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  2. Yeah! Fellow cosmology fan here! Striving to be an astrobiologist.
  3. Yes, that's true but there's other bulk of it as well. His intent of beholding ideals peak at an unhealthy level, something which would totally be Honor-like who would approve of this. This could mean Kaladin is more closer to Honor in their mindset that any other character but we can agree there are a lot of things which remain under wraps about Kal. Venli remained awake because she utilized Voidlight as well as Stormlight. I'm sure Cohesion is not true surge of Odium because clearly something similar to it predated Knight Radiants called Stoneshaping in Roshar when Dawnsingers formed a different kind of bond with spren for it.
  4. Yeah, but he also further spoke that it could be interpreted as Kaladin taking his Ideals to an exceedingly unhealthy levels which Windrunners typically don't. But that is something Honor would surely approve because he cared about oaths and that's what Kaladin also does. It could also mean as a para-symbolic interpretation that Kaladin is far more close to Honor than any other character in terms of mindset. Also, I think there are a lot more to that question. For example how his powers especially RL worked and why Teft needed Lift to stay awake etc.
  5. Same deduction here. Brightlord Hot-as-storms Brooding Stormblessed can deflect any arrow.
  6. I can see it happening. Agreed. Just because he isn't good at Kingly duties doesn't mean he can't be. None of the Radiants were ever Radiants since birth. None of Radiants were good people from beginning. Dalinar was a ravaging-Thrill laden murderer, Venli was a self-absorbed betrayer, Navani was a hypocrite...they all became Radiants took mantle of their responsibilities. Honestly, I think Kaladin will be better leader that anyone at instance. He's led countless people not only to freedom but also out of darkness. People follow him, they rever him. He inspires them to be better of themselves. He is intelligent, he's got presence of mind and has been taking tactical training as well. He never takes mindless decisions. He hesitates, second guesses and then choses which is an admirable trait for a king because a King is not a soldier fighting in battle. A king is the fighter who must think about his men in a battle. And no one thinks better than Kaladin. It couldn't be a coincidence that of all Heralds around, Jezrien was the one who died. Sending Kaladin to suffer in Braize would be nothing but a disappointing end for his arc after everything he's been through. Just because a character has suffered doesn't mean you will enjoy seeing him suffering till end as many people in thread are speculating. There needs to be light again in morning. There needs to be warmth. Stop thinking the worse and start thinking what's best for expectations. Because if we then fall, at least we will know that we thought better than suffering.
  7. Can Navani open perpendicularity as well? I'm not leaning much into this because we already have route to Shadesmar from Urithiru so most probably it would be rather noncoherent. Maybe IIRC, during a conversation with Reboniel, we saw that Navani was really interested in travelling to different worlds especially Ashyn after Reboniel told that they came from there. Maybe we can see her travelling to Ashyn in next book to learn more about Surges and how they destroyed it. I also think Navani would be very significant in freeing BAM because Melishi was the one who trapped her when bonded to Sibling and Navani undoing what he did would not only free our Unmade but also gain Sibling's acceptance, something like, 'I will Unite those who are meant to be bonded'/ 'I will Unite those who are meant to be free rather than binding'. She also has a lot of things to work on Lights, and we will see her finding Rhythms to unite Lifelight and Voidlight as well. I don't think she will swear her third Ideal in next book. Because we already have Dalinar/Kaladin/Szeth/Jasnah/Venli/Rlain/Renarin and other Radiants Ideals lined up already. Plus it would be too parallel to Dalinar swearing his ideals during Oathbringer and Navani has more route than just jumping in heroically to save everyone. She will be one helping the heroes with her knowledge. My bet is Dalinar will deal with Oathpact while Navani will deal with freeing BAM.
  8. Bondsmiths have resonance as their squires, and Navani is probably the closest non-radiant person around Dalinar. Think how Bridge Four became Windrunners, all from Kaladin. That's same.
  9. These words are not accepted. Never.
  10. I have a post on different thread about this. You can check that.
  11. That Tanavast reference won't get ignored by Cultivation nor she could resist our hot as storms Brightlord Brooding Stormblessed. I can see this happening and I totally ship it! Give us something unpredictable Brandon! Imagine the horror in Wit's face after this happens. Todium would be ravaged by a brood of baby dragons.
  12. It will be not possible thought if all Investitures in their axonic levels are made of up similar types of axons because in end that is 'matter' and the other 'anti-matter' But we can make such Antivoidlight-Stormlight hybrids provided their sub-axons follow same properties as our standard model and given they are 'different axons'. Take this: An electron whose anti-particle is positron will annihilate each other but an electron and anti-proton will not annihilate because both come under different categories of sub-atomic particles. An anti-proton and electron only have similar charge while an anti-proton is thousand times more heavier than electron but they won't destroy each other. So if these two Investitures in their core are made up of different sub-axons then they can be combined. Think about 'Neutronium' or a neutron star made up of only one kind of sub-atomic particle. And if we can hypothesize 'Antivoidlight' as mirror matter of Stormlight then they can combine through weak fundamental interactions! Although that's far-fetched and it would give mirror electric charges (Antivoidlight) a very small ordinary electric charge(Stormlight).
  13. Well, there have been several moments he was working for. The Wit's epilogue as mentioned above is something he has been looking for a long time. There was also a scene he planned a long time ago, like freaking long time ago which was incorporated in Rhythm of War and that was Kaladin's 4th Ideal Sequence. Also, his favorite chapter is The Dragon and The Dog. This is chapter where the sequence begins
  14. Be careful, my dear readers. You could possibly be next.
  15. Thank you for making this post! Kaladin is my favorite character in whole freaking cosmere, and his arc in Rhythm of War was phenomenal from beginning to end. I commend Brandon for writing depression and battle shock so accurately. I'm an author and most of my books deal with dark moments within characters, hence I understand. While I haven't ever faced PTSD, four years ago when I was 14, an incident left me in a black space for years and it still shrouds my mind. It sometimes also manifests in form of sparse episodic depression, and I also have mild SAD. But that's not how I fell in love with Kaladin. His character journey has been best described than any other character for me, a perfect journey which still surges towards its destination. This is a man whom you can relate, not matter how powerful he is, and during his darknest times, you find yourself with him- feeling, reeling and crying but accepting that you DO understand what is going on. Healing is difficult but it is possible. For every night that hides our tears, there's a morning which bathes us in fresh light to breathe better. Kaladin is that light for Stormlight Archive. What I don't understand is people labelling him with words like weak, pathetic, sniveling and galling in many threads I've come across. It's wondrous to know that they find themselves 'acceptant' over a character burning his wife to death or mercilessly killing his own soldiers, or even poisoning while given excuse of personality disorder or people being commended for prejudicing for whole life only to be giggled over because he'd become friend to a hero- I am astounded that people find it difficult to not understand how conflicted Kaladin is because he can't protect anyone. Almost everyone, no matter how atrocious their deeds are, are being given redemption arcs and hailed mighty great by whole world but a character who is presenting you an after-effect of discrimination, abuse, slavery and depression is being called as an impossible read? Yes, I like other characters but that doesn't mean I like what they have done. There are many things which are far irredeemable by any means and the only salvation is to take a journey in right direction. But a character whose journey has almost always been in right is being assaulted substandard verbatim? You cannot expect a hero to be always swooping in and taking charge. You cannot expect a hero to dress well and flash a charming smile. You cannot expect a hero to be hypocrite past his own deeds. You can but expect a hero who will be real to you. Nevertheless, I always know we fans have our preferences and their dislike for characters is alright but at least provide valid imputation for your commentary-- don't label as something which is not 'right' by a character. We all have our heroes, and for me, that is Kaladin Stormblessed. And yes, he breaks many times more, he shatters, his soul fractures but he joins himself, picks himself up and rises again. That is the Life, the Strength and Journey.