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  1. Not to mention that the east side has been eroded for millenia. It's one thing for a large force to crack the ground. It strikes me as far more difficult to somehow create mass to fill in all the holes
  2. And we know that nightblood can forcefully take breaths. I totally buy that a Shard could do it
  3. I'm afraid I'm not getting the same vibe that Hoid had something to do with the assassination. He was probably more involved than he was on Naalthis, but this seems to me like more of a "pop in, grab the item, and pop out" scenario.
  4. Arelon has some very well-defined natural borders (coast, river, mountains), so I buy that people would perceive Arelon as a single entity long before the "modern-day" nation emerged. I mean it's a slight stretch, but for comparison, the nation of Hungry has existed in one form or another for 1200 years despite having less well-defined borders then Arelon
  5. Pretty sure you can cobble together random bones from large animals. As long as they're all organic you should be fine.
  6. They have a conversation about this at the start of Bands of Mourning when talking about trying to help Reluur. I'm going to accept when ReLuur says at face value: that Bleeder didn't need any identity shenanigans to pull off what she did. She only ever used spikes specifically designed for her.
  7. While I'm willing to accept repeatedly shooting a gun out of someone's hand as due to (fictional levels of) skill, I think shooting a bullet out of midair falls squarely in the realm of "superhuman." As @Lesser spren said, that could have been with Harmony's help, but I'm inclined to think there must be some magical shenanigans affecting Wax's abilities
  8. In that WoB Brandon doesn't say it would be a good idea to store a returned breath, just that it's possible. As long as generic breaths can be stored in nicrosil, he probably has to respond "yes" to that question. I was thinking more about the many officials with a number of regular breaths. A single larkin could destroy a vast amount of wealth in a very short period of time. Or in the case of Vasher, presumably he's hanging on to a few breaths for awakening purposes, and using stormlight to survive each week. I don't think I want a larkin to be able to take away his awakening ability until he returns to Naalthis. For that matter, what about a Naalthian who only has the single breath they were born with? Could a larkin steal that breath? I think breath needs to be too "sticky" for a Larkin to steal, otherwise there needs to be a very good reason why no one ever takes one to Naalthis.
  9. I got the impression that when Ishar "skips" his blade, ie vanishes then resumons his blade to bypass Teft's blade, that's a super advanced technique that most people can't duplicate without extensive practice. That and I think there's some serious perception shenanigans which explain why so far everyone has only ever summoned real world objects. With the exception of Lift and her fork, people only summon real weapons, probably because it is orders of magnitude harder to imagine something new as opposed to asking for "a sword"
  10. Except that Moash was able to use the knife, so we know that being able to produce the tones can't be a requirement. If Larkins can steal breath, then Vasher needs to avoid that thing like the plague. That seems incredibly op that someone could just release a single larkin in the hallandren royal court and ruin everyone's day
  11. I've been coming back each day and scrolling through until I run out of upvotes, then continuing again the next day. Someone likes his Lancers.
  12. Massive weakspot? Unrealistic? You do realize that most suits of armour throughout history had far less coverage than shardplate, right? I don't know how granular the individual pieces are, but leaving the inside of the left elbow exposed (maybe you could put a conventional piece of armour there?) doesn't strike me as that great a sacrifice
  13. I assume that the windspren (as an example) would be released and return to being normal windspren. It makes sense to me that a full set of shardplate would be pretty hard to lose, especially considering you can grow the set back from a single piece. Goin on a super dangerous quest? Leave a small piece behind so that even if you die, the plate isn't lost.
  14. First, I'd like to point out that he only ever acts like this around Sadeas. Second, I'd like to refer you to the first bit I quoted: he's not thinking about killing Sadeas right there and then, he's thinking about challenging Sadeas to a duel. The one time he actually does attack Sadeas he doesn't go for his Blade; he pulls out a dagger because that's more effective in a grapple. Is it a character flaw that he's impulsive and hot headed? Yes, and it makes him that much more compelling. Does it significantly impact his life? Does it make him a danger to the people or things around him? No.
  15. I mean Alethi society does put a lot of pressure on men to be aggressive and violent. You saw how much people mock Renarin for not charging headfirst into battle along with everyone else. While Dalinar obviously takes it to an extreme, it's possible he never would have developed his bloodlust if he'd been raised in a less militaristic society. To bring it back to Adolin, I think people assume that since Adolin is reaching for his sword that means he can't control his anger, when in reality he's no more frustrated than we've all been. He's just been trained from a young age that address social problems with duels or by displaying prowess on the field of battle.