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  1. Finally, we are having a separate discussion on this! So, why Kaladin's eyes turned yellowish-red? Hmm...the correct answer is... Nobody knows. But there are theories and it began the moment everyone fell unconscious to Tower's corruption except Kaladin Stormblessed. Kaladin remaining awake just because he's 'far enough into his oaths' or 'close to Honor' is a generalized way of saying we freaking don't know. It is weird to know that each individual oaths have their own levels, and if we look into Kal's story from mid-part 3 and part 4, then Kaladin certainly wasn't going 'far enough into his oaths'. His depression was taking control in episodic manner, crippling his insides but Stormblessed never lost his powers. It meant he should be 'going down on his oaths' but that wasn't the case. In fact, he got better to use Adhesion as the story progressed. Teft regained his consciousness only when Lift healed him, and he needed a constant supply of Lifelight healing to stay awake or else he'd stumble back into coma. And pretty sure the whole tower was filled with Radiants who have been far along their oaths as well. For example, I heard Stoneward squires present which meant that at least a Stoneward was already into her third Ideal to have squired. Doesn't make sense, does it? I think we need a whole new page for that. But remember something has always been different about Kaladin from other radiants. Anyway, let's come back to our yellow-eyes stuff. It's Odium trying to enter his soul. Here is how that goes: RoW spoilers: The moment Teft died, Kal's soul began fracturing and Odium invaded in, trying to tempt Kaladin by taking away his pain and making him feel nothing again. There was a power struggle between the Honor within Kaladin and Odium's temptation and it manifested in form of corrupted Investiture which surprisingly Kaladin was able to control. But corrupted Investiture often exhibits abnormal behaviour in Surges ex. Rlain/Renarin's Futuresight but in case of Kaladin, Honor's true Surges manifested still (another mystery) which meant he was pushing Odium back despite the pain and temptation. People think Kal's resolve will break but I know by far he has one of the strongest will power to combat against anything. Oh, and for why Reverse Lashing didn't glow like Gravitation Lashing? It's simple because it doesn't. Here is the explanation: But there are a whole lot of things which make little sense about Kaladin: His spidery senses while trying to avoid Pursuer. His whole remaining conscious since Tower corruption has not been explained properly. The way Cryptics near Elhokar tried to avoid when Kal came near. 'Shadows go away' Kaladin never felt effect of Tower's corruption except 'a growing darkness pressing against him' Kaladin's power kept working even though healing was difficult, in fact his powers kept improving. Why didn't Kaladin's Surges behaved abnormally when Odium Connected to him? Why Honor's true Surge still remained unchanged? Reverse Lashing is a combo of Gravitation-Adhesion. Tower put a damp of Gravitation but then how RL still worked? The freaking whole Son/Child of Tanavast thing! What the heck did Odium see in future about him? Vyre kept repeating that 'Kaladin Stormblessed can't be killed, he's the force of storms and storm can't be defeated.' X ten times in whole book. Why would he repeart this? What did Odium showed to Vyre? The way Kaladin uses his Surges/Windspren to freaking deflect Highstorms!! AHHH HOW is that possible! Time to speculate for next three years...
  2. What an amazing way to put it! I loved it. The symbolism between Pursuer and Kaladin's depression is evident. There have been wordings that Lezian is a bland villian whose arc was to make Kaladin's arc progress and I absolutely disagree. How much do we even know about Fused? Next to almost none. We don't know their 'Reborn' process in detail, we don't know what they did in Briaze, we don't know their activities in past Desolations and we don't know that despite being soldiers of Odium, some of them have different Intents. Reboniel and Leshwi proved that despite years of torture, they stayed fixed to their Passion. Reboniel's was Intrigue/Curiosity and Leshwi, much to our surprise was Rectitude. And Pursuer's Passion was Vengeance. For all we know, this character might be even older than other Fused and this constant cycle of Desolations has left impacts on his mind. BS in a beautiful way showed that not everything immortality lures can be a gift. It's the curse which would be always suspended over your head, waiting to strike and take away who you are. And this is who our Pursuer become, a stark example of those coveting immortality but losing their sanity. Thinking about it, even Gavilar was soughing to become immortal and his mind was already corrupted that he was his own legacy. I also liked how Pursuer influenced in Kaladin's story. Not only this antagonist compelled Kaladin to rely on different techniques but also slowly get the full picture that there will be always other ways to protect people, but there will be these whom you need to fight in order to protect. Pursuer managed to bring that tipping balance in Kaladin's 'fight' because Kal would now know, even though he chose to be a healer- this creature would come again and again, jeopardizing those around him. Hence, he must make the balance between spear and scalpel, and be prepared. And this made Kaladin confident that he can be whatever he wants to be and still protect people. Also, something people forget that despite Reboniel having called Kal being not a threat during meeting with Nine, she clearly knows that he is the biggest threat over others and let him loose to hunt down the only taint that could spoil her plans. I was so glad when her fears became real in end. The final showdown between Kaladin and Lezian was so cinematic, like imagining a highstorm raging in background with eyes of people and singers watching with their breaths held down their throat and you have no option but to CHOSE to fight because that's your choice. You have the choice to embrace that STORM, that power within you to become confident that you think yourself ETERNAL in compared to a literal immortal. There are a lot of things in jumble after Teft's death and subsequent fight. Theories have been sparking about Kaladin's yellowish-red eyes and such agility as wind which is like all new level of stuff but the way he killed Pursuer was terrifying and at the same time, satisfying. Clearly it showed that we do NOT know the real STORM that is within Kaladin. Anyways, I believe Pursuer's character got what it was written for.
  3. Windrunners- Windspren Skybreakers- Gravitationspren/Gravityspren Dustbringers- Flamespren/Heatspren/Decayspren Edgedancers- Lifespren/Joyspren? Truthwatchers- Rainspren/Concentrationspren Lightweavers- Creationspren (pretty much confirmed) Elsecallers- Concentrationspren/Logicspren (Elsecallers were more into scholarly arts than warring novelties so I bet its logicspren for them) Willshapers- Musicspren/Stonespren Stonewards- Groundspren/Bindspren/Stonespren Bondsmith- Bindspren/Gloryspren/Coldspren-Towerspren There were some discussion that Starspren might be also creating Plate but it was revealed they are solitary spren and do not congregate. That's pretty much my assumption. Somebody catch Axis to interrogate.
  4. Sure, why didn't she go kill him and all waay before? Because she clearly has the power which Odium fears.
  5. 'I am death itself, Defeated One, and I've finally caught up to you.' - Both of them had no idea how right Kaladin was in the end. And the other one, 'Run. Flee. I'll chase you. I will never stop. I am eternal. I am the storm.' - Kaladin was making flames dance on my skin when he said this.
  6. Wit is an asshole.
  7. Super fun! Roshar: Kaladin (because well, he's Kaladin Stormblessed) and Ishar (he knows more than Dalinar does, so until Dalinar reaches his level...Ishar it is) Mistborn: Obvious, Vin and Elend. GB wouldn't dare to strike their own. Nalthis: Nightblood and Vivienna/Azure's sword because terrible things will happen when they combine and Odium already knows how terrible NB can be. GBs can diminish themselves in aftershock. Taldain: Khriss and Kenton. Too bad we can't take Bavadin. Threnody/First of the Sun: (Uh...haven't read these book. xD) Yolen: Frost and Hoid...wippeee, bye bye Odium.
  8. A wild theory: Hear me out, I might be either colossally wrong or terribly right and we have been lead to believe the biggest lie Roshar is based on. And sensing the new 'testaments' coming forth in RoW, I would not be surprised if majority of the books have shrouded us in ways we couldn't contemplate. I don't think Honor is dead. RoW Spoilers, letters from Part 2. WoBs We know you can kill a Vessel and the Shard would escape from it. To my knowledge, I think Tanavast was killed and Honor was somehow broken/shattered which is referred to as splintering. Harmony clearly mentions that 'we are all essentially infinite' which means powers of creation can never be destroyed even by a Shard. From what Brandon said before, Honor's essence i.e his Shardic presence is still influential in Roshar but everyone lives in a lie that he is dead. Honor has been left incapacitated for active role but that doesn't mean he is dead which is why the theories which speak Honor would be reforged is actually possible because the power had never left in first place. Killing of a Shard does not mean killing of its Intent because broken/shatter/destroy/splinter is clearly reversible. I think Cultivation is aware of this, and she's somehow propelling Todium for Contest so that Dalinar can defeat him and Todium would be broken/shattered i.e left incapacitated for active influence. Also, on side note she could be setting goals to have both these Shards combined and form War as was mentioned before but Harmony states combination of Shards is not an easy solution because of opposing nature. But Honor and Odium are not opposing in nature. Both of them are bound by Oaths and both Intents can be intermingled like Ruin and Preservation had. Which means, Cultivation has set Dalianr (Or person X) to Ascend bearing this mingled Intent while Todium could possibly be overpowered by the Shard's influence on Vessel and make a mistake which will cost the contest. I also grow wary of Stormfather's words because either he is good at lying stuff or he isn't completely aware of real things going around him. For example: The whole Recreance thing was subjected to human tyranny but in end, we realized humans and sprens came together to that decision. So thereby, make sure you check our Stormfather's explanation twice before driving conclusion. Also, I know Taravangian is smarter than Rayse was but he's fairly new and how much can Cultivation guide him within 9 days and 23 hours? It's simply not enough. Todium himself is at disadvantage but it remains if he managed to sneak out by finding a champion for himself. My bet is on El or Nale. Then again, that was not Cultivation's whole plan here. She wanted someone who can control Odium's power because she needs to have him impotent for time being. Her visions fare more to other systems where other Shards have been constantly in war and soon, it wouldn't be long before they directed their attention to Rosharan system and she needs to prepared for long term scale and have both these Intents combined and subdued in her hands. In book 5, we may see that Honor is reforged and combined to Odium to form the dishard somehow left in control of Cultivation, a weapon that can be used whenever she wants. She knows Honor is still out there, but incapable. Now she needs Dalinar to somehow make Todium incapable as well so that these two can be forged together and be under her leash. And considering Cultivation, I think she wouldn't be big bad to our heroes. I think she's pretty good and clever, a great way to have these powers safely tucked.
  9. Oh, here's another one. Too LOL to even make Kaladin perk up. The moment when Syl painted herself in a red coloured dress to mimic a voidspren in chapter 58: Syl drew near to the post, then spoke loudly enough that Kaladin heard her easily. "You there! I am super annoyed! Super, super annoyed! How can you stand there? Didn't you see?" "Brightness?" one of them (warform singers) said in Alethi. "Er, Ancient One? We are to-" "Come on, come on! No, all of you. Come see this. Right now. I'm really annoyed! Can't you tell?" Syl shouted. (Kaladin facepalming tensely in distance.)
  10. *Whispers from Sixth of Dusk*
  11. Even the exhaustionspren getting exhausted around Kaladin in last chapter of Part 2.
  12. He failed. People have been speculating that Kaladin will give in and all, but I don't think they forget that way before, Kaladin was alone and now, just like he used to help people...there are others to help him. That is the importance of their Surge, to bind the knights together.
  13. Yes. It's unique for only Kaladin. Brandon confirmed it during Stuttgart signing. Dalinar, Venli and Eshonai are called Son/Child of Honor, Son/Child of Odium but only Kal is called Tanavast.
  14. After RoW, we now get confirmation that spren/Voidspren can be killed by various means. The discovery of Navani-Reboniel's hybrid Light and anti-Investiture probed a new window to destroy embodiments of creations which is concerning but at the same time provides an opportunity to be explored more. However, the methods have been subjected to both sides and now its a race of distributing these Anti-Lights in form of armament in battlefield. However, we are forgetting that there are some other ways to kill spren as well, which excludes breaking of oaths because that was something done from mutual acceptance. I'm gonna list them down including something we've forgotten since Oathbringer: Using Anti-Voidlight We all know anti-voidlight destroys the immortal essence of Voidspren and prevents them from being reborn again. Gavilar had it way before Everstorm, something having gotten from Braize. I don't know how he got it from there or who gave him but clearly his plans included to hurt Odium since he wanted to bring back desolations- which means clearly someone else knew about it, perhaps one of the Fused and contacted him just the way Venli was contacted by Ulium? Anyway, we know anti-voidlight could be a great weapon for Radiant faction. Using Anti-Stormlight Just like Anti-Voidlight, Anti-Stormlight destroys Radiant spren i.e completely renders them incapable of forming again even in Cognitive Realm. This is worrying since the apparatus and instructions have been already sent to Kholinar by Reboniel to produce more amount of this violent Light. It also shows that when a spren is killed, The knight feels terrible pain as if their soul is being ripped. If sprens start dying, there would be perhaps some spren would be willing to bond back to them but the soul-trauma received would push them into a catatonic state. Which is even more concerning when it comes to usage of Anti-Stormlight.... But there are two more methods of killing spren which was shown: Bringing them to Physical Realm This is terrible. This left me tittering in corner of my eyes despite being a Biotechnologist myself. But I think bringing Spren back to Physical Realm in their full bodies kills them as we saw at Ishar's warcamp. So...a Bondsmith can possibly bring any kind of spren to Physical Realm and they'll die as they are not Connecting, without Intent. I believe this could be applied for Voidspren as well but this is a terrible method and we have only three Bondsmits- Dalinar, Navani and Ishar, and one of them is bound to Tower, one of them would perhaps not do such a thing and another is a raving lunatic. Almighty know what might happen to poor spren. Which brings us to the last method we all are forgetting- Kaladin killing a Voidspren in Kholinar using Syldagger During raiding Kholinar palace, Kaladin summoned Syl as a dagger and used it to pin one of the Voidspren that was able to cut it. The spren screamed and seemed to rip into a thousand pieces until it faded into nothingness. Syl experienced a terrible feeling for doing it but surely they killed a spren in some uncanny manner we don't know. I have no idea why it wasn't discussed further or Kaladin never mentioned it again and we just jumped around it. I don't know if it is possible only for Kaladin and Syl or other Radiants as well but this must be looked into. So I guess these methods are known to us which can be used to kill spren which is an important aspect of war. The question is, if these methods could be applicable for powerful sprens like Unmade or Godsprens as well which could be very concerning because usage of these methods on either sides would result in catastrophic consequence. I would specially like to discuss more about Kaladin killing the spren since it hasn't been discussed.
  15. Oh wait, just in case there weren't more stuff...there are more stuff. Wit's special interest in Kaladin seems to be having more than just stories to inspire. Of course, whatever Wit does its for a reason so its natural to assume that each part of the story has something to do with Wit's past experiences. We can ponder upon the fact that Kaladin is the only character whom Wit has spoken three stories, something no other character in SA was bested upon. Added to that, the Trailman's flute was given to Kaladin for a reason and it was returned to him again for a reason....And Wit coming in to Braize where Kaladin was tormented by Odium through his Connection with Moash to give in. Wit did say that it wasn't fair for Odium and then went on to propel Kaladin. This brings us to being Son/Child of Tanavast theory. We all know that Tanavast was present during which Adonlasium was splintered and then he accepted the Shard of Honor and Ascended to it. Wit was also present and seems to having kinship with Tanavast and I guess it all connected one way or another. Maybe Wit sees a fragment of his former friend in face of a special hero who seems to inspire thousands through his honorable selfless embodiment. This Son/Child of Tanavast means a lot more than people give credit for, something we need to investigate since the time of Splintering.