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  1. Yeah! Fellow cosmology fan here! Striving to be an astrobiologist.
  2. Yes, that's true but there's other bulk of it as well. His intent of beholding ideals peak at an unhealthy level, something which would totally be Honor-like who would approve of this. This could mean Kaladin is more closer to Honor in their mindset that any other character but we can agree there are a lot of things which remain under wraps about Kal. Venli remained awake because she utilized Voidlight as well as Stormlight. I'm sure Cohesion is not true surge of Odium because clearly something similar to it predated Knight Radiants called Stoneshaping in Roshar when Dawnsingers formed a different kind of bond with spren for it.
  3. Yeah, but he also further spoke that it could be interpreted as Kaladin taking his Ideals to an exceedingly unhealthy levels which Windrunners typically don't. But that is something Honor would surely approve because he cared about oaths and that's what Kaladin also does. It could also mean as a para-symbolic interpretation that Kaladin is far more close to Honor than any other character in terms of mindset. Also, I think there are a lot more to that question. For example how his powers especially RL worked and why Teft needed Lift to stay awake etc.
  4. Same deduction here. Brightlord Hot-as-storms Brooding Stormblessed can deflect any arrow.
  5. I can see it happening. Agreed. Just because he isn't good at Kingly duties doesn't mean he can't be. None of the Radiants were ever Radiants since birth. None of Radiants were good people from beginning. Dalinar was a ravaging-Thrill laden murderer, Venli was a self-absorbed betrayer, Navani was a hypocrite...they all became Radiants took mantle of their responsibilities. Honestly, I think Kaladin will be better leader that anyone at instance. He's led countless people not only to freedom but also out of darkness. People follow him, they rever him. He inspires them to be better of themselves. He is intelligent, he's got presence of mind and has been taking tactical training as well. He never takes mindless decisions. He hesitates, second guesses and then choses which is an admirable trait for a king because a King is not a soldier fighting in battle. A king is the fighter who must think about his men in a battle. And no one thinks better than Kaladin. It couldn't be a coincidence that of all Heralds around, Jezrien was the one who died. Sending Kaladin to suffer in Braize would be nothing but a disappointing end for his arc after everything he's been through. Just because a character has suffered doesn't mean you will enjoy seeing him suffering till end as many people in thread are speculating. There needs to be light again in morning. There needs to be warmth. Stop thinking the worse and start thinking what's best for expectations. Because if we then fall, at least we will know that we thought better than suffering.
  6. Can Navani open perpendicularity as well? I'm not leaning much into this because we already have route to Shadesmar from Urithiru so most probably it would be rather noncoherent. Maybe IIRC, during a conversation with Reboniel, we saw that Navani was really interested in travelling to different worlds especially Ashyn after Reboniel told that they came from there. Maybe we can see her travelling to Ashyn in next book to learn more about Surges and how they destroyed it. I also think Navani would be very significant in freeing BAM because Melishi was the one who trapped her when bonded to Sibling and Navani undoing what he did would not only free our Unmade but also gain Sibling's acceptance, something like, 'I will Unite those who are meant to be bonded'/ 'I will Unite those who are meant to be free rather than binding'. She also has a lot of things to work on Lights, and we will see her finding Rhythms to unite Lifelight and Voidlight as well. I don't think she will swear her third Ideal in next book. Because we already have Dalinar/Kaladin/Szeth/Jasnah/Venli/Rlain/Renarin and other Radiants Ideals lined up already. Plus it would be too parallel to Dalinar swearing his ideals during Oathbringer and Navani has more route than just jumping in heroically to save everyone. She will be one helping the heroes with her knowledge. My bet is Dalinar will deal with Oathpact while Navani will deal with freeing BAM.
  7. Bondsmiths have resonance as their squires, and Navani is probably the closest non-radiant person around Dalinar. Think how Bridge Four became Windrunners, all from Kaladin. That's same.
  8. These words are not accepted. Never.
  9. I have a post on different thread about this. You can check that.
  10. That Tanavast reference won't get ignored by Cultivation nor she could resist our hot as storms Brightlord Brooding Stormblessed. I can see this happening and I totally ship it! Give us something unpredictable Brandon! Imagine the horror in Wit's face after this happens. Todium would be ravaged by a brood of baby dragons.
  11. It will be not possible thought if all Investitures in their axonic levels are made of up similar types of axons because in end that is 'matter' and the other 'anti-matter' But we can make such Antivoidlight-Stormlight hybrids provided their sub-axons follow same properties as our standard model and given they are 'different axons'. Take this: An electron whose anti-particle is positron will annihilate each other but an electron and anti-proton will not annihilate because both come under different categories of sub-atomic particles. An anti-proton and electron only have similar charge while an anti-proton is thousand times more heavier than electron but they won't destroy each other. So if these two Investitures in their core are made up of different sub-axons then they can be combined. Think about 'Neutronium' or a neutron star made up of only one kind of sub-atomic particle. And if we can hypothesize 'Antivoidlight' as mirror matter of Stormlight then they can combine through weak fundamental interactions! Although that's far-fetched and it would give mirror electric charges (Antivoidlight) a very small ordinary electric charge(Stormlight).
  12. Well, there have been several moments he was working for. The Wit's epilogue as mentioned above is something he has been looking for a long time. There was also a scene he planned a long time ago, like freaking long time ago which was incorporated in Rhythm of War and that was Kaladin's 4th Ideal Sequence. Also, his favorite chapter is The Dragon and The Dog. This is chapter where the sequence begins
  13. Be careful, my dear readers. You could possibly be next.
  14. Thank you for making this post! Kaladin is my favorite character in whole freaking cosmere, and his arc in Rhythm of War was phenomenal from beginning to end. I commend Brandon for writing depression and battle shock so accurately. I'm an author and most of my books deal with dark moments within characters, hence I understand. While I haven't ever faced PTSD, four years ago when I was 14, an incident left me in a black space for years and it still shrouds my mind. It sometimes also manifests in form of sparse episodic depression, and I also have mild SAD. But that's not how I fell in love with Kaladin. His character journey has been best described than any other character for me, a perfect journey which still surges towards its destination. This is a man whom you can relate, not matter how powerful he is, and during his darknest times, you find yourself with him- feeling, reeling and crying but accepting that you DO understand what is going on. Healing is difficult but it is possible. For every night that hides our tears, there's a morning which bathes us in fresh light to breathe better. Kaladin is that light for Stormlight Archive. What I don't understand is people labelling him with words like weak, pathetic, sniveling and galling in many threads I've come across. It's wondrous to know that they find themselves 'acceptant' over a character burning his wife to death or mercilessly killing his own soldiers, or even poisoning while given excuse of personality disorder or people being commended for prejudicing for whole life only to be giggled over because he'd become friend to a hero- I am astounded that people find it difficult to not understand how conflicted Kaladin is because he can't protect anyone. Almost everyone, no matter how atrocious their deeds are, are being given redemption arcs and hailed mighty great by whole world but a character who is presenting you an after-effect of discrimination, abuse, slavery and depression is being called as an impossible read? Yes, I like other characters but that doesn't mean I like what they have done. There are many things which are far irredeemable by any means and the only salvation is to take a journey in right direction. But a character whose journey has almost always been in right is being assaulted substandard verbatim? You cannot expect a hero to be always swooping in and taking charge. You cannot expect a hero to dress well and flash a charming smile. You cannot expect a hero to be hypocrite past his own deeds. You can but expect a hero who will be real to you. Nevertheless, I always know we fans have our preferences and their dislike for characters is alright but at least provide valid imputation for your commentary-- don't label as something which is not 'right' by a character. We all have our heroes, and for me, that is Kaladin Stormblessed. And yes, he breaks many times more, he shatters, his soul fractures but he joins himself, picks himself up and rises again. That is the Life, the Strength and Journey.
  15. @HonorlessCongratulations for earning reputation as a Voidbringer xD Kal won't get love in this arc guys, let just be happy and write our fanfics. I support that he doesn't need romance, he's well enough-- very well enough without it to be added.
  16. I mean, I'm not leaning towards discarded shells and all but I believe Tanavast and Cultivation did have children and a direct implication I can provide is from this line spoken in Ch 66 of Rhythm of War: You can see 'son' is written in small caps, so I assume it was intentional to implicate Shardic children exist.
  17. Is the plague which Reboniel once unleased in Desolation derived from Ashyn? Does Splintering of a Shard means permanent death of its Essence? Under Jasnah's new inheritance laws, does the lady also becomes head of house militant? Or will a Highprincess lead the princedom armies provided she eldest in line? Can you tell us about Barrier Storm which blocks Braize? Would it be feasible to make hybrid of hybrid lights i.e Warlight X Towerlight? What did Kaladin do with Windspren to block highstorms in Oathbringer and RoW? So...did Shallan re-swore her First Ideal? When was it if she did. Why was it difficult for Lift to heal Kaladin than Yanagawn who was almost dead back then? Will aluminum still be able work as Anti-Investiture sink? Did someone else Ascend or came extremely close to Ascending apart from Taravangian in RoW? What does being 'closer to a Shard' exactly means? (Probably get RAFOed) Will we find out why Stormfather calls specifically Kaladin Child/Son of Tanavast? Was scouring of Aimia due to an Unmade? (Rafoed most probably) So...In RoW Ch 66, when Dalinar and Taravangian converse, Taravangian regards Dalinar as 'Spoken like a true son of Tanavast' and 'son' is written is small caps. Am I reading too much into it or is he referring that Tanavast had many children? Are Iriali aware of Dawnshards? Were there always only three Bondsmiths during past Desolations? Is Odium lying about his Intent? So...if every Shard has a tone and their Investiture can be captured in gemstones and, then if we use their different rhythms together...will we be able to combine and form Rhythm of Adonalsium'...its Investiture? Are there different types of 'Avatars'?
  18. We also got a surprise Gavilar assassination plot in one of Venli's Flashback
  19. Here are my predictions. Can't wait to come back three years later to laugh on our assumptions: Kaladin I think he has lot of loose threads that remain untied and we need to have an explanation which would possibly not be explained in a single book because that's too much. I do have a lot of possibilities for him and dying or degrading isn't one of them. He will SURVIVE. Becomes a Herald, taking over patron of Windrunners. It isn't a coincidence that they have specifically killed Jezrien and left Windrunners patroness. Also, the way people have been revering Kaladin does direct towards that path. While it would be thematically beautiful, but it wouldn't be actually accurate according to Kal's arc. Takes temporary retirement from war and starts a therapy center for all soldiers. Trains his father and mother (if they are alive) along with Dabbid and other members of Bridge Four. Starts a medical revolution by allowing men (at least surgeons) to read. Maybe assist Jasnah (assuming she survives as well) in her goal to abolish slavery from Vorin countries. Becomes Worldhopper. I think he has maximum chance of leaving Roshar with Syl (assuming they make a breakthrough in expanding Connection) and travel to different worlds with Hoid (FLUTE!) or maybe join Azure. Some WoBs indicate a potential meeting between our Kal and K from misty world. Speaks 5th Ideal of course. Most Plausible theory- Ascends as Honor- I think Kaladin has more chances of becoming Honor than Dalinar does. His powers especially are very close to Honor and are much different from other Windrunners. Even his typical Radiant attributes are way different from other Radiants in general with Stormfather calling him Child/Son of Tanavast for a specific reason and Hesina's connection to Cultivation. There are a thousand other reasons and Kaladin has always been referred as a 'storm' which are of Honor. Shallan Survives as well. I don't think killing her after she managed to overcome her trauma would do justice to her character. We can see her moving to Kholinar with Adolin and rebuilding their princedom. Absorbs Radiant by end of book, maybe 'awaken' Testament as well. Can be a worldhopper too. Dalinar- Dies/Becomes Fused. Swears 4th Ideal. Adolin - Survives. Doesn't becomes a Radiant but has a special 'bond' with Maya who starts to regain better cognitive functions. Starts life with Shallan. Worldhopper maybe. Navani- Survives. Swears at least to third Ideal (can open perpendicularity?) Designs weapons of mass destruction which can be dropped from airships. Shardgun maybe. Possible Worldhopper after hearing her interest in visiting other worlds but probably won't due to her bond to Sibling. Szeth- Dies. Completes 5th Ideal but dies. Venli- Survives. Nothing much to say. Swears upto 3rd Ideal. Jasnah- Survives, starts to make commentary on Oathbringer in loving memory of her uncle. Can become Worldhopper. Breaks up with Wit knowing his real intention. Starts to reform new world with her laws. Renarin- 50/50 chance of living/dying. I will assume Todium knows that Renarin is black spot he can't predict and would surely target him first and foremost. Also, we see that Renarin has accepted his hybrid powers and after hearing his conversation with Glys that they need more of their kind, I am scared to ponder upon worse. Leshwi- Dies a valiant death. Talks with Syl about Riah and accepts her fate. Vyre- Dies. Killed by Kaladin. Taravangian/Odium- 50/50 chance of living/dying. If survives, is free from Roshar. Hurls across space to meet Autonomy and then move towards Scadrial. If gets splintered then maybe becomes dishard or trishard. Cultivation- 50/50 chance of living/dying Honor- Gets reforged. Hoid- Survives, odiously. Others who can possibly die: One of Heralds, Nale or Ishar maybe, Kalak. Some Bridge Four members. Kadash or Rushu Queen Fen Malata A Highprince (not Sebarial) One of Shallan's brothers An Unamde (Those two remaining ones maybe) Some Unseen Court members. Many Skybreaks A lot of Shin folks obviously A lot of spren. Characters who will/might survive: Rlain. Dabbid. Lift. Ash. Taln. Thude. Oroden. Gavinor. Kalak. The Unmades. Remaining Bridge Four and Unseen Court. Rysn, Chiri-Chiri. Possible Radiants by end of book 5 (assuming they survive): Dabbid. Thude. Ash. Yanagawn. Cord. Rushu. Possible Worldhoppers: Kaladin ( Scadrial/Nalthis/Threnody/Yolen). Shallan (Scadrial/Sel), Adolin (Scadrial/Sel) and agents of Unseen Court. Jasnah (Drominiad/Threnody/Obrodai/Sel). Dalinar (If becomes a Fused) (Possibly one of Shardworlds which Mercy, Valor and Invention occupy, or another unnamed Shard.) Navani (Ashyn) Vashar/Zahel, Azure/Vivenna and her sword, Hoid, Nightblood (reunited with Vashar). Hoid of course.
  20. What I was deemed wrong about here (some of them might become true in future) Restares was Gavilar. Battar founded Envisagers (we don't know about it yet) Kaladin will kill Moash. Rlain will become Bondsmith. Adolin will bond with Maya. Reshi King will be fighting along Radiants. We will see Zahel using his Breaths to aid Kaladin and co at Urithiru. Azure will be at Lasting Integrity, new swords like her would be on parade. Lirin will die. The Black sphere which Gaviliar has actually contained an Unmade (this was before preview chapters) and when Szeth would retrieve it, somehow it'd break free of its hold and wreck havoc in Tower.
  21. We have seen some of best moments in Cosmere, and some which disappointed us in Rhythm of War. We have our favorite moments from our characters and then there are those moments which have gutted our souls out. I created this thread so that we can share our sorrows (and joyful tears) and divide them among ourselves, discuss what broke our hearts in ways tears started to spill from our eyes. I'll start by stating the moments which wrecked me apart: Do share yours, our Rhythm of Melancholy.
  22. I think Elodin has encountered Felurian once or at least visited to Fae Realm. He's knowledge is a vast encompass of cryptic tendencies which speak nothing about his past travels. Plus, he seems to catch right on that Kvothe called not only Wind's name but also of Felurian to subdue her momentarily. Book 3, we'll know what lies behind that stone door at Archives. Is Ambrose the King whom Kvothe kills? He seems to be ranking up pretty quick. Denna's master might be a Fae but Chandrian would do as well. Would love to see how Bast and Denna meet for first time.
  23. I know, Dalinar-Adolin-Renarin-Jasnah-Navani are some of my favorite Kholins as main characters, but for me it's always Evi who'll triumph over them as 'in the' family. She's the purest character I've ever read and her sheer strength has been undermined throughout whole book. She travelled to another end of world, married to a warlord who thirsted for battle more than love and then did whatever she could to blend into Alethi culture even though she was always strown as an object of mockery by Vorin women (looking at you Navani and Ialai). Evi was left-handed but she freaking changed it along with her accent! She raised Adolin and Renarin in absence of Dalinar, and now you wonder why both of these boys also have a gentle heart and do not relish like their father used to. No matter whatever came forth, she always loved her husband and family fiercely. And it was because of Evi's distant echoing strength, Dalinar was able to speak his third Ideal and push back against Odium. I know the Kholins are our favorite but we should never forget this women whose direct and indirect presence pull strings of this story together for this family.
  24. All I can think is about Devi and her Alar being like 'ocean in storm', and that's what wise men should fear...whatever you do, Kvothe, don't engage with HER!
  25. Finally, we make another talk about our Kaladin's arcane tendencies! Here's what my theory is folks....or maybe we should actually call it a cumulation of theories which I also have mentioned in some other threads wording about Kaladin's unique and mysterious abilities to defy normal ventures! So welcome to a looong special Kaladin rant. Just as I always vociferate, there are a lot of things about Kaladin which makes little sense other than speculations and cleverly, Brandon has given us just shutter glimpses before shrouding it over by other material in order to divert our attention from something rather very interesting going on. We always assumed Kaladin will be 'a step ahead' than other Windrunners because he was the first to not only swear Ideals but also gain Surgebinding abilities in his order since Recreance. But in RoW, I believe there was a point when Teft instead became really, really very close to swearing 4th Ideal and then $#@% Moash came and cowdallop! But things began to go really weird for Kaladin in Oathbringer where....he freaking deflected the Highstorm! Why is nobody talking about it! Oathbringer spoilers: The spren are circulating in constant motion, creating an opposing current to deflect the winds and later binding together to contain the winds. This is NOT solely Adhesion. The pressure difference creation I can agree on that, using adhesion to make a suction and deflect the storm but...that's not the only thing happening right? We do not see Kaladin verily using Stormlight here. Yes, he feels the storm raging inside but that storm could be a metaphor, not stormlight...or maybe, we can just take both the best worlds in literal and metaphorical sense. Anyway, so Kaladin deflected the highstorm in Oathbringer. Syl is very surprised because she hasn't 'seen' something such. It is to be noted that she's the most ancient honorspren and despite her memories being mostly clouded, mostly lost...using such powers occasionally draws her closer to remember but in this case...she is genuinely surprised having seen something that gave her father a big angry smack on face. The following are some observations and their possible meaning deduced from Rhythm of War. When the suppression mechanism of Ur became active, everyone dropped dead. Kaladin did feel the push but he swatted it away simply like an annoying fly where as half a hundred radiants smothered unconscious! As far as I know, Kaladin was not the only one in tower having spoken 3rd Ideal. Clearly there were radiants of different orders having spoken that far to have squires of their own and if I recall, Lightweavers and Truthwatchers quickly rise in their levels (some people think Shallan's already in her 5th). Which means many of the 3rd Ideal ones are also 'close' to their 4th Ideal just like Teft and that Stoneward radiant, but the Stoneward radiant was out in cold and Teft was stirring, not quite awake. Same with other Windrunners. They stirred mildly but as if they needed...a link back to become conscious again. Venli also notices that Windrunners are 'most twitchy' among the brood they have kept bounded. So comes our Kaladin. First of all, feels nothing more about suppression after initial push. Gravitation doesn't work but Adhesion does...Full Lashing and Reverse Lashing works, the former a pure form of Adhesion and the latter...well, here is the seed of doubt-- Reverse Lashing is combination of Adhesion and Gravitation, and Gravitation doesn't work right? But the Lashing does work which makes me skeptical about everything. Second, Teft later used a Full Lashing on Stormform Regal but I don't think he could've used a Reverse Lashing. Also, as the corruption of tower grows stronger, the influence over healing becomes heavier and we saw Kaladin taking significantly long to heal through stormlight. But, his powers though seem 'Not as well as it did before' still manifest perfectly. FL and RL both work, and it seems Kal is even getting better in utilizing them. Syl says that there were a lot of things about their powers which wasn't explored before due to continuous wars. What Reboniel Notes: She knows humans have no gemheart. Either she meant it as a mockery or symbolism or...something else? She is also aware about RL which means this has been used in past wars but she thought it would be suppressed this time...and Kaladin's didn't. That's why she became fascinated with him. Teft remains awake because Lift healed him and is always needed to keep him awake or else he'd slip back into coma. It means Teft remaining awake is not stabilized despite being 'close enough into his oaths as well' as we note later. But long before, Teft has declared that he was worth saving which means he knows he is not worth of hate anymore-- countering his 3rd Ideal which 4th Ideals do. That means he has accepted it already-- way before Kaladin, meaning Teft becomes 'more closer into his oaths' at this point, more than Kaladin yet Lift needs to keep Teft conscious. Now that is....uh-uh, right? Kaladin claims that he knew the words since Oathbringer but couldn't bring himself to speak as he can't accept those Ideals to 'his self'. As the story progresses, his depressions become more active, more heavy, more dangerous that Kaladin went on downhill for his Ideals. The distance he covered up towards his 4th Ideal just went on a retrogressive path because not only he believes he can't protect anyone-- which counters his 2nd and 3rd Ideal, but also doesn't accept that he could ever make it to his 4th. Which means at this point Kaladin has succumbed 'so low in his oaths' that even his early Ideals fail to be his acceptance. Which meant they should have severed his connection to Syl and his powers and should've thrown him out of lucidity but...Kaladin remained steady. This was more than his indomitable sheer will power. This was more than dreaming about the light and warmth again. There have been many exclamations about Kaladin being the 'sole Radiant awake' but we are not given any answers. Kaladin says he felt something but that is nothing hindrance to his duty. Syl and Kal's bond becomes stronger than anything in this book, strong enough to remain connected despite being long distance apart. Connected to overcome Sibling's severing suppression. It could be possible that Syl, being so ancient and a direct splinter of Honor created by Stormfather before recreance granted her significantly more power than other honorspren. Possible she is far more Invested in Honor's essence than rest of her kind are because when she was created, Honor was alive. Also, Syl had left Lasting Integrity years before bonding with Kaladin. She remembers a lot of things about his childhood-- the tune which Aesudan was singing clicks right in her mind...which means Kaladin and Syl have been unconsciously interacting waaaay before everything. This was the reason Kaladin never felt Thrill even before bonding because Syl was 'present' to protect him. Also, Brandon has dodged many questions regarding past interactions between Kal and Syl before they 'met' in slaver caravan. Now why I was saying Adhesion is never the factor here: Again, just like in Oathbringer, Kaladin used Windspren to deflect the whole freaking highstorm again. It was no trick or twist, no bend or fold of Surges because he is clearly COMMANDING them to find him. He ordered them to go and they went, following his order again. This wasn't Adhesion here. Its' the windspren clearly. Everyone speculated true that Windspren will form armor and they did but even after forming and Connecting with Kaladin, thousands more of windspren still held back the storm. More than any number seen with Shardplate already formed. This shows Kaladin actually has a control over these windspren as if they are following his orders to hold back the storm. This is clear implication of a proto-Command/Surge combination we have not been explained properly. Some possibilities: Way before speaking his Ideals, Kaladin has begun driving Stormlight into his system. Could it be possible that somehow he's unwontedly drawing Lifelight/Towerlight/Voidlight as well this time? When Kaladin snapped and went full berserker against Pursuer, his Investiture was corrupted by Odium's influence but we know corrupted investiture exhibits abnormal behaviour in surges like Renarin's futuresight. Kaladin's powers remained same, Honor's true surge. Notably, he also had a great deal of control over them-- super power control despite having almost cutting all ties from his Ideals after Teft died. Many think that Kaladin jumped from tower as a nod to what he couldn't do in Honor's Chasms but...here Kal not only jumped because he was giving up but he also jumped to protect his father--a last attempt that pushed Odium back. Also, we never heard Odium's voice in his mind...did we? Like this creature invaded Honor's vision, Stormfather's powers but somehow still never pored into Kaladin. That is diamond will. Odium wanted him as his Champion because he saw something in his futurescape about Kaladin...otherwise why would he torture him so much, so frequently? For Odium, Vyre is almost next to nothing when it comes to usage...he's just there for him to impart his Intent. Kaladin IS Dalinar's champion. Yes, it will be thematically beautiful for Kaladin to have dragon DNA and shapeshifter stuff but...I don't think that plausible by any direction. Things to ponder: Kaladin gained his Surgebinding abilities waaaay before he spoke his First Ideal. Syl also seems to remember his family and says everything is connected. She mentions hearing a pure tone, demanding during that time and we have not assumed anything about it yet (I think its Cultivation). His senses almost becomes extremely sensitive enough like spiders to detect Pursuer without seeing or hearing him while being chased. He also seemed to have almost supernatural instincts during fights. Kaladin fought two Shardbearers with his eyes closed, feeling a dance of wind around. The way Cryptics near Elhokar tried to avoid when Kal came near. 'Shadows go away' While Cryptics and honorspren don't get along too well, they don't hate each other. Cryptics clearly don't want to get detected by then they should've vanished when Elhokar was near Shallan or Renarin since both of them had bonded waaay before too. But they vanished only when Kaladin came. Even in Dalinar's presence, Elhokar was able to see shadows. Tower put a damp of Gravitation but then how RL still worked? Hoid always appears with a story and narrates them during Kal's bad time. He freaking went into Odium's vision to lift Kal out. Whatever Hoid does is not without an intent and since Hoid knows a lot of stuff about future, we can assume our Kaladin has a lot to play as well. Also, he was given a very important relic whose purpose we have yet to see. (Kal's gonna be a Worldhopper?) There must be something in future which Kaladin does that made Odium rattled enough to sway him towards him rather than killing him on first case. Why Odium wanted Kaladin as his chamption? Dalinar wouldn't fight...or if they fought...Kaladin actually won? Moash kept repeating that 'Kaladin Stormblessed can't be killed, he's the force of storms and storm can't be defeated.' X ten times in whole book. Why would he repeat this? What did Odium showed to Vyre? I NEED an explanation for deflecting highstorm with windspren. And lastly......THE WHOLE FREAKING BEING Child/Son of Tanavast spoken for obvious reasons we don't freaking know! BRANDON! Every damn book! So, mirthlessly, I give my conclusion that Kaladin remained awake not because of Adhesion or close to his 4th Ideal, but a mixture of thousand other unexplainable things that makes my brain go haywire. It could be a jumble of Lights, Tavanavast, Windspren control power....or maybe he might do something really important next book which will either have us broken into weeping mess. Whatever it is...I just want my Kaladin Stormblessed to be...happy for once in his life.