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  1. Kiss Jewels Marry Sazed (expect divorce within a few months) Kill Wikim Dalinar, renarin, adolin
  2. Kiss Dox, Marry Ham kill Clubs Tanavast, Bavadin, Leras
  3. Kiss hoid, Mary Shallan kill Lemex Hrathen, Raoden, Sarene
  4. *pokes head out of retirement*

    The best thing that ever happened to me in my life just happened but first you need context.

    I was just introduced to one of the best fantasy series that I have read. Cradle, by Will Wight. My dad once again forced me to do art so I drew this 61e8bf2525412_NewDrawing(1).thumb.png.6d1616e17a8b5fa8c88a614edd7a8d2a.png

    I did the logical thing and posted it on reddit.

    Then the author responded


    *internal screaming intensifies*

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    2. #1 Taln Fan

      #1 Taln Fan

      So amazing! You captured Eithan beautifully. Which book are you on? Or have you read all of them? I’m on Ghostwater

    3. King of the Oreo

      King of the Oreo

      I'm on underlord right now. Ghostwater is sooooo good

    4. King of the Oreo

      King of the Oreo

      My dad is still bugging me so expect more art in the future

  5. I didn't show it to you?
  6. I need a cosmere drag queen name I have Sue Susbron and thats it.

    1. DoomStick


      Hoid (on a horse)

    2. King of the Oreo

      King of the Oreo

      Yesss that is beautiful 

  7. sorry for the late response i just saw this but i want a cat and maybe a few fish
  8. Commissions are closed
  9. Regarding my previous statement

    Some exceptions exclusions may apply

    1. Anything for school
    2. A webcomic (Trans Enough For You. I deleted it a while back) my therapist made me do it. It will dropping on the 1st of march

    I may post teasers and the such but I don't know. No commissions no requests, no cosmere, no nothing.


    1. King of the Oreo

      King of the Oreo

      I also have a backlog of art i've never posted on the forums so you'll have that too

  10. You will not have any more art from me.

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    2. Sequence


      Your art brings light where there is darkness.

    3. Chinkoln


      We’ve been over this before. YOU ARE AMAZING. WE VALUE YOU. YOU ARE TALENTED!!!!!

    4. JesterLavorre


      That’s totally fine if it makes you happier, but remember you can do art just because you enjoy it without it needing to be good. The product doesn’t have to be the art, it can be your own happiness when drawing it.

      Also, I do enjoy your art, but that is totally subjective.

  11. Dear preservation its that time again
  12. Hoid and Pattern
  13. From the album king's terrible Stormlight art

  14. Art trade time! (this time with @Ookla the Frog )

    Rhythm of war spoilers 




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    2. Ookla the Theoretical
    3. Sequence


      That one image just made my day.

    4. AonEne


      I love every single one of them, this is great :lol:

  15. Any interest in some time doing an art trade?