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  1. Thanks for clarifying my doubts! Are they still the same as in SA? You know, Jezrien, Nale, Pailiah... Although I do know that Taln is a PoV recurring character. I find it strange that it does not appear. At that point, Brandon had already created Hoid and put him in Elantris (which he wrote in 1999.) Jek is still the assassin, as well as Szeth?
  2. Personally, I think the contest of Champions will be the end of the first or second part of the book. I don't think Sanderson would make a 1300+ page book to just narrate Gavilar's prologue, Szeth flashbacks, ten days only and an epilogue. I don't know how the contest could end, but I suppose it will leave a lot ahead for the rest of the book ... and hopefully a battle similar to the Battle of Narak or Thaylen City, with a victory for the protagonists but at a high cost. (Dalinar Fused?) I also think the ending could be like WoA, but related to Ba-Ado-Mishram obviously.
  3. Well, I have not yet fully learned English, I am far from level enough to read a manuscript as long as this book is. So I wanted to see if someone could help me by answering various questions about the book. (I don't care about spoilers for this one, because it's non-canon and besides, I'll still read it one day.) The questions are: In what places does the plot take place? (TWoK takes place in Shattered Plains and Kharbranth.) What important or recurring SA characters don't exist here on TWoK Prime? What is the role of the Heralds here? Are the Shards or Adonalsium named? (Very improbable, I know.) Hoid appears? And if so, what role does he have? What is the climax of the book? (In TWoK it is the Battle of the Tower.) Does Stormfather exist? (I know there is no spren in this book, but it is still a doubt.) Which characters are better here than in SA, and vice versa? I would be infinitely grateful if someone could clarify all those doubts for me!
  4. Thanks!! I was practicing with the Sponge brush and I was able to apply it well. It took me hours to get the practice, but now I already made a couple of covers with this style. Well, the AU in most formats that I have seen, it brings those symbols of the SH parts but in black. In red there is only the ebook published by Dragonsteel, because most Dragonsteel books have those details in color (red for the SH ebook, and Era I in leatherbound; blue for the Dawnshard and TWoK Prime ebooks, and TWoK in leatherbound, for example). On the Luthadel map, Kredik Shaw appears with the same symbol. The color map and the old map. I'm excited to see the TFE Prime cover with the Kredik Shaw logo!
  5. Thanks!! I have already corrected the error and updated the image
  6. Thanks! I'm going to give it a try and when I have some done in Spanish I'll upload them here at the Shard. And with the logos, I also put it with the color and apply the gradient and sponge? What is the format of your AU? If it's paperback, it's probably like the Cosmere image, which is only on hardcover. And I got the logo from my Secret History e-book, it's red and in GIF format. The bad thing about these logos in GIF is that they go crazy and the background turns black hahaha, but I think that converting them in GIMP to PNG format, it could work better and then color it. I find it strange that it is not in the Coppermind, because there is all the Steel Alphabet and almost all the logos that Isaac makes. The logo:
  7. Hey! The new covers are really beautiful. I've been using GIMP for days, and I would like to know if you could tell me how you put the texture to the logos and text, because they look the same as the TWoK Prime cover, and I would like to try to make these covers in Spanish, although probably none of the Sanderson Curiosities will be translated in the future. Also, even though I haven't read The Final Empire Prime, would putting the Kredik Shaw symbol on it would be in context? It is precisely the symbol of the second part of Secret History: "Well".
  8. Hey! I did this cover for The Hope of Elantris, using Sam Green's cover art for Elantris in the UK. What do you think? Any questions or comments are welcome. Thanks!
  9. I know, I know. Although I really feel like The Set is kind of lazy as villains (or maybe I'm just thinking of Mr. Suit and Telsin), but I think the organization can look a whole lot more interesting and credible if we see a little bit of Trell and his main lackeys, to make him credible as a threat to Harmony in the future in Era 3. (Because after all, Harmony's greatest enemy is having two diametrically opposed Shards, but overall it should be easy for him to take down an... ┬┐avatar?, of another Shard, as maybe it is Trell)
  10. I would definitely like to see a longer appearance from Hoid, at least like Warbreaker's. Also, I wish that at least The Set is totally defeated, it seems to me quite lazy compared to the secret organizations of Roshar and the entire Cosmere. Ahhh, and obviously Mr. There's always another secret. The truth is that despite so many years of waiting with TLM, I find it much more exciting with all the information we have had with the latest Cosmere books. Also, hopefully TLM can also get Isaac to write Nazh and Nicki Sauvage novel haha
  11. I think it couldn't be Spook. If he is alive, I firmly believe that he is the second in command of the Ghostbloods, so the Shallan / Mraize issue then should not make any sense if in the same building you have a VERY more important member of the organization
  12. Personally, I think the back half of SA will always be in Roshar, but that it will have constant references to the Cosmere (as in RoW), more constant appearances from worldhoppers and that some main characters are at least a little bit aware of the Cosmere
  13. Well, Kelsier is looking to get out of Scadrial, but that doesn't take away from the fact that one of his goals is to protect the planet Exactly. At this point in time, Kelsier is still pretty much the same as we've seen on TFE and SH, there would be no reason to think that he's unstable and crazy for being a CS (like the Fused and Heralds) since he's basically only lived 5% of the time that the Heralds and Fused
  14. Yesterday I finished my rereading of RoW, so I have some opinions: 1. The first part was too tedious and feels disconnected from the rest of the book, but I still find it necessary. 2. Adolin has become one of the best characters in SA, I enjoyed his PoV much more than Shallan's. 3. Brandon owes us in the fifth book, plus participation from Dalinar, Szeth, Jasnah, Lift and Rysn. 4. The book lacked comic moments, even being the book where Wit appears the most. 5. Chapter 111 should have been separated into two chapters, one with what happened in Urithiru and the other with what happened in Dalinar and Ishar. It was anticlimactic to have both intertwined in a single chapter, both chapters being action, and not laid back like 116, for example. 6. Mraize's actions do not make Thaidakar a villain. Thaidakar is a questionable person, but Mraize is simply despicable and is definitely the person that Thaidakar would punch, but it turns out that he is one of his lackeys. 7. Dalinar has heard the term "Adonalsium" since WoK thanks to Wit, Stormfather, maybe Ash, and now Ishar. But still, it never asks what or who Adonalsium is, and it's frustrating because anyone would react with curiosity and ask what that term means. 8. Zahel totally disappeared after his conversation with Kaladin. I just hope he and Azure appear in the fifth book. Likewise, I loved the book and sometimes how heavy it is, and it was OB, we can justify it with that they are the middle point of the saga. WoR still seems like the best of the 4, but I'm sure the fifth will be the best
  15. @Bearer of Agonies @LewsTherinTelescope I did my research on Coppermind and Arcanum, and this is what I got. He doesn't talk about a pact (I apologize for that again) but he does hint at an alliance or something similar between Rayse and Bavadin, I guess based on the possible involvement of Autonomy in the battle of Odium against D&D