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  1. I mean, I'm fine with halving the Day, but I'm still not Danforth I love how you're all assuming there has to be a Danforth in the game...
  2. It was more that I was on right as votes were changing, so I thought they might keep changing. Also, I thought I'd be back on before rollover but I wasn't : P
  3. I preferred Az over Mat because Mat has been more active and since I didn't have much on either of them, I would prefer to kill the less active one. I wasn't on after I voted Az, so I didn't realize that Tani was going to die if I didn't switch--I would have preferred Mat over her, as it happens.
  4. ...two of the three engineers who've died were exed, and there was no way the elims knew that TUO or Jondesu were engineers at the very least. If they have an Investigator, they could have known about Tani, but then you have a pretty limited suspect list of people-who-voted-for-Tani if you're going based on that assumption. And besides, what elim team wouldn't want to get rid of engineers? Edit: Wait wait wait and how did they know that they could attack Jondesu??? They wouldn't have known he was coming back from the hospital, right?
  5. Please don't : P that's actually a thing that I intend to keep doing in all of my games, and have intended to do for a while : P
  6. @Illwei You're correct, Azmine has only voted for you this game. Edit: And I'll wait to respond to that bit about activity until I actually have time to put together post-counts : P
  7. Yeah, there's going to be reasons to kill people, but I'd rather not make more reasons. Also I don't really get the votes on Randby. They're not the only inactive player in this game, so A. why is everyone focusing on them exclusively and not pressuring the other inactives (Exp, Devo, Sart, etc.) and B. unlike the three I just named, Randby didn't realize the game existed, and now has to catch up, which is... y'know, pretty good reason for not posting : P Actually, Devo. @Devotary of Spontaneity. Both to pressure a (relative) inactive and because of a vote thing from C1--they followed Jondesu and Tani onto Gears (note that all three of those are villagers). Doesn't seem that odd of a thing, but it reminds me of LG73!Devo. Not much to go on, I know, but I don't know who else to vote here : P
  8. Yes, it does make a difference. Not because of danger to me, but because of danger to the people I scan. For example: Let's say I'd refused to say whether I was brigged or not this cycle. Since I was willing to say last cycle, that implies that I wasn't brigged this cycle (which I wasn't). Since I scanned Gears first cycle, it would make most sense for me to also have scanned Gears this cycle (which I did). And since I didn't immediately say Gears was elim, that means Gears is village. (on the assumption that I'm village, that is. If I were elim, it would mean I was scanning other people and didn't want to say so). Since anyone could make that leap of logic, and some people probably would, it paints a target on Gears's back because suddenly there's more reason for villagers to trust him. As does me saying I was able to scan, but not saying who I scanned, or saying that I scanned Gears, but not giving away the result (which is practically the same as saying he's village :P).
  9. *sigh* sorry, not shade, should have clarified. I'm just frustrated that you had to ask that, since everyone else seemed to get that doing so would put me in a rather awkward situation. Felt like I couldn't not answer, so... yeah.
  10. So I think we might be out of engineers now. Also, as it turns out, my having been outed as Investigator is quite frustrating, and has been made infinitely worse by @Illwei forcing me to say whether I was Brigged or not last cycle. Because it means I can't really do my job (my being outed, and my being forced to say every little thing I do and that is done to me). I'm guessing I'll be blocked/protected every other cycle or so, with some variation to keep the elims on their toes, which means I can scan people about half as fast as I would have otherwise. And not only that, but I'm expected to say which cycles I was blocked. That's not a problem for the cycles where I am blocked, but what about when I'm not? Every time I'm not blocked, you guys are going to want to know what my scan result was, and even if the village is content to let me keep it a secret, the elims have plausible grounds to pressure me into revealing my results, no matter how many times I say that it paints a target on a villager's back. So, in conclusion: I will give that information this cycle, as a proof-of-Investigator-ness, but after this I will only reveal whether I scanned, who I scanned, and/or the results of those scans if I found an elim or if a person I know to be village (or to have an important and probably village role) is about to be exed. Sound good? Okay, cool. I wasn't blocked this cycle, and Gears is a vanilla villager. Sorry, Gears.
  11. Mmmm let's go with Archer he's been so nice to me this game... I basically sat still and he walked right up to me and dived headfirst into my pocket smh
  12. *sigh* tbh I don't like doing this but Tani because... idk. But this doesn't feel like it's getting us anywhere, really. I... hmmm. I don't have enough time to actually sit down and make an informed decision about who to vote right now... So I'll choose Azmine. Mat/Illwei have both pointed out that Az's inactivity is somewhat unusual for them, and tbh I don't have much else to go on.
  13. Araris and Vonne, because they're the only two people in this game who haven't had "brutally murdering me" as one of their life goals. Not that that means I'm elim or anything
  14. No, Szeth first! C'mon, even if you believe I'm Danforth (which I'm obviously not), Szeth is clearly still more of a threat! I mean, all of Danforth's actions have a 20% chance of failing, and their vote-manip isn't particularly useful if all the villagers vote for the same person. Besides which, I'm not Danforth, so obviously Szeth is a higher-priority target