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  1. I don't think we know that spren cant transform. We don't really know how spren come to be in the first place. I agree that its a stretch, but it seems like the kind of leap that Brandon could pull off in a pinch. I think Adolin becoming an Edgedancer just wouldnt fit, and would be kind of anticlimactic if it happens how we are all expecting. I suppose what we both agree on is that this story arc will be resolved in a way none of us expect!
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    Im all for Willshaper, as i posted a few days ago. I dont think he fits the edgedancer motif perfectly, but its also not that far off.
  3. First post! I have a tin-foil hat theory for Adolin. There are a few assumptions I make: Adolin will revive Maya in ROW Adolin will be come a radiant in ROW Both of these are obviously up in the air though the first seems to be the natural progression for those two characters. The second is highly debated, Adolin is the one main character thus far without radiant powers and many (including myself) like this about him and think it adds to his character and to the books as a whole. As I think about his character arc however I do think that when he resurrects Maya, which to me is almost a done deal at some point, he will naturally become a radiant bonded to Maya. This just seems more likely than the other option, that he resurrects Maya, they shake hands, and go their separate ways. Ok now that I've established that lets get to the good stuff. Adolin doesn't come off as an Edgedancer to me. Sure he does care about the "little" guy, he knows the names of his troops and can develop camaraderie with anyone regardless of station, but it really seems to be more as a result of his natural leadership than any overt level of compassion he has. I am interested to hear others thoughts but as I think about which order fits him most naturally, the Willshapers come to mind. I am sure that my knowledge of the Willshapers is not complete but here are a few things that this order exemplifies to me: Adventurous - Adolin has this, though I wouldn't say he has a Wanderlust as Eshonai clearly did. Fashionable/unique - the Willshapers are described as the most varied of the orders, often not matching each-other and having their own fashion and lifestyle preferences. I am not saying that because Adolin is the most fashionable character on Roshar he must be a Willshaper, but it doesn't hurt Leaders/inspirers - This is probably my main point, I know that the Windrunners are the warrior-leaders and the Bondsmiths are the like spiritual leaders or something, but I am talking more about the leader who inspires a people through their philosophy or through knowledge of their ancestors or through just representing the cultural ideal. Think like Elon Musk or Vince Lombardi or President Roosevelt. ( I am american I have american role models :)) These are people who inspire not just because they are in charge or have a following, but because they change how people think and represent a better ideal (Musk - entreprenuership, Lombardi - leadership, grit, toughness, Roosevelt - courage, ingenuity, leadership) I think if anyone in ROW fits this description its Adolin, everyone loves him and its because of what he represents, he is the leader/inspirer of the future of the Alethi. Ok so thats all I got. I also think itd be super sick for Adolin to ride into battle on Gallant, leap off with Mayablade in hand, punch the ground, and have like 100 spikes of stone stab out and decimate an army a la Dragonball Z. I know that a natural disagreement to this is that Maya is clearly a Dead-eye Cultivation Spren. I postulate that this isnt a huge deal. There are many "new" things happening in The stormlight Archive, Dalinar can create a perpendicularity as a Bondsmith, Sja-Anat can influence larger spren like Oathgate Spren, A Reacher has bonded a Parshendi, I am sure there are more examples. Obviously reviving a Dead-eye is a "new" thing. Who is to say that when Maya is revived by Adolin, her "spirit-web" or whatever is altered by Adolins pre-dispositions, he is most suited for bonding a Reacher, so she is transformed by his influence into a Reacher when she re-awakens. Just saying, bla bla Connection, Bla Bla Spiritual Web, yada yada Identity, Brandon could make it happen if he really wanted. So that's my thoughts. I am interested to se if anyone else has thought about this and if they agree that Adolin should be a Willshaper. When I am right you must all bow. Thank you