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  2. i can write full plots like there is no tomorrow - but i am struggling to decide what format to flesh it out in - i am a big movie lover - i dont read books - but i hope that isn't a bad thing as hopefully i will have a unique angle/voice - i am an ex signed musician so i guess i will have a poetic edge with my scripts - i have noticed that short novels get picked up by hollywood e.t.c like blade runner/do androids dream of sheep i am clearly a beginner i have recently come across brandon sanderson lectures on youtube and some great threads on this writing excuses website - i just watched a video where he is saying the comparison of outline vs free write - i can see myself doing an orson scott card - outline for 6 months then a month of writing - so i am hoping this is the place to ask for some help - i am not american so can not attend a class or anything - but any free online guidance i can get would be greatly appreciated i did join the writewords website a few years ago and that was fun when i had my first story idea to get my going - but then i got stumped on the thinking of daily things for the characters to do that would lead to the next scene - how do you writers work that stuff out - any tips would be greatly appreciated - is there a format i can use - like i say i had fully fledged plots with the chapters planned out with their major events so to speak - but i'm struggling with the filling the gaps - how do i write day to day stuff that benefits the character so my main 2 struggles are 1. Book or a screenplay - in a book i can flesh out the entire world to extreme details or a screenplay i can concentrate on what matters most? one is shorter than the other? 2. Getting from point a to b to c - please tell me any tips OR TOOLS to work out how to fill the gaps from one major scene to the next - in a dream world i'm hoping for like a word tree associated to characters doing stuff or something anyway i hope this is the right place to ask for such advice - and thank you for all the great youtube videos i have come across thus far look forward to your reply ed