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  1. Oof, guess I may have to double-post after all then. Current player list: Connie Books Quinn Araris Forge TJ I'm assuming that two of the five non-me people are elims--we know they didn't start with five because this would be parity if they had, and given that the elims had a vanilla, I highly doubt they started with three. Of course, only one of those two is going to be submitting the kill, so I have a 1/5 chance of hitting the right person (RNG says Books ). Not great odds, but maybe I can increase them somewhat? ISO of Ash: So, in summary, Ash's interactions with each other currently living non-me person: Araris: voted Whysper at Araris's request in C3, when he could have voted Araris instead and saved Whysper. Read Araris village in C4, said that he didn't want to exe any of me/Striker/Araris (and Araris is the only one not confirmed village in there), and says he definitely won't vote on Araris multiple times in both C4 and C5. TJ: Points out that TJ and Whysper were awfully quick to take sides in the C1 Highprince debate, village-read on TJ C2, votes with Whysper and TJ on Books for a while C3 (would be kinda weird for 3/4 of the team to be the only people voting on someone? idk), more serious "suspicion" of TJ in C4 (listing him in his top 3 suspicions and stuff like that) but doesn't vote TJ in spite of that, says that he'd be okay with exeing TJ, ties TJ and Connie together repeatedly as a kind of... excuse to exe neither of them?, later says he would vote TJ if someone could distinguish him from Connie somehow (I promptly gave a couple of rather large differences, which... he didn't respond to). Connie: listed Connie in top 3 suspicions C4, then backed off a bit and focused more on Striker and TJ, continues to focus more on TJ than Connie... yeah that's basically it. Books: Kind-of defends Books from Whysper in C2 or C3 (I don't remember which : P), votes Books at a time when it gives Araris the opportunity to save himself by voting Books, hedged on a Books read by saying he wanted to do more analysis on them, later said he doesn't want to exe Books (or Araris, or Forge, coincidentally(?) the same three people who voted with Ash on both Whysper and Striker), uses a kind of process of elimination to narrow down the people he would vote on to Striker and Books (who happened to be the two with the most votes at the time) and then votes Striker, which broke a tie betwen Striker and Books. Forge: calls her genuine, doesn't want to vote her, doesn't think she's elim because she doesn't have ties to much (though of course she doesn't because she doesn't talk much >>) Based on that, the teams I could see are: Whysper/Ash/Araris/Books Problems: Well, actually, tbh I can't think of any serious problems with this team as an option. It would explain why none of the Whysper voters have been NK'd yet--because the only villager voting her is the newbie--and it would explain why Ash bussed Whysper instead of voting Araris and saving Whysper, and it would explain why Araris shifted the vote to Whysper instead of voting off Books, and so on. The one thing, I guess, is why did Ash, Whysper, and Araris all vote Books at various points in time, but since their only reason for doing so, really, was "inactivity", they might have seen it as an easy distancing vote ig. Whysper/Ash/Books/Connie Problems: Why didn't Ash vote Araris instead of Whysper in C3? Why did he steer the conversation away from the Triple Threat if all of us were village? Whysper/Ash/Books/Forge Problems: Again, why didn't Ash (and Forge) vote Araris instead of Whysper in C3? Why did he steer the conversation away from the Triple Threat if all of us were village? Why was he so non-committal about TJ and Connie when both were village? Whysper/Ash/Araris/TJ Problems: Why did Araris shift the vote onto Whysper C3 instead of voting Books? Why hasn't Books been NKd yet? Why did Ash sus TJ more than Connie? And of course, this leaves me wanting to block one of [Araris, Books, Connie, Forge, TJ], which is exactly where I was before : P the only thing I can really say is that Connie, TJ, and Forge all seem like less likely candidates to me, and that Connie and TJ don't seem like they're elims together. Yeah I just don't know... there's more analysis that I could do, but it feels like no matter what I keep coming back to Araris/Books. Only now I'm confused because Araris keeps hinting that he's Dalinar, and Books doesn't necessarily make sense with Ash and Whysper. But all the other teams just don't fit right with the votes from C3. But on the other hand, Araris has been off all game--things like assuming the alignments of people we have no reason to assume about, saying he's glad he voted a confirmed villager instead of someone who hadn't flipped yet and who (from a village POV) could have been elim, voting active players C1, and so on. Hence my bad gut read of him. And Araris makes most sense with Books, whom he and Ash have both conveniently been defending and who for some reason wasn't NKd after getting Whysper voted off >>. This is probably some amount of conf-bias talking, but at the same time, how many coincidences have to line up before I'm justified in paying attention to them? *rubs eyes* anyway I'm tired and don't really want to keep thinking about this anymore, so I'm blocking Books. Because A. they're in more of my teams-most-likely than Araris and make sense as elim even if Araris isn't one, B. I've expressed more suspicion of Araris than of Books so IKYK amirite? and C. RNGesus decreed it A note from me of several hours later (I wrote this this morning): I'm less certain about my decision now, but I'm sticking with it. If I'm wrong, we still have a chance... maybe... yeah idk. If Araris is actually village we might, or if everyone else suddenly decides to be active? Anyway, this is the best I could do on my own. Hopefully it was enough.
  2. C1: Araris C2: Archer C3: Striker C4: Araris C5: Ash (and yes, I'll say who I'm blocking in the last-minute post lol) Edit: er... @TJ Shade or @Araris Valerian or someone, mind posting so that I don't have to double-post? I mean, ig that's probably not a formality I really need to observe, but still. Edit: Also it's probably too late for this but TJ, Araris, @[email protected] me not, and @Flyingbooks (sorry for weird formatting) if it were up to you who to roleblock, who would you pick?
  3. And gives the elims a second important person to kill. Because Dalinar is guaranteed village vote-manip, and if things get messy next Day that could be crucial one way or another. It could be a good idea still, though.
  4. Between me and Striker sure. I still dunno about you...
  5. Okay. Cool. So we all agree I'm village now? I'm... not sure what to say here. I'll try to figure out who to block ig. If I don't guess right then I'm dead, unless the village Bodyguard that may or may not exist feels like protecting me. Yeah. I guess I should probably compose my most current suspicions so that you guys have them to work off of in case I die tonight, but I don't want to post them before the very end of the turn because I worry that'll give away who I'm blocking : P
  6. (note that the game is based on Scadrial, not Roshar, though of course if your character is a worldhopper, that doesn't matter all that much )
  7. Of course! Welcome to SE (since I'm not running the game, I can't add you to the player list, but the GM should wake up in a couple hours and he'll add you then lol)
  8. Technically, no. But if I am elim then... Note that there was no NK. If I'm on the team, you can be pretty sure that the elims wouldn't all have forgotten to NK someone, because I'd have done it even if the others weren't on. And there's no way I'd hold off on purpose, because all we'd have had to do to win was kill a villager. Therefore, the person who submitted the kill must have been blocked (since protection would, I presume, show up in the write-up). So if I'm on the team, that means that there's a village roleblocker out there who blocked either me or one of my teammates but hasn't come forward to challenge my roleblocking claim with their own yet for some reason. And everyone's posted by now, while no one's said anything, so... yeah. Take that how you will.
  9. Cuz I blocked his action last Night and there wasn't an NK. So either they forgot to submit the action, which I find unlikely, or I blocked the elim submitting it--which is Ash. (well, or I'm lying, I suppose : P)
  10. but everyone would know who that one person is, so the elims could kill them to take out all PMs. Alternatively, that one person is elim... Okay but enough strategy discussion lol
  11. The only reason I can think of that a pinch hitter would be killed is if nobody's sure of their alignment, and knowing their alignment would clear or condemn one or more players who do count for parity. But other than that they aren't really meant to die--the point is to have the same number of people contributing to the discussion throughout the game, while also having somewhat of a process of elimination with a narrowing pool of people who count for parity.
  12. Oh please no can we just exe Ash? If we try to tie it with someone, and that person turns out to be village, then the elims can keep votes on Ash for a while, switch last-minute, kill the villager, and win.
  13. So I guess I blocked the right person then. Unless somebody being attacked who had protection wouldn't show up in the rollover? Anyway, I blocked Ash.
  14. [1] tbh that's mostly in there because A. flavor and B. it was the idea I started with, and the rest built off of it. I could always take it out and have the council be voting on something else that's unrelated to the Diem and the Lord Mastrell lol [2] Not quite sure what you mean : P [3] Confirmed evil is allowed to vote. [4] That's just the flavor lol. The actual wincon is more or less the same as any normal game. The village wins if they kill all the original elims. The elims win if their original members outnumber the original village that's left. [5] No, it's functionally 6 v. 3 except the elims get a -1 for parity. They have three votes in-thread but only two members who count directly for the wincon. [6] they don't in this game, because the village will still likely have a majority of the votes, just not of the players that count for parity. So even if there are the same number of original elims left as original villagers, it'll still take effort to get a misexe. [7] I have no idea where you're getting that the pinch hitters can't vote : P I literally said they can at one point in that doc. They can do everything a normal player can, just that they don't count directly towards the numbers for either win condition. [8] The alignment reroll is because people replacing in would be confirmed one way or another otherwise. This way, they're not worth killing but they can't be trusted just because the person they replaced was village (and they can probably be trusted even if the person they replaced was elim). So they can still participate in the debate without overpowering the elims with confirmed village opinions, essentially. So... basically: when someone dies, the player is removed from the game and is now dead. Their seat on the council no longer counts for parity. A new person, who has a 1/5 chance of being elim, fills that seat. They can do everything a normal player can, and they win or lose with the team they're on, even if they die. They just don't count for the final tally that determines when win conditions have been met.