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  1. The Runelords by David Farlan is a fun one -- Brandon has credited it on livestreams as an inspiration for what is now Feruchemy. It's paced like a 90s Fantasy book, but it's a clever and clear magic concept that you can definitely see morphing into a trademark Brandon hyper complex system.
  2. I pre-ordered the 2022 release of Mistborn Secret History from Amazon months ago, and it just arrived today. The book looks great, except that it's printed upside down/backwards? MSH_Misprint.mp4 Somehow I just know Nazh will be blamed for this. It looks like the content is all there, and it made me laugh -- so I think I'll probably just keep it! Maybe I can get Brandon or Isaac to sign it at Dragonsteel Con.
  3. Hey folks, I am planning a book club to help my friends get up to speed on Era 2 by the release of The Lost Metal, and I thought it may be helpful to pass on the breakdown I'm going with in case anyone else was interested in catching up themselves. The section breaks are mindful of story arcs and should get you there from after the July 4th holiday to a week before release. Hyperlinks are to the Coppermind summary pages, so be mindful of spoilers. Hope it helps someone! Mistborn Era 2 Re-Read, July 10 – Nov. 6 (18 wks) Recap & Discussion 1 (7/10): Mistborn: The Final Empire Recap & Discussion 2 (7/17): The Well of Ascension Recap & Discussion 3 (7/24): The Hero of Ages Recap & Discussion 4 (7/31): Mistborn: A Secret History & Era 1 Recap Alloy of Law (383 pgs, 20 chapters) Week 1 (8/7): pgs. 1-76, Chs. Prologue - 3 Week 2 (8/14): pgs. 77-140, Chs. 3-6 Week 3 (8/21): pgs. 141-256, Chs. 7-13 Week 4 (8/28): pgs. 257-383, Chs. 14 - Epilogue Shadows of Self (436 pgs, 26 chapters) Week 1 (9/4): pgs. 1-76, Chs. Prologue - 4 Week 2 (9/11): pgs. 77-211, Chs. 5-11 Week 3 (9/18): pgs. 212-321, Chs. 12-17 Week 4 (9/25): pgs. 322-436, Chs. 18 - Epilogue The Bands of Mourning (503 pgs, 31 chapters) Week 1 (10/2): pgs. 1-94, Chs. Prologue - 4 Week 2 (10/9): pgs. 95-182, Chs. 5-10 Week 3 (10/16): pgs. 183-274, Chs. 11-16 Week 4 (10/23): pgs. 275-376, Chs. 17-21 Week 5 (10/30): pgs. 377-446, Chs. 22-27 Week 6 (11/6): pgs. 447-503-, Chs. 28 - Epilogue
  4. The quiz confirmed what I already suspected, that I'd be a Skybreaker. But one of the good ones! I'm a lawyer by trade, so obviously adherence to the rule of law is deeply engraved within me haha That said, I'm all about the [Oathbringer spoiler] Skybreakdancer
  5. Haha pardon my dyslexia. Yes, can't wait!
  6. Thanks! It was either that or "Hoid the Dor," but I figured I'd spare everyone the GoT puns. Ya know, it never even crossed my mind to look at the other countries' cover art. I'm finding new rabbit holes already Yup! So I've made my way through all the (canon) cosmere works, except for White Sand. I'm just not much of a graphic novel person -- then again, if anyone could change my mind its probably Brandon. Obviously excited for WoR, but after that I'm thinking WoK Prime...what do you think?
  7. "You don't need to re-read OB before RoW comes out," he told himself. Thanks! Those last few parts feel like a fever dream I was trying to blaze through them so fast.
  8. *and then WoR comes out* o.0
  9. I actually had a totally backward a** journey through the cosmere. I got into Stormlight as a listener to The Duke and Duchess Podcast and only vaguely understood there was so much more to the world. Then I went on to the standalones: Warbreaker --> EmpSoul --> Shadows for Silence --> Elantris. And THEN Mistborn 1/2. ...needless to say that this is NOT the way I recommend it to my friends haha it took a lot of Coppermind wiki searches to figure out what the heck was going on.
  10. Hoid! (Kidding) The Emperor's Soul was my gateway book, so Shai has a special place in my heart. I also love the look into the "real" Breeze we finally get by HoA. But if I'm being honest with myself, I'm probably a Galladon, kolo?
  11. This exchange is straight outta Mistborn Era 2. Lopen = Wayne is now my preferred AU
  12. Such good stuff that I finally had to level up from lurker. Looking forward to engaging with you all!
  13. I don't think the two theories are incompatible, but Cord's conversation with Rsyn about the Horneaters' lack of Shards read to me as more evidence that Rock is a third ideal KR (Stoneward?): We haven't yet seen Rock "possess" a shard in-book, right? He couldn't have had a sprenblade before descending from the Peaks (or else why bother trying to claim a shardblade). But perhaps he had already begun a sprenbond?