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  1. My plan originally was to hit people who were more likely to make it to endgame with a single scan for the first few cycles, so that I'd have a higher chance of being able to reveal a crucial person's alignment later on. But once TJ caught me and you convinced me to say whether I'd been Brigged or not, that sorta went out of the window : P @Biplet I was frustrated that people asked precisely because I hadn't been Brigged. If I had been, I'd have had no reason to lie because it would reveal nothing to the elims that they didn't presumably already know. But saying I wasn't Brigged would tell the elims that A. I was one step closer to confirming someone's alignment and B. if there was a Brigger, they weren't protecting me. So I lied to protect myself because I didn't really have a choice. I outed Randby because it's endgame and you guys were asking for my scan results.
  2. Biplet is, in fact an Investigator (as per my scan last cycle). I was wondering myself why Records hadn't been sabotaged yet... And yeah I forgot this game existed for a solid couple of days, sorry about that : P All the stuff I've gotten from scanning: C1: scanned Gears (no role) C2: scanned Randby (no role) (yes I lied and said I was blocked because I didn't want to make it obvious to the elims that there doesn't seem to be a village IA) C3: scanned Gears (village) C4: scanned Devo (doctor--I submitted the order before she claimed and forgot to move it after : P) C5: scanned Biplet (Investigator)
  3. Er uhhh hmmm actually Azmine (Szeth) I have weird gut on Azmine, idk : P also Illwei knows him and says he's acting weird so eh.
  4. Here: Szeth (Devo) so you can retract without tying it.
  5. I'm working on studying for finals rn so I definitely have less energy/brainpower to put into these games : P
  6. (I can confirm that this is not, in fact, a true statement )
  7. lol fun as it would be for me to be Danforth, I told you the truth. I'm literally just vanilla. It was a nice assumption to think Danforth was definitely 100% in the game, but apparently that assumption was wrong : P (this is like LG75 all over again smh) For all you know, Danforth!me would vote my teammate until the last minute, and my teammate would vote me. We would both coordinate to hammer another villager last-minute, with me manipping someone's vote onto them to tie it. However, since I'm not Danforth, that hypothetical is irrelevant!
  8. Innocent on all counts! Szeth's claim of Surveyor, assuming he was telling the truth, makes me think he could be our last elim--or one of the last two, anyway. *sigh* as I keep saying, I'm not Danforth. Apparently, no one is.
  9. I mean, I'm fine with halving the Day, but I'm still not Danforth I love how you're all assuming there has to be a Danforth in the game...
  10. It was more that I was on right as votes were changing, so I thought they might keep changing. Also, I thought I'd be back on before rollover but I wasn't : P
  11. I preferred Az over Mat because Mat has been more active and since I didn't have much on either of them, I would prefer to kill the less active one. I wasn't on after I voted Az, so I didn't realize that Tani was going to die if I didn't switch--I would have preferred Mat over her, as it happens.
  12. ...two of the three engineers who've died were exed, and there was no way the elims knew that TUO or Jondesu were engineers at the very least. If they have an Investigator, they could have known about Tani, but then you have a pretty limited suspect list of people-who-voted-for-Tani if you're going based on that assumption. And besides, what elim team wouldn't want to get rid of engineers? Edit: Wait wait wait and how did they know that they could attack Jondesu??? They wouldn't have known he was coming back from the hospital, right?
  13. Please don't : P that's actually a thing that I intend to keep doing in all of my games, and have intended to do for a while : P