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  1. R and L are actually more similar than most people think, at least when it comes to pronunciation. Here's a 3 minute video by Tom Scott on a similar topic. His Language Files videos are pretty good. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ld3A3QCpXd4 As someone who doesn't consider religion to be unreasonable, really? I agree that the new definition is not quite as good of a match for how I use the term, but Oxford has to describe how a planet's worth of people are using a particular word. For that matter, I'd probably change the old definition myself if given the chance. Language is fuzzy, and I can't help but feel that you're reaching a little
  2. Oh please. You think English was created intentionally? English was the result of mugging other languages in dark alleyways, rifling through their pockets and stealing whatever we happened to find. The French. Well, the Franco-Normans. The real question is why we decided to pronounce colonel as "kernel."
  3. (emphasis added) What's to say that there is no bead version of the ship? Instead of the bead of your clothes being replaced by your clothes when you travel into the cognitive realm, what if the physical an cognitive aspects merge into one. I think @Realmatic Shadow had the right idea. Your hypothetical ship in the cognitive realm wouldn't need some external cognitive version of itself to develop an identity. So long as it is in the cognitive realm it is perfectly capable of developing an identity itself. What it would look/sound like to communicate with the identity of the ship like Shallan did, that I don't know.
  4. Welcome! And don't worry, we were all there at some point. People here are generally pretty good about spoilers, but if I were you I'd try and read Mistborn: Secret History soon, as that's the kind of thing someone could easily spoil without realizing it, just because it's so interconnected with Mistborn Era 1. What did you think about Wax and Wayne after Era 1? Some people didn't like the change in setting/tone, but I found it a lot of fun. If you like their humor then believe me, the best is yet to come!
  5. Welcome to the forum! Tell me about it. Took me three times through before I felt confident that I had spotted all the connections. For me the big inflection point was Mistborn: Secret History. I didn't even bother to finish Arcanum Unbounded, instead I immediately went back and reread all of Mistborn Era 1. So worth it. Of all the crossover events/ references to other worlds, which one keeps you up the most at night thinking about the implications?
  6. Welcome out of the shadows and into the light! Brandon is on record saying that the Herdazians are generally inspired by Latinos, and that Chouta is pretty similar to Mexican street food. The description we get in the book seems to be for tacos, so definitely a solid choice! Well now I feel cheated. Not three days ago I lead with the exact same greeting as @ThreadyBowl, but do I get pretty gif in response? Nooooo. All I get from the indomitable @Scout_Fox is a silly joke about a Dragon that lost it's arrr. The favoritism on display is shocking! @CosmereComrade I see you trying to beat @Koloss17 at his own game, lol
  7. Welcome! Have you read Arcanum Unbounded, specifically Mistborn: Secret History? If I remember correctly I had already stumbled onto the existence of the cosmere while doing some research into how the metallic arts worked, but reading Secret History is when I truly understood the scope of the connections and what Brandon was trying to do doing. And of course once I read it I had to go back and reread all of Mistborn Era 1 because it adds a whole extra layer of meaning to everything that happened
  8. I think you're forgetting just how rare these abilities are. Sure, swords that sever the soul are cool, but there are maybe 100 of these swords scattered across an entire continent. Sure a radiant may have no need for a gun, but what of the hundreds of thousands of foot soldiers still fighting with spear and shield? If you pay attention to the broadstreets in Wax and Wayne, you see ads for guns that tout the gun's ability to give anyone the power of a coinshot. A tempting proposition for the 99% of the population that isn't. It's fair to say that the political and intellectual elite on most of these worlds disproportionally benefits from the magic systems, so there may be slightly less drive to start researching alternative weapons, but to call guns useless is simply short sighted.
  9. Well I just so happened to arrive in Madrid in the middle of a massive taxi strike, and I was in Barcelona for the Fall 2019 demonstrations. Only time I've ever seen a melted dumpster. Apart from that I really enjoyed my time in Spain. I was studying abroad in Madrid for the Spring, and managed to find a great apartment about a 10 minute walk from Puerta del Sol. The night life there was the best I've ever experienced (granted it was largely fueled by all the international students). I studied Spanish in high school and a little at university, so I was able to get along pretty well. After that I spent 6 months living in the Eixample district and working in Sant Cugat. Barcelona was beautiful, La Merce was amazing, and the seafood/ deli markets were easily the best I've ever seen for the price. Most Barcelonans were happy to talk to me in Spanish or English, but I never was able to understand more than a few words of Catalan. All in all, it was an amazing experience and I'm really glad I did it. I had intended to visit Ibiza, but my roommate and I both fell pretty ill the night before so we cancelled. How would you say that life in Ibiza compares to Barce? I know that both can get pretty overrun with tourists.
  10. According to the Knights' Radiant quiz I'm either a Willshaper or Elsecaller (71% vs 69% respectively), and of those I'd say I'd fit in a lot better with the Willshapers. As for magic system: my introduction to Brandon was through Mistborn (a Christmas present), and I still believe that allomancy is the funnest magic system I've ever come across. When I'm lying in bed at 1:00am trying to fall asleep, I count coinshots skipping across the rooftops
  11. lol. That didn't even register with me the first time I read that, but that's exactly the kind of coincidence you would expect to happen in the Hitchhiker's Guide. The fact that he's asking about worldhoppers makes it all the better
  12. Hello fellow newbie! What part of Spain are you from? I spent all of 2019 in Madrid and Barcelona, and I've managed to see a fair bit of the rest of the country. I wouldn't worry about your language skills. Everybody here seems pretty accepting, and from what I've seen your English is really good!
  13. When your roommate is trying to get you to read his favorite bible quotes and your response is "Only if you sit next to me and read at least the prologue of Mistborn." Or when your friend introduces you to his girlfriend, and 10 minutes later he is no longer a part of the conversation.
  14. Something which I think people have danced around but not outright said is that gunpowder technology advanced very quickly on Scadrial. It took us about 1,000 years from the invention of gunpowder until we reached the level of development shown in Era 2, and that was 1,000 years of constant warfare and strong incentive to innovate. Meanwhile, the inhabitants of Scadrial emerged onto an open field with no buildings, no farms, certainly no industrial base, and 300 years later they have Gatling guns? And it's not like they had any incentive to develop gunpowder technology. From the sounds of it they didn't face any serious threats, and they already had allomancy for anything that should arise. Harmony himself complains that humans haven't progressed fast enough technologically because their lives are too easy. We know that over the course of Era 1, all worldhopping to Scadrial ceased, but that somehow worldhoppers started showing up again by Era 2. Is it possible that one of these people accidentally showed off a gun, and that somehow kickstarted the firearms industry? Or did Harmony mention gunpowder in the book he left for Spook?
  15. Some people have far more willpower than we. Of course, why they would even decide to wait in the first place is beyond me. I wonder if there are any trends regarding which radiant orders are more likely to have already viewed the preview chapters