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  1. (here is the link )
  2. Welcome to the shard! if you could kill one character who would it be?
  3. Storming crem right now. Its failed many a more time. I'm trying on another commission for the moment. I'll be back tho.
  4. Tom Sawyer
  5. I liked it when Syl killed Kaladin and Shallan personaly.
  6. Bla bla bla 1,000th post bla bla bla


    Dear Hoidaladin,

    I'm going to need to have you start paying rent for living in my head.

    Best wishes,


    1. Doomstick


      Bla bla bla 1,000th post bla bla bla


      *glances at the 999*


    2. More Cynical Than Funny

      More Cynical Than Funny

      huh. I thought the status would count to the counter weird.

  7. Dusts!
  8. Take a cartoon character and then spike them with hemalurgy to give them magic.
  9. Welcome to the shard! If you could give one cartoon character a hemalurgic power what character would it be?
  10. I know Its really rough. I would never give out something and call it done when it is this insane state
  11. very very very rough
  12. hehe (Art by me)
  13. Join the club!. Same here, I dont really care what pronouns you give me
  14. These are amazing! What program do you use @Ciridae? RoW
  15. okay but please. I need a base to work off of expectation (also that took 20 hours just for the face)