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  1. Adding a reply here so I remember to check this later, cause I also am highly interested in theories on this!
  3. Whoever they are, they're clearly after Wit, and they feel that getting to Nomad/Sigzil/Aux will help them get to Wit. But is it possible that the Night Brigade is a benevolent group? Obviously the name sounds ominous, but that's based on humanities predisposition to night time on earth. Things are vastly different in the Cosmere, eh? A branch thought off of this...Nomad says to Wit that if he stays, the Night Brigade will catch up to him, then use him to trace the Dawnshard back to Wit...so my secondary question....did Wit and Sigzil hold the same Dawnshard? So, sooo looking forward to these books!
  4. Hey everyone! Been a minute since I posted here, but I wanted to create a thread about what everyone's favorite magic system is, and WHY it's your favorite! I'll post my answer below. Be sure to include the system/planet/shard(s) that are linked to your favorite too!
  5. Yes!
  6. I'm a big fan of this idea. Sigzil was not the Dawnshard....his spren was....I could definitely get on board with this!
  7. The other posters hit it on the head. I would only add that, it would certainly be neat if Brandon created a "Cosmere history till now" book or something along those lines. Maybe something to go in tandem with the Arcanum Unbounded
  8. My favorite magic system is Bio-Chromatic breath and comes from Nalthis and is granted by the shard Endowment! The idea of being able to control inanimate objects, store memories, and create small lifeless to me is extremely fascinating and I can't wait to see how the mechanics continue to be worked out! I remember when we read in RoW that Hoid was storing memories in Breath's it blew my mind! What an exciting addition to an already amazing magic system. When you combine all of that to the implications of the Royal Locks....it's just so cool. And I like the enterprise behind it. Anyone can become an Awakener! You just have to source the breaths!
  9. Personally, I think the other Shards may be able to tell that something is wrong at the very least. But it's also likely that Autonomy just knows that Harmony is not the true combination of Ruin and Preservation, but rather Discord. Maybe Autonomy told her? Personally, that seems most likely to me, but I would love to hear others opinions on this!
  10. I have this bit of theory that they are in some way related to the Shades on Threnody. Autonomy has figured out a way to pin their soul back to a body, but because of the magic system on Threnody, the Shade has almost no memory of their former life, so Autonomy is able to manipulate them to her will easily by investing them with some of her power. Just a thought, but hey, that's what theorizing I'd for, right?
  11. I'm included to agree with you. I think that strife and conflict could definitely produce massive growth for Scadrial. Especially since there is already this mindset of forward movement. It seems like, at their core, Scadrians are innovators. Almost like they're continually working to throw off the shackles of repression that TLR kept on them for 1000 years! I think the amount of time between Era 2 & 3 will be shorter than 1 & 2!
  12. This is a hard one for sure. Is lying by omission against his shards (plural) true intent? Sazed is for sure the youngest shard, (second behind Teravangian, I think) but I think he has a unique perspective on what is strictly good and bad or right and wrong considering he's holding preservation and ruin. Overall, yes I think he's still trustworthy, but he's in great conflict with himself.
  13. Thanks for the Honest, spoiler-free review! I will probably post my own once I read it. "Something, something, something Era 2 lacking overall..." Maybe this will help make more room in the Cosmere for Silence Divine!
  14. Nice
  15. I agree with Autonomy. I think ultimately Autonomy will be the Cosmere big bad guy...I get the feeling Autonomy will want to Off many of the Shards. Maybe not ones like Endowment or Mercy, but most of the others....
  16. can you imagine if you were born with this? I'd be so pissed....
  17. I feel like I'm a pretty strong dude, and when I'm in shape, I'm pretty lithe - that being said I think I would do either A-Tin | F-Zinc - (Tineye/Sparker) or A-Pewter | F-Steel (Thug/Steelrunner) - Strong, dexterous and fast Consolation entry would be A-Bendalloy | F-Steel.....basically the Flash
  18. So, I know there are symbols for almost everything. And each of those symbols has a subset. For example Scadrial>Mistborn>Allomancy/Feruchemy/Hemalurgy or Roshar>Radiants>Radiant orders, etc,etc. But I'm having lots of trouble finding anything on Warbreaker/Nalthis. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Or give me better keywords? Thanks everyone!
  19. Oh I really love this post - Thanks for putting all these in one place @Argent!
  20. I really am happy with this depiction of Vivenna receiving her breath. I like the imagery of the affect it has on a person when they receive a lot of breath at once...I feel like this should have been book art!
  21. wow...I completely dropped off for like...2 years. My question (If i even remember it correctly) is, do we have a symbol for BioChromatic breath/Awakening?
  22. So that implies that they started off at 0?
  23. I mean, based on what we know, it would probably be a combination of Reoden and songless Singers imo. Massive damage to the soul. Would a human be able to survive being shoved into the Cognitive realm? Well...a bonded human...
  24. What is favorite series/standalone and what is your least favorite? And why? Which magic system do you resonate with the most and why?