six months on the wait list, I was lucky and got Brandon's honor thesis Dragonsteel from the BYU library. I've read about four chapters so far, but I thought I would check with the shard- are there any major spoilers in this book? I've read through almost all published works, but if Dragonsteel is going to spoil future books or cosmere secrets, I'm not sure I want to read it. In addition to that, is it necessarily good? I know that some aspects of the book were lifted and added to other books (Bride 4 and tWoK). Any opinions would be appreciated
  7. I looked for a thread of this already and couldn't find one crazy! My brother started the Way of Kings the first week of January and he's already on RoW (what the heck - -;) and he texted me this one today: "If Szeth was a surgeon instead of Kaladin, he would use a Szethescope." Love that kid.
  8. I can't give anymore rep points today lol, but I think you're on to something!
  9. Lirin and the Nightmother... yikes lol I think that at the very least it's likely that Brandon wrote it this way on purpose, in order to show parallels between Dalinar and Lirin. Both are father figures to Kaladin, and there are other minor similarities. However, though Dalinar and Lirin both protect others and seek an end to the war, they have different personal morals. I really enjoy the contrast, and I think it also shows that Lirin truly is a good man with good intentions.
  10. I don't know much about Sleepless, but they have "bodies" made of cremlings as well, right? Purple blood.
  11. @AquaRegia couldn't have said it better. They're all great!
  12. What's your 3000th post going to be? :)

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    2. Bearer of all agonies

      Bearer of all agonies

      It was a few memes. . . They weren’t that good. 


    3. Not an Ookla

      Not an Ookla

      GRATS ON 3000 POSTS!

      (although I missed it by 2)

    4. Bearer of all agonies

      Bearer of all agonies

      Sorry for disappearing. 

  13. Why thank you! I would say either Devotion or Cultivation.
  14. Ideas with "H": Keeper/Knowledge of Hallowed Truth, Hymns of Wisdom/Woe I'm a fan of KoWT, but I'm not opposed to tossing some H in there. Like @Jofwu said, it's a nice nod to in-world ketek symmetry More ideas for K: Kharbranth, Ketek More ideas for T: Taravangian,