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  1. I don't think this is true mainly because of a WoB from a while ago, since Brandon Sanderson has said that Kelsier wasn't done on his path to becoming a better person by the end of TFE, and besides, Kelsier greatly cares about his friends at very least. All I see from his actions so far are that he's trying to do whatever he can to stay alive, not rule the Cosmere.
  2. Wait I'm pretty sure Taldain has instant noodles, it's just that Taldain is sealed off, so Hoid can't get to them.
  3. My main thought was that Hoid was acting on Harmony's orders, and since Harmony can probably influence Kelsier because of his spike, I figured that they might be forced into working together, even indirectly. After all, Hoid and Kelsier both seem to be worried about Odium, Kelsier if just because he thinks Odium is a threat to Scadrial. My interpretation was that Brando was hinting that there was a Cosmere-wide teamup going around, and the coin was Harmony trying to recruit Wax to help behind the scenes. That may just be my wishful thinking though since these two are two of my favorite characters.
  4. I'm not so sure. I think that may have been Harmony's plan in trying to make Wax more Cosmere-aware, since we know from ROW that Harmony is looking for someone to act as his avatar, and I think Wax really fits that position. Am I the only one that thinks we might have a Hoid-Kelsier teamup?
  5. That's an...oddly specific mix. But the Cosmere doesn't have Chipotle, so I think that's a given. I might be able to get you some chouta though.
  6. Sorry! Thanks for the catch
  7. I don't know about the Era 3 thing, but you're right on Era 2. Plus I wouldn't be surprised if someone finds a way to solve it. Heck, I bet it might be as simple as wrapping the spren/herald in aluminum.
  8. Fair enough, I was just wondering whether or not it was confirmed. Plus the fact that he had priests probably means that he was not the main administrator
  9. Hold up, when did we hear that Kelsier has Breath? I'm pretty sure he didn't actually rule the South. The people there just refer to him as a great leader because he saved them all from freezing to death and gave them access to technology that revolutionized their society, but even that can't be fully contributed to Kelsier, since Anlak says that Kel only taught them how to make heat metalminds. They figured the rest out for themselves. I personally think Kel isn't fully responsible for two reasons 1: Kelsier is Iytalia's superior, not Mraize's, and Mraize hired a bunch of people under him. At best, Kelsier has three levels of underlings between him and the guys who murdered the stagecoachman's for the least. 2: Secret History showed us that Kel is starting to become a more empathetic person, and I'm pretty sure that Brando Sando has said that Kelsier's story isn't done yet, and even during TFE he wasn't as cruel as the Rosharian GBs. It's very likely that Mraize is acting without his direct authorization or knowledge, and only follows general orders of "Secure accesspoints to Shadesmere," "Find easy ways to get Investiture" and "Find a way to get me off Scadrial"
  10. But the release of energy from Investiture is usually of a specific type, not outward kinetic energy. It's the combination of the two that creates such a large explosion. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if [BoM] Either way, the release investiture is usually very specific to the magic system, and so far we don't know of any that directly cause explosions unless you count soulcasting something into both oil and fire, but I don't think that really counts
  11. I wonder if mixing all 16 would create Adonalism light
  12. I don't think he would have thought that he was putting himself at risk. After all, he probably didn't think that Odium would know to remove his Breaths. I think TOdium just tried to remove the memories to cover up that Rayse was dead, because Dalnier, Hoid, and Jasnah were kind of discussing a trap for ROdium based on their knowledge of the Vessel. I think TOdium is crafty enough to notice this, and so was trying to make it seem like Rayse is still alive.
  13. My bad, but I think that they're not so much inverting the Command as changing the passphrase so that they can add a new Command, since Lifeless can take new Commands easily
  14. I don't think this is right. If the Awakeners were somehow creating anti-investiture to Break Commands, we'd see lifeless explode, not get taken over, or at least have the Breath inside them destroyed.
  15. I don't think that it's the idea that stone holds memories, because we've seen that they are fine using metal and other sources if they're soulcast. My theory is that they are at least on some level Cosmere-aware, or at least somehow know that Adonalism originally created Roshar, and so they do not want to fiddle with His creation. This makes sense knowing what we know about Urithiru (that it probably wasn't made by humans) and that the Shin kept the Honorblades for centuries. Having access to those surely expanded their viewpoints