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  1. I agree with Autonomy. I think ultimately Autonomy will be the Cosmere big bad guy...I get the feeling Autonomy will want to Off many of the Shards. Maybe not ones like Endowment or Mercy, but most of the others....
  2. can you imagine if you were born with this? I'd be so pissed....
  3. I feel like I'm a pretty strong dude, and when I'm in shape, I'm pretty lithe - that being said I think I would do either A-Tin | F-Zinc - (Tineye/Sparker) or A-Pewter | F-Steel (Thug/Steelrunner) - Strong, dexterous and fast Consolation entry would be A-Bendalloy | F-Steel.....basically the Flash
  4. Oh I really love this post - Thanks for putting all these in one place @Argent!
  5. I really am happy with this depiction of Vivenna receiving her breath. I like the imagery of the affect it has on a person when they receive a lot of breath at once...I feel like this should have been book art!
  6. wow...I completely dropped off for like...2 years. My question (If i even remember it correctly) is, do we have a symbol for BioChromatic breath/Awakening?
  7. So that implies that they started off at 0?
  8. Happy birthday!

  9. I mean, based on what we know, it would probably be a combination of Reoden and songless Singers imo. Massive damage to the soul. Would a human be able to survive being shoved into the Cognitive realm? Well...a bonded human...
  10. So, I know there are symbols for almost everything. And each of those symbols has a subset. For example Scadrial>Mistborn>Allomancy/Feruchemy/Hemalurgy or Roshar>Radiants>Radiant orders, etc,etc. But I'm having lots of trouble finding anything on Warbreaker/Nalthis. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Or give me better keywords? Thanks everyone!
  11. Could I request a Lightsong and Siri from Warbreaker?

  12. Oh man, amazing! In that case, I'll reach out!
  13. Top notch! Quick question, this is allowed right? Is not a copy right infringement it anything right?
  14. Can confirm this works on Android as well. Or; "THESE WORDS ARE ACCEPTED"
  15. @GreyHive cheers for the hard work on this! This looks awesome! I can tell you as a regular editor of the Coppermind, the Keepers and their Squires and working crazy hard this week on RoW (Not me, I have to wait to buy the book :-/) Have you done any other plugin type work?