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  1. Well you just said you'd be gone for 1.5 hours but I'll respond now anyway : P. The fact that I'm more "mayory" than in my other village games is because my other village games were MR46 (where I operated mostly in PMs and ended up pocketed by an elim), LG72 (where I tried to do the same minus being pocketed but you had already set up your own PM web and I couldn't compete, and then I died C3), and QF49, the first village game that I played where I didn't have PMs, but where I died to the C1 exe. Basically, either I did my "mayoring" in PMs or I didn't get the chance. Here, there are no PMs and I wasn't killed off C1. Also, I'm still gaining confidence with the whole forum mafia thing. It would make sense for me to be less outspoken in my second game than in my sixth, right? Also, it's not like I haven't flip-flopped before; prime example would be LG72 D1, which I believe I already mentioned. I voted, unvoted, voted, unvoted Connie all in one cycle. And it's not like it was read as village then either. Everyone said it looked elim then too, iirc. Is there anything in this game that doesn't stem from meta behavior and confusion at this point? At the time I made that post we hadn't "all agreed" that those things weren't credible. I'd pointed them out individually last cycle, and each time I did a couple of people said they were decent points, but not enough to exe Dannex on their own. So, I decided that if people wouldn't listen to the things I'd noticed individually, which I found quite frustrating, I'd compile them into one post. Iirc Illwei looked into the votes and pointed out that most of the people on Dannex at the end were on him earlier in the cycle. They may have switched around a couple of times, but it was likely that at least one of the people who was vote-maniped was on Dannex when they were vote-manipped, rather than someone else. Additionally, there was still a vote-manip on him this cycle, which makes me think that someone wanted to save Dannex two cycles in a row. Obviously not fool-proof logic, but the circumstances taken together certainly made it look like someone was removing votes from him on purpose, multiple cycles in a row. I'd certainly love to exe someone based on solid evidence for once, but I didn't and don't see any, so I went with the next best thing I had, which was all the odd little coincidences around Dannex.
  2. Oh! I actually haven't changed my vote yet, thank you for reminding me. Dannex. I'd argue with the rest of that but since I haven't been "telling a story" and I'm not sure what you see in my posts that makes you think I have, I don't know how to.
  3. Yes, I'm a she. As for the rest, I've been "pushing a narrative", or rather a theory, that made sense to me. Given the voting patterns and the pattern of vote-manips around Dannex, I was pretty sure he was elim. But yeah, that theory just got "hammahed" as you so eloquently put it. What would you have me do, continue to maintain that Dannex is elim and must have been starting a train on Striker to clear up the suspicion on himself? I mean, if that's what it was then it worked, but I don't find that likely tbh. Especially since Dannex and I were elims last game, and he argued quite strongly against all of the busses that I suggested and carried out. It seems like a very unlikely strategy for him to spearhead.
  4. I mean, when has my tinfoiling ever gotten me anywhere? In MR46 it lead a mechanically outed elim to survive for like five cycles (hi Gears!) while I mistrusted like three vanilla villagers who were just trying to help me. In LG72 I... I mean I voted Connie, unvoted her, voted her again, unvoted her again, and then voted Dannex who turned out to be the Truthless. In QF49 I died C1 but I definitely had some minor tinfoil to munch on in terms of you being elim (which obviously you weren't). And my other past games were elim games. Basically, tinfoil has proven to be... not great for me or anyone else so I'm trying to avoid it.
  5. It makes sense. The alternative is to believe that the whole interaction between Dannex and Striker was an elaborate bus attempt, which is too tinfoily even for my tastes : P
  6. Well, but me and you and Lotus and Lum are all the same person, remember? so technically RNG put you and Burnt together by putting Lotus and Burnt together!
  7. I mean, if I were to enter into role speculation I'd say that I wouldn't be surprised if one of the less powerful scanning roles, like White or Red, was only present on the elim team. But I also wouldn't be surprised if there were two of each, one elim or one village, or even if there were three of one of them. So I guess you're... probably right that this is basically pointless. Edit: and no @Illwei before you say anything I'm not going to respond to your suspicion of me, because there's... not much I can say, and really I don't blame you. I did high-key defend Striker last cycle, and I definitely tunneled on Dannex, and I was wrong on the first count and almost certainly wrong on the second count, unless Striker was a very elaborate bus which I doubt. I'd offer to roleclaim but my role is unimportant enough that I doubt it would help. Edit edit: Me: I'm not going to respond to your suspicion of me. Also me: *immediately responds to your suspicion of me.*
  8. I mean, yeah that makes sense to me. Brown is... arguably less powerful (in theory) for village than it is for elims, since elims can share the information they learn with their teammates, which means it has more of an effect. Especially combined with info that said teammates collect, and what they already know about their team. Of course, now that we have two outed Browns, at least one of whom is (now, apparently) confirmed village, that's a bit different. Also I guess we know who the Yellow(s) are protecting tonight, huh.
  9. Oh. Somehow I'd missed that. Yeahhhh I guess I don't really blame you. I managed to tunnel on Dannex... and then be convinced not to... and then tunnel on him again... (sorry Dannex!!!). Does this mean Burnt is an elim? I thought that was what that meant but then I also thought for sure Dannex was elim so idk how great my judgement on that is. Edit: though I should really have learned not to trust my judgement a long time ago, tbf. Just ask Gears. Or Matrim.
  10. I... I'm sorry, I must have missed Illwei's post. Could you link to it or summarize it or something?
  11. I think what was meant was actually "not having evidence for elim" is not the same thing as "having evidence for town", which was the state of affairs when that post was made iirc. I've been... kinda following along.
  12. I... jeez I'm discovering that I don't like QFs very much. This is actually exhausting. The exe was solidly for Dannex when I left to eat lunch five minutes before the end of the cycle and then when I got back suddenly it was for Ash. Or, rather, it was tied between Dannex and Ash. This is... disturbing to me, given this is the second time this has happened. Following along with this game is exhausting, both because of the large amount of posts (which are partly my fault, I know) but mainly, for me, apparently nothing happens during the first 23 hours and 55 minutes of the cycle actually matters. I just... y'know, I actually try with my posts analyzing votes and vote-manips and what people are saying but it's getting harder and harder to convince myself it's worth it when no matter how much evidence or how strong a case I can find against someone, in the last five minutes of the cycle the vote unexpectedly shifts to someone else on whom we have nothing. I mean, I know QFs are supposed to be more fun and chaotic but I'm finding this pattern really frustrating. I'm... gonna put my thoughts on Dannex here, since I feel like if there isn't enough evidence to exe him now there never will be, and then I think I'm gonna go offline for a while. - he is one of two confirmed Brown Ajahs in this game, and we assume the elims have at least one. - both cycles, whenever it's looked like he might end up exed, a countertrain on someone with virtually no evidence against them has miraculously sprung up in literally minutes, which is just... astonishing even on its own. - after C1, two votes had been removed from Dannex, and after C2 one vote was. - there are also all kinds of things in terms of reads that people have pointed out at various times: possible scumslips, risky plans, agressiveness... idk whether those are AI, and I thought they were vil-indicative for him if anything at the beginning of this game, but the more I've seen the less and less I've thought that. None of this in and of itself is enough to exe Dannex, but when you take it all together it shows a clear pattern. Just... please, think about it for a second instead of voting off of slight gut reads again. I'm... yeah, I'm gonna take a break from this for a little while. I'll probably be back before the end of the cycle, but...
  13. I mean, I kinda told him to do that lol but yeah, makes sense. I'm not super concerned about Ash atm but Illwei and Mat are both pinging me super hard for just... randomly throwing out votes with no given reasoning? and not just because a couple of those votes were on me. James I think is village, just because of the amount of effort he's putting into solving and the various controversial stances he's come up with, but admittedly that could also be a playstyle thing.
  14. I... would love to know what the reasoning against me is? being voted for no reason is not fun, especially since I've died that way a couple of times in the recent past.
  15. I... okay can we please stop spreading the vote out for things that are literally not reasons?
  16. *rubs eyes* nobody has explained to me yet why it's a good idea to kill Striker. Last cycle there was a fair bit of agreement that Reading was mildly sus, so Liranil killed him. This cycle there appears to be, for some reason, a fair bit of agreement that Striker is mildly sus. Clearly a fair bit of agreement that someone is mildly sus is not a good reason to shoot them in the head, given that the last time we did that we lost a vil Yellow!
  17. Ash because I always kill Ash if I can Why are Striker and Breaker even in the pool? Striker, all we have is vague gut (which is the reason we killed Reading--that turned out sooo well) and Breaker... I thought we were reading him as vil?
  18. ...why? We know he's a Warder. If he's elim you won't be able to kill him, and if he's village the elims can target him too, which would take out Breaker's ability.
  19. Your scanning Burnt doesn't really prove anything, though. We're reasonably certain she's Brown because a) that's easy to disprove by having her scan a specific person and tell them what they are (I've already volunteered, as has Books) and b. her Warder has also confirmed that she's Brown. It'd be... quite an in-depth con for them to both be lying, with relatively low chances of success.
  20. Okay, well I've already asked you this once but if you don't think Dannex is the right kill then who is? I mean, you can obviously just not vote but you can't expect all of us to do that.