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  1. Hello and welcome!
  2. Note: This post was before I was out of the closet yet I'm trans
  3. The Way of Kings - 5 Words of Radiance - 2 Edgedancer - 5 Oathbringer - 8 Dawnshard - 4 Rhythm of War - 4 Mistborn: The Final Empire - 6 The Hero of Ages - 6 The Alloy of Law - 2 The Bands of Mourning - 4 Secret History - 5 Elantris - 7 Warbreaker - 6 The Emperor's Soul - 6 Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell - 5 Sixth of the Dusk - 5 Arcanum Unbounded - 2 hurt WoR Heal Elantris
  4. Welcome to the shard!
  5. Era 2
  6. sorry it breaks over about a month I'll try to post it again
  7. @FriarFritz favorite cosmere character?
  8. halp Kelsier has invaded Hogwarts again


    1. More Cynical Than Funny

      More Cynical Than Funny

      really my sister stole my lego kelsier again and I found him inside of the  whomping willow at lego hogwarts

  9. Discord without any context
  10. Mild SA + Lord of the Rings #2
  11. Here me out

    Era 2 Marsh = Grim Reaper

    Scadrial probably has some form of Halloween like holiday

    Little kids dress up as Marsh for Halloween

    Headcanon: Marsh dresses up as himself and hands out candy to little kids dressed up as himself


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    2. More Cynical Than Funny

      More Cynical Than Funny

      its sacrilegious to dress as Kelsier because you see no little kids dressed up as Jesus running around on earth

    3. Chinkoln


      They do in other countries actually

    4. More Cynical Than Funny

      More Cynical Than Funny

      interesting! (apply that last comment to america only)

  12. Steris harms (for @FriarFritz)