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  1. I can't see it can you post the link?
  2. I really like Mushu *Glances at my most recent most in Sanderson memes* Mushu is my favorite Disney Character
  3. When your sister puts in the phrase "How to draw Kellsir" (She spelt it that way it's meant to be Kelsier) into Google because she knows you draw him a lot and you want to improve your drawing skills.
  4. And how he smited me for making LGBTQ+ ships.
  5. It shocked me so hard! I was looking forward for when Kell shows up in Misborn Era 78.
  6. RoW
  7. Teacher: Use a fidget you do to help you get personality and emotion into your main character Me: You don't want me do do this. Teacher: Just try Narrative Essay: Alexa is probably gossiping about me right now. Spreading things that are not true and false. I thought. The thought brought shivers up to my spine. As an instinct I tried to shove my left hand into my sleeve this was made harder considering I was wearing short sleeves. Frustrated and stressed I walked over to my back pack and pulled out my cardigan that has dozens of ribbons tightly sewn onto it. As soon as I put on the cardigan I felt a strong sense of strength and hope. I shoved my hand into my pocket. I found my cats-eye marbles. I liked to pretend that the marbles had a real gemstone in it and I could take the magic out of it and do things like create illusions, fly, and see the future.
  8. Guys I tried to Kvothe from Name Of The Wind (by Patrick Rothfuss) and he turned into a red haired Hoid.
  9. Remember when Hoid finally managed to kill Kelsier?
  10. @More Cynical Than Funny
  11. Warbreaker Stormlight Mistborn #1 Hmmm I really like Mushu it turns out
  12. Yes! Are we going with RoW Odium or OB?
  13. That perfectly describes what I put together. Before we can continue the topic I think that we need to figure out what is the definition of dead, undead, and Alive.