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  1. Sundew was getting very annoyed at the convenience aspect of the AHE. They were inconvenient. After answering an idiot man who wanted to know her age, she was left waiting while this 'Duality' clearly attempted to hide the loudest typing noise ever for the second time. Duality kept Sundew waiting like this for about two minutes. Some more typing, and a quiet sigh followed. Then silence. "Okay, Duality. Are you on mute or something?" "No. I am not on mute." Sundew was the one to hesitate. "Okay. Now can we talk about the deal."
  2. "Sundew, an interesting name," Duality says absently while clearly attempting to hide her searching something on her other mobile. "A plant Epic, hmm? What do you want?" "I want to make an offer." Sundew pauses for effect. Just as this 'Duality' was going to say something, Sundew said "I will provide you with a reliable food source. Not your weird, whatever you do. And no. I will not poison your epics or your troops. Speaking of troops, why don't you get your flamethrowers out of my face. My plants will take more lives if you burn my plants." Sundew glanced at another soldier that was inside a man-trap. Sundew released the person. Idiots. The ah-he-ee is full of sparking idiots. Monument sat in a nice gamer chair in front of a monitor. A laptop lay on the right of the monitor and his mobile on the left. Monument had a tablet in a drawer if he needed it as well as a imager on the opposite side of the room. The room was about as large as the average family room (pre-calamity), and it also had a couch positioned in front of the imager. Of course, monument didn't necessarily need all this tech, as it was his power to watch. Monument watched the entire city through his monuments. although pretty obvious, the monuments' area covered nearly all the land. If Monument had to guess how much area the monuments covered, he would say around 75%. The correct answer was 74.382% of AHE land was watched by monument. 2 Libertas, 2 Limitas, 1 Crono, 4 Velocitas, 3 Ferocitas, 2 Paradox, 3 Omniderectus, 2 Enhancitas, 2 Enduritas, 1 Shadowas, 2 Reposte, and 1 Momentas, To say that Monument was but a simple man was a very wrong lie. To say that Monument was but a pawn for the AHE would be also a lie. Monument was the primary surveillance in this area. It was his job to make sure everything in AHE's territory was in check. That included epics. It couldn't be a coincidence that the AHE would get a Fiery hellish epic who reminded him of Nighthound. Nighthound was possibly the most creepy epic to ever exist, and then the next day, discover that Stormfeather, yes, that was actually his name, had died. To be honest, Monument never really liked the lightning shooting idiot crow epic. However, when they had sent their best epic, Warlock as well as Skytaker to the plant epic, which was called Sundew, it had seemed as if the Plant epic had chickened out and gone 'diplomatic.' Monument's best guess would be that the plant epic was waiting for the right opportunity to strike. She could easily poison her food exchange and kill many people. Or, she could kill everyone and feed them to a sundew. The second thing that tipped Monument off was the arrogance from the weird plant epic. He had guessed that the plant epic was simply getting Warlock's and Skytaker's name wrong on purpose. That, combined with the fact the Plant Epic killed Stormfeather singlehanded would mean she was a High Epic. They were walking right into a trap. Or maybe eating right into a trap. Whatever. Monument would not be taking any risks as head of surveillance. First, he typed up on the AHE's official files 'SUNDEW: possible HIGH EPIC. known powers: Growing Plants, Commanding plants telepathically, surpressing plant requirements, evolving plants. POSSIBLE ENEMY. WATCH FOR POISONED FOOD. ' After that, he typed a message to Duality. Possible high epic. seems to want to kill us. wait. I will ask a few questions first. He called Warlock's stolen mobile, now in this Sundew's hands. "Hello. This is the head of surveillance. I would like to ask a few questions first. How old are you." Monument heard the "put on hold" noise. This epic was a god damn idiot. Why would you ever put a High epic on hold? Unless you were a high epic... She wants to challenge Duality. Everyone knew that Duality had impervious skin. Duality also was a pretty balanced epic, being both defensive and offensive in powers. That basically meant that Duality was a god compared to other Epics. Monument heard Sundew answer his question. "30" God. Thank goodness this wasn't another teenage idiot epic. While teenagers tended to act rash, they also thought that they were invincible and had very wavering loyalties. Teens didn't have the discipline adults had. "You may now continue your conversation with The Duality." Monument hung up on the suspicious epic. Monument would definitely be keeping a eye on this new epic. @Not an Ookla
  3. @The Unknown Order you can begin posting Alias (maybe meet Zyth if @Not an Ookla is fine with that.) You should also post in Edmonton maple pug treats recipe (first post on the Reckoners RPG forum.) Alias's character sheet.
  4. "That would be me," Duality responds. "And you are?" "Sundew." Sundew assumed that the person on the line was Duality. Sundew decided to not let the forcefield epic know about her powerset. After all, knowledge is power. "And yes, I am that plant epic."
  5. Sundew Skybaker glances at Wardrobe's face. He looks slightly furious. "It's Warlock," Wardrobe says, in a dangerous voice. "You don't seem to be doing well on the diplomatic side." He then walks back to his soldiers and calls someone. "What is it." That somebody that Wardrobe called doesn't sound very happy. "Epic is offering to create food for us, and in exchange we help them secure the area," Wardrobe reports. That Someone sighs. "Tell them to call me and I'll see if we can sort something out." "If you would come here, Duality would like to talk to you." Wardrobe holds his mobile out. Sundew comes out and takes the mobile before quickly retreating back to the safety of the jungle "I've been told that you are Duality" Sundew waited for Duality to respond.
  6. Around arms length or so.
  7. Seems good. Needs more work. Uh I'll try to post a new character by the end of today. Collapse BAM.
  8. Tag followed the other weirdos, logic replacing rage. Tag quickly pulled out a clawlike divice that was painted to a extent with deep blue, before shooting it at another gun. The effect was breath taking. There was a beam of blue energy that connected the claw thing and the weird rifle. A bubble of indego appeared, and the rifle was slowed. Like really slowed. The effect soon popped away and Tag tried to do the slowy thing again. The bladeclaw thing didn't activate. only then did Tag realize what the slowy thing was. There was a shell of a hand, stopping at wrist level which covered the fingers with a dome at the end. there was a beam across the dome, most likely being a handle. around the back and sides was a U shaped blue material, that had blue lightning run acros it. the blue part ended in a point on both ends. Tag grinned, then told one of the weirdos (connie's character) "I think I found a thing that can slow the thingy back there down."
  9. Tag leaps on woden and starts attacking him.
  10. "I WILL KILL ALL OF THEM!" Tag roars, and he punches another soldier.