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  1. I've thought about this a lot, and I have two separate choices (one for this world and another for if I were to be living in the cosmere) In my own life on this world, I would choose Allomatic Zinc and Feruchemical Copper. The ability to subtly manipulate the way people feel would be incredibly useful, especially for someone like me who has trouble in normal conversation as far as not being able to figure out how the things I say will make people feel. Being able to supernaturally enhance my ability to emphasize the desired feeling I'm trying to get across when I speak would make my life so much easier. The reason to be an archivist is way simpler: being able to remember anything as clearly as the moment you learned it would be so helpful both as a student and in the type of careers I'm interested in. Side Note: Both of these metals would be super easy for me to get as they're the two primary components of the American Penny, which I have a TON of and are easy to come by As for me if I were a character in the Cosmere, I would choose something a little more dramatic: Coinshot and Bloodmaker. I love the idea of flying through the air soaring above the ascendant fields or exploring the cities of the Elendel basin with an incredible perspective. The Feruchemical gold is here for many reasons (the Cosmere can be a dangerous place, after all) but the main one is to give me peace of mind as far as making sure my flying via Steelpush would be safe (if I run out of metal anchors to Push off of I can just pull a spoiled tomato and heal myself as I hit the ground)
  2. Well every time he's had an update on it other than mentioning his initial reads of their scripts was when he got to visit filming, and COVID likely kept him from getting any opportunities to visit
  3. I think Brandon and his team either forgot or changed their minds about posting it today, as something entirely unrelated got posted on Brandon's social media with no mention of the State of the Sanderson or Koloss Head-Munching Day Eve lol Alternatively, They may just be busy or perhaps have a last minute change they need to correct before it goes out
  4. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that in this thread: 

    Mistborn Prime is listed under full books but the link is only the prologue, so it should be probably be listed under sample chapters

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      Thank you, I'll look into that!

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      I have fixed this, thanks again for bringing it to my attention :)

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      Eternal Khol

      you can get the full Mistborn Prime by requesting it from Brandon. Its a finished book. 

      I noticed that in the "full book" or whatever section, you stated you can get the full FEP from brandon, but ive never known him(not that i actually know him) to send out It out to the general populace. It seems, to me, that the only people he sends Final Empire Prime to, are those that he knows/has some relation to.

  5. Pewter steals physical feruchemical powers because it makes sense to use pewter to steal the ability to use pewter
  6. Personally I don't care too much about spoilers anymore. I knew two of the big reveals in Words of Radiance before I read it and didn't enjoy it any less. I think the journey is more important than the destination for Stormlight to me. I prefer to find my own way and theorize for Mistborn as it's a little more mystery oriented but Stormlight has so much variety and is so much fun to read that Stormlight spoilers don't bother me at all
  7. Hey everyone, my name is Justin aka Voidsabre. I've been a huge Brandon Sanderson fan for a few years now and I've been a visitor here as a lurker quite often, but I was kinda nervous about joining and taking an active role in the community before getting too caught up on reading because I was slightly afraid of feeling like I was missing out on things until I was able to catch up. I'm reading Oathbringer and The Bands of Mourning right now so I'm not entirely up to date cosmere wise, but I've finally accepted that I don't care too much about spoilers or falling behind, Journey Before Destination. A few things about me, I'm a huge Tolkien fan as The Hobbit is my favorite book of all time and is what got me into fantasy (I reread it every year) I've recently taken up writing Fantasy mostly due to Brandon's influence and a friend of mine, and I'm loving it. If I could choose to be a Twinborn my Allomantic power would be Tin and my Feruchemical power would be Copper. My Knights Radiant order is Elsecaller. A few irl things, I play bass guitar in a band, I love video games, especially retro games, and one of my favorite things in the world is driving with the windows down listening to music. Sorry if this got a little rambly. I'm excited to start actively participating in the community, thanks everyone for helping create a place like this and thanks for putting up with me lol.
  8. I'm technically in two different bands, but they're both almost identical in membership. I'm in an alternative/indie band with 5 members, and then I got invited to join a church band that's the same makeup as our normal band but with our electric guitarist replaced with an older man that plays another acoustic I actually started with a really cool sampler I found that had the first 5 chapters of Mistborn and part 1 of The Way of Kings. I read both and enjoyed both so much that I bought the Mistborn trilogy then TWoK. I'm glad I read them in that order, and the only thing I would change is maybe reading Elantris before I got too spoiled by Stormlight. I never finished Elantris but I don't count it as a DNF, I'm just taking a break from it and it's coming up soon on my TBR I can't pick a favorite Cosmere character in general as I love too many, but I can name a favorite for each series. Mistborn Era 1: Sazed. Warbreaker: Lightsong. Stormlight: Dalinar. Mistborn Era 2: Steris, she reminds me of someone I know. Novella characters: Dusk. Elantris: Galladon so far
  9. Probably The Way of Kings