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  1. So I was chewing a piece of gum a few minutes ago while listening to my siblings' stories of a concert they went to last night and then I was like, "I've chewed this enough, time to swallow!"

    And so I swallowed it.


    I'm so good at life. 


    1. Channelknight Fadran

      Channelknight Fadran

      I actually always swallow my gum because I have it so rarely that it doesn't even matter.

    2. DramaQueen


      I do not remember how to strikethrough stuff on mobile so have a spoiler instead


      I also often swallow my gum. Just when I'm too lazy to find a garbage, though.


    3. Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      Thaidakar the Ghostblood

      finally more people like me, I dont really do it anymore but I used to.

  2. Happy storming birthday! Hope you come back!

  3. Happy storming birthday!

    1. Frustration


      Hapy Birthday!

  4. And stupid too. I made another one blow up while I was wearing my elytra. That one would have killed me if I hadn't had a totem, even though I was on the edge of the blast radius.
  5. Yeah, I was trying to get mob heads and was smart enough to be holding a totem, even though I didn't use on that creeper.
  6. I only play hardcore and let me tell you maxed out netherite has saved my butt several times (like allowing me to live on half a heart after a charged creeper blast)
  7. What are y'all's opinions on Minecraft Live?
  8. Okay y'all, I'm going on vacation, so I'll maybe not be as active as normal (as if that's somehow possible).

  9. Just a few I've found. "What kind of question is that?" - Vin “I’m refined, you insolent farmer,” - Adolin “I'm convinced that responsibility is some kind of psychological disease.” - Alcatraz “I’m so storming pure I practically belch rainbows.” - Lift “Plots behind plots, plans behind plans. There was always another secret.” Kelsier “Not all librarians are evil cultists. Some librarians are instead vengeful undead who want to suck your soul.” Alcatraz again
  10. Happy storming birthday!

  11. I should warn you that you DO NOT take cookies from anyone on this forum.
  12. If this is true than you'll fit in great here! Which Shard would you do you think fits best with you? Who's your favorite character? Who's your least favorite?
  13. I've watched two streams by a small streamer (about three hours) and I'm already at 11k channel points. 

    Apparently I'm good at gambling.

  14. technosupport

    Based off what I can tell from the VOD, yes.